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12/11/1948A/PV.184Palestine question - Progress Report of the UN Mediator - GA debate - Verbatim record (excerpts)
12/11/1948Red right arrow IconA/RES/194 (III)Palestine question - UN Mediator report, Conciliation Commission to be established, Jerusalem status, refugees - GA resolution 194
12/11/1948A/PV.185Palestine question/Progress Report of the UN Mediator - GA debate - Verbatim record
12/11/1948Red right arrow IconA/PV.186Palestine question - Progress Report of the UN Mediator - GA debate, vote, adoption of resolution 194 (III), designation of UNCCP members - Verbatim record (excerpts)
12/07/1948A/776UN Mediator progress report - Report of the GA First Committee
12/04/1948PAL/396Palestine question - Appointment of Director of UN Relief for Palestine Refugees - Press release
12/01/1948Red right arrow IconA/C.1/SR.220Palestine UN Mediator report/Israel admission application/ ICJ advisory opinion vote - GA First Cttee debate - Summary record
11/22/1948A/C.1/SR.207Palestine UN Mediator report - GA First Cttee debate, Arab Higher Committee statement - Summary record
11/19/1948Red right arrow IconA/RES/212 (III)Assistance to Palestine refugees/Establishing UNRPR, special fund - GA resolution
11/17/1948A/725Assistance to refugees - Part three of the Progress report of the United Nations Mediator on Palestine - GA Third Committee Report
11/15/1948A/C.1/SR.200Palestine UN Mediator report - GA First Cttee debate, Israel statement - Summary record
11/06/1948PAL/370Northern Palestine fighting - Acting Mediator - Press release
10/18/1948Red right arrow IconA/689Assistance to refugees - UN Acting Mediator - Supplement to progress report
10/16/1948PAL/339Palestine refugee receive tents - Press release
10/12/1948PAL/332Milk for refugees - Press release
10/01/1948PAL/322UN relief supplies for refugee camps - Press release
09/16/1948Red right arrow IconA/648Mediation, truce supervision, refugees, proposals for peaceful settlement (a.k.a. "Bernadotte plan") - UN Mediator on Palestine - Progress report
08/16/1948PAL/247Palestine question - Mediator's plan for aid to Palestine refugees - Press release
08/05/1948PAL/236Palestine question - Cable from Mediator concerning Arab refugees - Press release
08/02/1948PAL/234Palestine question - Mediator press conference on Jerusalem & refugees - Press release
S/INF/2/Rev. 1 (III)
Mideast situation/Refugees/Displaced, detained persons - SecCo information requests - SecCo decision
04/20/1948A/AC.21/UK/112UN Palestine Commission - German internees in Palestine - Letter from United Kingdom
03/03/1948A/AC.21/M/8UN Palestine Commission - Jewish detainees in Kenya request repatriation to Palestine - Communication from Jewish detainees in Kenya
03/01/1948A/AC.21/M/7UN Palestine Commission - Repatriation to Palestine - Communication from Jewish detainees in Kenya
02/24/1948A/AC.21/UK/39UN Palestine Commission - Jewish illegal immigrants - Letter from United Kingdom
02/16/1948A/AC.21/UK/26UN Palestine Commission - Illegal immigrants off Haifa - Letter from United Kingdom
02/02/1948A/AC.21/NC/1UN Palestine Commission - List of communications 1 Dec.1947 - 30 Jan. 1948
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