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12/11/1980A/RES/35/122(A-F)Israeli practices - SpCttee report - GA resolutions
11/25/1980Red right arrow IconS/14268Israeli settlements - SecCo Commission report under S/RES/465 (1980)
11/14/1980A/RES/35/35Right of peoples to self-determination - GA resolution
10/06/1980A/35/425Israeli practices - SpCttee annual report
08/29/198080-2Second UN Seminar on the Question of Palestine (Vienna, 25-29 Aug. 1980) - Report - DPR publication
07/18/198080-1First UN Seminar on the Question of Palestine (Arusha, 14-18 July 1980) - Report - DPR publication
06/13/1980S/13997Israeli settlements - Letter from CEIRPP Acting Chairman
06/05/1980Red right arrow IconS/RES/471 (1980)Settlements/Bombing attacks against Palestinian Mayors - SecCo resolution
03/21/1980S/13851Israeli settlements - PLO letter - Letter from Tunisia
03/19/1980S/13849Israeli settlements - Letter from CEIRPP Acting Chairman
03/17/1980S/13844Israeli settlements - Letter from Jordan
03/14/1980S/13843Israeli settlements - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman
03/12/1980Red right arrow IconS/13839Israeli Settlements/Inalienable rights in Palestine - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman
03/06/1980S/13832Palestine question/CEIRPP recommendations/SecCo re-examination/Settlements in illegally occupied Arab territories - Letter from CEIRPP Acting Chairman
03/01/1980Red right arrow IconS/RES/465 (1980)Israeli settlements/Fourth Geneva Convention applicable, Establishment of settlements to cease, no legal validity, States not to provide assistance - SecCo resolution
03/01/198080-13354SUPR Monthly Bulletin, Vol. III, No. 3-4, CERPP, SUPR bulletin (March/April 1980) - SUPR publication
03/01/1980S/PV.2203Israeli settlements - SecCo vote - Verbatim record
02/28/198080-09937SUPR Monthly Bulletin, Vol. III/2, CERPP, SUPR bulletin (February 1980) - SUPR publication
02/21/1980S/13811Settlements/Hebron/Illegal occupation - Letter from CEIRPP Acting Chairman
Israeli settlements - Letter from Egypt
02/14/1980S/13798Israeli settlements - PLO letter - Letter from Tunisia
01/01/1980Red right arrow Icon80-16332Israel's Policy on the West Bank Water Resources (1980) - Study
01/01/1980Red right arrow IconAcqLand_1980studyAcquisition of land in Palestine - CEIRPP Study
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