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12/08/2000S/2000/1168Mideast situation/Lebanon - SecGen Personal Representative for Southern Lebanon - SecCo President letter
12/08/2000S/2000/1167Mideast situation/Lebanon - SecGen Personal Representative for Southern Lebanon appointed - SecGen letter
12/07/2000SG/A/756SecGen appoints personal representative for southern Lebanon - Press release
10/25/2000E/CN.4/2000/SR.31Human rights situation in Israel/Lebanon - CHR - Summary record (excerpts)
09/25/2000E/CN.4/2000/SR.20Human rights situation in Lebanon - CHR meeting - Summary record (excerpts)
09/14/2000Mideast situation/Palestine question - NAM meeting of Foreign Ministers/Heads of Delegation in New York - Declaration/Non-UN document
08/08/2000S/2000/778Mideast situation/Lebanon - SecGen Personal Representative for Southern Lebanon - SecGen letter
08/08/2000S/2000/779Mideast situation/Lebanon - SecGen Personal Representative for Southern Lebanon - SecCo President letter
07/27/2000SC/6897UNIFIL - Mandate renewal, SecCo action - Press release
07/27/2000S/RES/1310 (2000)UNIFIL - Israel withdrawal in accordance with resolution 425 (1978)/ SecCo extends mandate / UNTSO tasks - SecCo resolution
07/20/2000Red right arrow IconS/2000/718UNIFIL/ Israeli withdrawal/ SecGen visit to Middle East - SecGen report
07/10/2000E/CN.4/2000/SR.16Human rights situation in south Lebanon & west Bekaa - CHR meeting - Summary record (excerpts)
07/05/2000E/CN.4/2000/SR.19Human rights situation in the OPT/Lebanon - CHR meeting - Summary record (excerpts)
06/27/2000S/Agenda/4177Mideast situation - SecCo provisional agenda
06/23/2000SG/T/2240SecGen activities in Palestinian Authority, 22 June - Press release
06/23/2000SG/T/2241SecGen activities in Syria, 22-23 June - Press release
06/22/2000SG/T/2239SecGen activities in Israel 21-22 June - Press release
06/20/2000SG/T/2237SecGen activities in Lebanon, 19-20 June - Press release
06/20/2000SG/T/2236SecGen activities in Egypt, 18-19 June - Press release
06/18/2000S/Agenda/4160Mideast situation - SecCo provisional agenda
06/18/2000SG/T/2235SecGen activities in Iran, 18 June - Press release
Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon - SecGen statement - Press release
06/16/2000SG/SM/7456Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon - SecGen press conference at UNHQ - Transcript
Mideast situation/Lebanon - Letter from Lebanon
Mideast peace process - EU statement - Letter from Portugal
05/12/2000SG/SM/7395Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon - SecGen statement - Press release
04/20/2000SC/6849Mideast situation/Lebanon - Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon - Press release
04/17/2000S/2000/322Mideast situation - Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon - SecGen letter to SecCo President
04/17/2000SG/SM/7361Mideast situation/Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon - SecGen Spokesman's statement - Press release
04/04/2000SG/SM/7349Mideast situation/Lebanon - SecGen statement - Press release
04/03/2000SG/SM/7342Mideast situation/Lebanon - SecGen press conference - Transcript
02/10/2000E/CN.4/2000/NGO/72Human rights situation in southern Lebanon - CHR - NGO letter (North-South XXI)
02/10/2000E/CN.4/2000/NGO/7Human rights situation in Lebanon - CHR - NGO letter
02/08/2000E/CN.4/2000/NGO/75Human rights situation in Lebanon - CHR - NGO letter (North-South XXI)
01/31/2000SC/6795UNIFIL - Mandate renewal, SecCo action - Press release
01/18/2000SC/6988Security Council - 1999 round-up - Press release (excerpts)
01/17/2000S/2000/28UNIFIL - SecGen report
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