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09/10/1972S/10783Mideast situation/Israeli attacks/SecCo meeting request - Letter from Lebanon
09/10/1972S/PV.1662Mideast situation/Israeli attacks against Syria, Lebanon, Munich attack - SecCo debate, vote - Verbatim record
09/08/1972S/10780Mideast situation/Israeli attacks - Letter from Lebanon
09/08/1972S/10781Mideast situation/Israeli attacks - Letter from Syria
07/21/1972S/RES/317 (1972)Mideast situation/Syria/Lebanon - SecCo resolution
06/26/1972S/RES/316 (1972)Mideast situation/Lebanon/Syria - SecCo resolution
04/19/1972S/10611Mideast situation/Lebanon - SecCo President statement
02/28/1972S/RES/313 (1972)Mideast situation/Lebanon - SecCo resolution
01/14/1972S/10509Middle East situation - Meeting request of Lebanon-Israel Mixed Armistice Commission - Letter from Lebanon
01/14/1972S/10508Middle East situation - attack against Lebanon - Letter from Lebanon
01/12/1972S/10505Situation along the Blue Line - Letter from Israel
01/11/1972S/10502Situation along the Blue Line - Letter from Lebanon
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