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12/19/1983A/RES/38/180Mideast situation/Jerusalem/Golan - GA resolution
12/19/1983A/RES/38/166Living conditions of the Palestinian people - GA resolution
12/19/1983A/RES/38/144Sovereignty over national resources in the OPT - GA resolution
12/15/1983A/RES/38/83(A-K)Palestine refugees/UNRWA reports - GA resolutions
12/15/1983A/RES/38/85Mediterranean-Dead Sea canal - GA resolution
12/15/1983A/RES/38/79(A-H)Israeli practices - SpCttee report - GA resolutions
11/10/1983A/SPC/38/SR.26Report of UNRWA's Commssioner Generalittee , report of SecGen (continued) - Summary records
Situation in the OPT/Bethlehem University closure - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman
10/28/1983A/SPC/38/SR.15Report of the Committee on information(continued) - Summary Record
10/27/1983A/SPC/38/SR.13Report of the Committee on information - Summary Record
Situation in the OPT/Schoolgirls - Letter from Israel
07/15/1983E/1983/72/Add.1Assistance to the Palestinian people - SecGen report
06/30/198383-18730DPR Monthly Bulletin, Vol. VI, No. 5/6 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (May-June 1983) - DPR publication
Living conditions of the Palestinian people - SecGen report
05/24/1983E/1983/72Assistance to the Palestinian people - SecGen report
05/13/1983UNESCO_116 EX/16Educational and Cultural Institutions in the OPT - Director General report
04/28/1983A36/14Health conditions in the OPT - Special Committee of Experts report - WHO 36th World Health Assembly paper
04/06/1983A/AC.183/L.2/Add.3Palestine question/Mideast situation - Compilation of resolutions and decisions adopted in 1982 (English and French)
03/31/1983Red right arrow IconA/38/128
Situation in the OPT/Schoolgirls - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman
02/28/198383-07294DPR Monthly Bulletin, Vol. VI, No. 1/2 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (January-February 1983) - DPR publication
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