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12/31/2009UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-1209OPT: socio-economic report (December 2009) - UNSCO
11/30/2009UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-1109OPT socio-economic report (November 2009) - UNSCO
10/31/2009UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-1009OPT socio-economic report (October 2009) - UNSCO
10/26/2009International Religious Freedom Report 2009/OPT - USDOS Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor report (excerpts/Non -UN document)
10/23/2009A/64/15 (Part IV)
Assistance to the Palestinian people - Trade and Development Board 56th session/Summary of discussion - UNCTAD report to GA (excerpts)
10/19/2009UNRWA to construct a cemetery for Palestine refugees in Lebanon - UNRWA press release
10/16/2009Palestinian Women Mark the International Day of Rural Women - UNIFEM press release
10/12/2009A/64/PV.17Middle East situation/Palestine question - GA general debate - Verbatim record (excerpts)
09/30/2009UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-0909OPT socio-economic report (September 2009) - UNSCO
08/31/2009UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-0809OPT socio-economic report (August 2009) - UNSCO
08/31/2009PA_EndingOccupation-Statehood"Palestine: Ending the Occupation, Establishing the State" - Programme of the 13th Government of the PA - Non-UN document
08/21/2009FayyadPlanEnding the occupation, establishing the State - PA programme ("Fayyad Plan")/Non-UN document
08/17/2009Resilience of Gaza's people lifts spirits of UN aid worker - UN news item/feature story
08/12/2009UNDP_SummercampSummer camp brings together Lebanese and Palestinian youths - UNDP press release
08/10/2009South African Embassy in Syria donates computers to UNRWA - UNRWA Press release
07/31/2009E/RES/2009/34Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation - ECOSOC resolution
07/31/2009UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-0709OPT socio-economic report (July 2009) - UNSCO
07/31/2009ECOSOC/09/039ECOSOC adopts resolution on living conditions of the Palestinian people - Press release (excerpts)
07/29/2009E/2009/L.42Economic and Social repercussions of the Israeli occupation - ECOSOC Draft resolution (Adopted)
07/29/2009ECOSOC/09/033ECOSOC considers economic and social repercussions of Israeli occupation on the Palestinian people - ECOSOC meeting - Press release
07/28/2009ECOSOC/09/034ECOSOC adopts resolution on Palestinian women - Press release (excerpts)
07/22/2009ECOSOC/09/026ECOSOC adopts resolution on its humanitarian affairs segment - ECOSOC meeting, action - Press release (excerpts)
07/09/2009EC announces €5 million to assist Palestine refugees in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon - UNRWA press release
07/08/2009Games help ease stress, trauma for Gaza refugee children - IRIN/ Non-UN Document
06/30/2009Music and poetry show to mark UNRWA 60th anniversary - Press release
06/30/2009UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-0609OPT socio-economic report (June 2009) - UNSCO
06/29/2009International Conference on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of Refugees: Present and Future - UNRWA Commissioner-General's opening statement
06/15/2009ILOpr10-2009Situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories - ILO debate/9-10 sittings - Provisional record
06/12/2009ILO/09/37New ILO report on situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories - ILO press release
06/12/2009ILOpr9-2009Situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories - ILO debate/7-8 sittings - Provisional record
06/12/2009ISBN978-92-2-120630-9Situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories - ILO report
06/11/2009ILOpr8-2009Situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories - ILO debate/5-6 sittings - Provisional record
06/08/2009Top UN sports envoy visits Gaza - UN news item
05/31/2009UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-0509OPT socio-economic report (May 2009) - UNSCO
05/29/2009Top UN envoy explores how sports can improve lives of Middle East’s youth - UN news items
05/28/2009Poverty in the occupied Palestinian territory 2007 - UNRWA Briefing Paper
05/28/2009PEGASE_PAsupport_May09EU-PEGASE direct financial support to PA budget (May 2009)- Progress report/Non-UN document
05/28/2009DP/FPA/2009/7/Corr.1Extension of OPT country programme - UNFPA Exec. Director note - Corrigendum
05/27/2009Japanese Ambassador visits UNRWA training centre - UNRWA Press release
05/26/2009PR/22/2009EU funds guarantee UNRWA's social safety net programme in 2009 and 2010 - UNRWA press release
05/20/2009A/63/858NAM Ministerial Conference (Havana, April 2009) - Final Document, Declaration on Palestine - Letter from Cuba
05/14/2009Southern West Bank Solid Waste Management Project - World Bank press release
05/07/2009A62/24WHO 62nd World Health Assembly/Health conditions in the OPT and Syrian Golan - WHO report
Assistance to the Palestinian people - SecGen report
05/07/2009India, Brazil & South Africa (IBSA), through UNDP, fund Construction of a multipurpose
sports centre in Ramallah - UNDP press release
05/05/2009Saudi Arabia donates US$25 million for Nahr El Bared - UNRWA Press release
Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation - ESCWA report
04/30/2009Minimum Framework for the Provision of Humanitarian Assistance in Gaza - OCHA framework
04/30/2009UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-0409OPT socio-economic report (April 2009) - UNSCO
04/29/2009AB4744Additional financing for third NGO project in the Gaza Strip - The World Bank Group - Project report
04/22/2009GenderNeedsSurvey_GSNeeds of women and men in Gaza in the aftermath of the Israeli military operation- UNIFEM survey
04/20/2009E/CN.9/2009/8Commission on Population and Development - Nomination of Israel for chairmanship of 43rd session - Group of Arab States letter
04/08/2009DP/FPA/2009/7Extension of OPT country programme - UNFPA Exec. Director note
04/07/2009E/CN.9/2009/9Commission on Population and Development - Nomination of Israel for chairmanship of 43rd session - Letter from Israel
04/03/2009Saudi Arabia's donation to UNRWA - UNRWA Press release
04/01/2009Yarmouk Women's Programme Centre is developing refugee women's economic and social capacity - UNRWA refugee story
03/31/2009UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-0309OPT socio-economic report (March 2009) - UNSCO
Palestinian women - CSW report (excerpts), ECOSOC draft resolution (Adopted)
03/09/2009Gaza centre hosts activities for women and girls - UNRWA refugee story
03/02/2009PA_GazaRecoveryPlanPalestinian National Early Recovery and Reconstruction Plan for Gaza - Palestinian Authority/Non-UN document
02/28/2009UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-0209OPT socio-economic report (February 2009) - UNSCO
02/27/2009PEGASE_PAsupport_Feb09EU PEGASE direct financial support to PA budget (Feb 2009) - Progress report/Non-UN document
02/27/2009UNDP-Italy_NahrElBared_270209UNDP to implement Italy-funded Nahr el-Bared recovery project - UNDP press release
02/13/2009HM0109The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT, Number 33 (January 2009) - OCHA report
02/09/2009UNDP_GazaSurveyGazans cite psychological toll, unemployment as major concerns - UNDP survey - UNDP/PAPP press release
02/06/2009UNESCO_060209UNESCO strengthens Palestinian participatory democracy and public dialogue - UNESCO press release
02/04/2009Gaza early recovery - UNDP photo gallery
02/01/2009WHO/HAC Highlights No. 244Health situation in OPT - WHO information highlights 26 January-1 February 2009 (excerpts)
01/31/2009UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-0109OPT socio-economic report (January 2009) - UNSCO
01/17/2009Life in the Gaza Strip, six weeks after the armed conflict - UNFPA/FAFO Survey
01/15/2009HM1208The Humanitarian Monitor: OPT, Number 32 (December 2008) - OCHA report
01/15/2009NGOs and aid agencies provide psycho-social support hotlines for Gaza residents - IRIN/ Non-UN Document
01/09/2009Human Rights Council on situation in Gaza - HRC ninth sp. session/Sp. Rapporteur (Falk) statement - Press release
01/08/2009UN agencies deliver aid to Gazans amid turmoil - UN news item
01/07/2009INEWS/09/gazaHumanitarian situation in Gaza - ILO statement
01/07/2009During short ceasefire, supplies delivered to Gaza - UNICEF press release
01/07/2009PrConf_NGOs_070109Ongoing crisis in Gaza - Press conference by humanitarian and human rights organizations, Webcast
01/01/2009MTRP2009-2010_OPTMedium Term Response Plan (MTRP) 2009-2010 - OPT - Draft
01/01/2009A/63/3Economic & social repercussion of the Israeli occupation/Palestinian women - ECOSOC 2008 report
01/01/2009GazaFlashAppeal_Jan09UNRWA Gaza Flash Appeal - January 2009
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