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12/27/2007Annapolis Conference - PA President Abbas speech/Non-UN document2007/12/27
12/26/2007Japanese assistance for Palestine refugees - Japanese Govt. press release (Non-UN document)2007/12/26
12/18/2007UK pledges Palestine assistance as part of drive for peace deal - UK Prime Minister's Office press release/Non-UN document2007/12/18
12/18/2007US commitment to the Palestinian people - Fact Sheet/Non-UN document2007/12/18
12/17/2007EU_DonorsMtgParis Donors' Conference - EU Presidency statement/Non-UN document2007/12/17
12/17/2007IP/07/1938European Commission co-chairs Palestinian Donors conference and announces €440 million pledge - European Commission press release/Non-UN document2007/12/17
12/17/2007ParisDonorsConf_FinalstatementParis Donors' Conference - Final statement of the chair and co-chairs/Non-UN document2007/12/17
12/17/2007PRDPFinalPalestinian Reform and Development Plan (PRDP) - Palestinian Authority - Non-UN document2007/12/17
12/17/2007Paris Donors' Conference - Speech by Norwegian Foreign Minister (co-chair)/Non-UN document2007/12/17
12/16/2007Roadblocks, closures and checkpoints in Hebron - TIPH press release2007/12/16
12/16/2007US Secy of State Rice en route to Paris Donors' Conf. - Press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)2007/12/16
12/14/2007Middle East peace process, assistance -EU Presidency conclusions - Brussels European Council/Non-UN document (excerpts)2007/12/14
12/12/2007Suspension of transfer of US embassy to Jerusalem - Presidential determination, memorandum/Non-UN document2007/12/12
12/10/2007EC16327_07Middle East Peace Process, prospects after Annapolis meeting - European Council conclusions - Non-UN document2007/12/10
12/10/2007EU_HarHomaHar Homa settlement - EU Presidency statement/Non-UN document2007/12/10
11/28/2007Rice names General Jones as Special Envoy for Middle East security - USDOS press release/Non-UN document2007/11/28
11/27/2007Address by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert at the Annapolis Conference - Press release/Non-UN document2007/11/27
11/27/2007Annapolis Conference - EU Presidency statement/Non-UN document2007/11/27
11/27/2007Annapolis Conference - Israeli-Palestinian joint understanding ("Annapolis understanding") - White House press release/Non-UN document2007/11/27
11/27/2007Speech by President Mahmoud Abbas at Annapolis Conference - Non-UN document2007/11/27
11/26/2007EP_IsrPalsupportIsraeli-Palestinian peace/ Support from EU's institutions - European Parliament press release/Non-UN document2007/11/26
11/25/2007Annapolis Conference - President Bush's statement - White House press release/Non-UN document2007/11/25
11/20/2007Annapolis Conference - List of invitees - White House revised press statement/Non-UN document2007/11/20
11/20/2007Middle East Peace Process, Annapolis meeting - European Council conclusions - Non-UN document2007/11/20
11/20/2007Middle East Peace Process, Annapolis mtg - UK Foreign Secretary statement - Non-UN document2007/11/20
11/17/2007OIC/COMCEC/23-07/Res.(2) FINALEconomic assistance to Palestine - Twenty-third session of the OIC COMCEC - Resolution//Non-UN document2007/11/17
11/14/2007US Secretary of State says upcoming Middle East talks to launch a process - USDOS Press release/Non-UN document2007/11/14
11/13/2007OIC Secretary General demands UNESCO action on Israeli violations in Al Quds - OIC press release/Non UN document2007/11/13
11/07/2007PeaceNow200710Construction in the Israeli settlements continues - Peace Now report/Non-UN document2007/11/07
11/06/2007Temporary International Mechanism payment for Palestinian population - Press release2007/11/06
11/05/2007US Secretary of State meeting with PA President - Press briefing - USDOS/Non-UN document (excerpts)2007/11/05
11/04/2007US Secretary of State meeting with Israeli Foreign Minister - Remarks after meeting - USDOS/Non-UN document (excerpts)2007/11/04
10/31/2007US assistance to Palestinians tied to peace process, two-State solution - USINFO article - USDOS/Non-UN document2007/10/31
10/30/2007EU on reduction of fuel supply to Gaza - EU press release/Non-UN document2007/10/30
10/29/2007OIC Secretary General condemns Israel's decision to reduce fuel supply to Gaza - OIC press release/Non UN document2007/10/29
10/25/2007Gaza residents unable to get medical care, aid workers say - IRIN/ Non-UN Document2007/10/25
10/19/2007Violence inflicted on Palestinians by settlers from new Hebron settlement - B'Tselem/Assn for Civil Rights in Israel report/Non-UN document2007/10/19
10/18/2007US Secy of State Rice en route to London - Press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)2007/10/18
10/17/2007DonorsConf_ParisDonors' conference on the Palestinian territories - Joint statement/Briefing: Kouchner/Blair/Støre - French Foreign Ministry press release/Non-UN document2007/10/17
10/17/2007MDE 18/010/2007Palestinian refugees in Lebanon - Amnesty Intl. report/Non-UN document2007/10/17
10/17/2007MDE 18/013/2007Discrimination against Palestinian refugees - Amnesty Intl. press release/Non-UN document2007/10/17
10/17/2007Palestinian villages connected to electricity grid - IRIN/ Non-UN Document2007/10/17
10/17/2007US Secretary of State meeting with Israeli Foreign Minister - Remarks after meeting - USDOS/Non-UN document (excerpts)2007/10/17
10/16/2007Middle East peace process, assistance - EU Council conclusions - EU press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)2007/10/16
10/16/2007US Secretary of State meeting with Egyptian Foreign Minister - Remarks after meeting - USDOS/Non-UN document (excerpts)2007/10/16
10/15/2007German Foreign Minister presents action plan for the Middle East - Commentary by Minister Steinmeier in Handelsblatt/Non-UN document2007/10/15
10/15/2007Rice/Abbas talks - Remarks after meeting - USDOS/Non-UN document (excerpts)2007/10/15
10/15/2007US Secy of State Rice visit to the Middle East - Press roundtable/Non-UN document (excerpts)2007/10/15
10/14/2007US Secy of State Rice visit to Israel - Press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)2007/10/14
10/11/2007B6-0375/2007European Parliament resolution on the humanitarian situation in Gaza - Motion - Non-UN document2007/10/11
10/11/2007EP_Gaza2European Parliament adopts joint resolution on humanitarian situation in Gaza - MEPs express "deepest concern" about the crisis - European Parliament press release/Non-UN document2007/10/11
10/11/2007P6_TA_2007_0430European Parliament resolution on the humanitarian situation in Gaza - Text of resolution, vote - Non-UN document2007/10/11
10/11/2007USAID PINE Program renovates two schools in Ramallah - USAID press release/Non-UN document2007/10/11
10/10/2007Quartet Representative Tony Blair visits TIPH - TIPH press release2007/10/10
10/09/2007European Parliament proposes more aid for Palestinians - European Parliament Budget Committee 2008 draft budget - European Parliament press release/Non-UN document2007/10/09
10/09/2007New Zealand contribution to UNRWA emergency appeal - New Zealand Government press release/Non-UN document2007/10/09
10/09/2007Palestinian orphans under UAE sponsorship to increase to 20,000 - UAE press release/Non-UN document2007/10/09
10/04/2007EP_GazaHumanitarian situation in Gaza - MEPs to debate and vote on a resolution on the crisis - European Parliament press release/Non-UN document2007/10/04
10/04/2007Dutch Foreign Ministry to give €3 million for humanitarian relief in the Gaza Strip - Dutch Foreign Ministry press release/Non-UN document2007/10/04
10/02/2007OIC_ACM-NY_2007_FC_FinalPalestine, Al-Quds Al-Sharif and the Syrian Golan - Annual Coordination Meeting of Foreign Ministers of OIC - Final Communiqué/Non-UN document2007/10/02
10/02/2007TIM_RamadanEuropean Commission pays neediest Palestinian families social allowances during Ramadan - EU press release/Non-UN document2007/10/02
10/02/2007Deteriorating conditions in the Gaza Strip - European Parliament Security and Defence Subcommittee debate - European Parliament press release/Non-UN document2007/10/02
10/02/2007EU High Representative for CFSP optimistic about developments in the Middle East peace process- European Parliament press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)2007/10/02
09/29/2007Peace and security in the Middle East - OIC/EU Troika meeting in New York - OIC press release/Non UN document (excerpts)2007/09/29
09/28/2007German Foreign Minister holds talks on Middle East peace process on the sidelines of General Assembly - Press release/Non-UN document2007/09/28
09/28/2007Germany backs Israeli-Jordanian-Palestinian study centre - German Federal Foreign Office press release/Non-UN document2007/09/28
09/28/2007"Middle East peace process is at a crossroads" - Austrian FM Plassnik - Press release/Non-UN document2007/09/28
09/27/2007Humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip - European Parliament Development Committee delegation report on visit to the area - :Press release/Non-UN document2007/09/27
09/24/2007S261/07Ad Hoc Liaison Committee meeting, New York - EU High Representative for CFSP comments - European Council press release/Non-UN document2007/09/24
09/24/2007Ad Hoc Liaison Committee meeting - Remarks by Norwegian Foreign Minister - Norwegian Foreign Ministry press release\Non-UN document2007/09/24
09/24/2007Middle East peace conference - OIC Secretary General meets with Russian Foreign Minister - OIC press release/Non UN document2007/09/24
09/24/2007President Bush Meets with President Abbas - White House press release/Non-UN document2007/09/24
09/21/2007ICRC Bulletin No. 26/07Humanitarian situation in OPT - ICRC bulletin/Non-UN document2007/09/21
09/20/2007Aid groups, UN protest Israeli sanctions move on Gaza - IRIN/ Non-UN Document2007/09/20
09/20/2007Egypt rejects Israel's decision to consider Gaza a "hostile entity" - Egyptian State Information Service - Press release/Non-UN document2007/09/20
09/20/2007Israel's decision to designate Gaza "hostile entity" - Russia's Foreign Ministry statement/Non-UN document2007/09/20
09/20/2007OIC Secretary General condemns Israel's declaration of Gaza Strip a 'hostile entity' - OIC press release/Non UN document2007/09/20
09/19/2007Israeli Security Cabinet declares Gaza hostile territory - Israeli Foreign Ministry press release//Non-UN document2007/09/19
09/19/2007Secretary Rice Middle East trip/Preparation for peace conference - Remarks in briefing with Israeli Foreign Minister Livni - USDOS transcript (excerpts)2007/09/19
09/18/2007Middle East international meeting - Briefing by US Secretary of State - USDOS transcript (excerpts)2007/09/18
09/17/2007UKEcoAspectsMEEconomic aspects of peace in the Middle East - UK Government report/Non-UN document2007/09/17
09/17/2007Middle East peace process - Briefing by US Asst. Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affiars - USDOS transcript2007/09/17
09/17/2007UK Government launches "Economic aspects of peace in the Middle East" report - Press release/Non-UN document2007/09/17
09/17/2007UNRWA moves to counter deterioriating Gaza education levels - IRIN/ Non-UN Document2007/09/17
09/17/2007USAID funds new road rehabilitation activities in Jericho - USAID press release/Non-UN document2007/09/17
09/14/2007International Religious Freedom Report 2007/OPT - USDOS Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor report/Non-UN document2007/09/14
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09/13/2007Rocket attacks from Gaza hampering aid deliveries, Israel says - IRIN/ Non-UN Document2007/09/13
09/12/2007U.S. emergency assistance for refugees and internally displaced persons - USDOS media note/Non-UN document2007/09/12
09/11/2007Middle East visit of French Foreign Minister Kouchner - Statement during joint briefing with Israeli Foreign Minister Livni - French Foreign Ministry press release/Non-UN document2007/09/11
09/11/2007OIC Secretary-General expresses sorrow at recent events in the Gaza Strip - OIC press release/Non UN document2007/09/11
09/10/2007Israel Foreign Ministry Center for International Cooperation (MASHAV) - Joint activities with Palestinian NGOs- Israeli Foreign Ministry press release//Non-UN document2007/09/10
09/10/2007Lebanon: local people against rebuilding of Palestinian refugee camp - IRIN/ Non-UN Document2007/09/10
09/10/2007Middle East visit of French Foreign Minister Kouchner - French Foreign Ministry press release/Non-UN document2007/09/10
09/10/2007Middle East visit of French Foreign Minister Kouchner - Statement during joint briefing with PA President Abbas - French Foreign Ministry press release/Non-UN document2007/09/10
09/09/2007EUPres_MEEU Council of Ministers President to meet with Olmert, Perez and Abbas - EU press release/Non-UN document2007/09/09
09/09/2007HebronSettlementsIRINPalestinians say Israeli settlements in Hebron make life nearly impossible - IRIN/ Non-UN Document2007/09/09
09/08/2007International Literacy Day - Illiteracy in the OPT - PCBS press releaset2007/09/08
09/08/2007UK Deputy Consul General inaugurates women co-operatives project in Jerusalem - UK FCO press release/Non-UN document2007/09/08
09/07/2007European Commission Technical Assistance Office completes media training programme for civil society organizations - ECTAO press release/Non-UN document2007/09/07
09/07/2007Intensified efforts urged ahead of peace meeting - King Abdullah meeting with US Asst. Secretary of State Welch - Royal Hashemite Court press release/Non-UN document2007/09/07
09/07/2007USAID contributes to UNRWA emergency apeal for Nahr el-Bared refugee camp and surrounding Lebanese communities - USAID press release/Non-UN document2007/09/07
09/06/2007European Commission-supported mosaic project by Palestinian youth and children completed - European Commission press release/Non-UN document2007/09/06
09/05/2007Appointment of Quartet Representative's Head of Mission in Jerusalem - USDOS press briefing\Non-UN document (excerpts)2007/09/05
09/05/2007EU to contribute to payment of salaries of Palestinian public service providers and pensioners - EU press release/Non-UN document2007/09/05
09/05/2007Support and assistance for Lebanon/Palestine refugees - German Federal Foreign Office press release/Non-UN document2007/09/05
09/04/2007EU Foreign Ministers to discuss Middle East peace process at informal meeting - EU press release/Non-UN document2007/09/04
09/03/2007S237/07EU support to the PA - EU High Representative for the CFSP Solana meeting with EUPOL COPPS and EUBAM Rafah officials - EU press release/Non-UN document2007/09/03
09/03/2007S238/07Restarting the peace process - EU High Representative for the CFSP Solana's press remarks after meeting with Israeli FM Livni - EU press release/Non-UN document2007/09/03
09/03/2007Jordan's King, President Sarkozy say talks only way to Mideast peace - Royal Hashemite Court press release/Non-UN document2007/09/03
09/02/2007S239/07Planned international Middle East peace conference - EU High Representative for the CFSP Solana's press remarks after meeting with PA President Abbas- EU press release/Non-UN document2007/09/02
08/31/2007OPEC 25/2007UNFPA, UNHRC, UNRWA and OPEC Fund for International Development sign agreements on humanitarian projects - OFID press release/Non-UN document2007/08/31
08/31/2007Australian support to reduce poverty in the Palestinian territories - Australian Foreign Ministry press release/Non-UN document2007/08/31
08/29/20071302-29-08-2007Humanitarian aid for the Gaza Strip - Russian Government donation - Russian Foreign Ministry press release/Non-UN document2007/08/29
08/29/2007Jordan dispatched relief aid to Palestine - Jordanian Foreign Ministry press release/Non-UN document2007/08/29
08/28/2007ICRC food parcels for Hebron families - ICRC press release/Non-UN document2007/08/28
08/26/2007Israeli ban on truckloads of paper set to hit Gaza schools - IRIN/ Non-UN Document2007/08/26
08/24/2007PACE President concludes Middle East visit - Invites PA President to address PACE - PACE press release/Non-UN document2007/08/24
08/23/2007PACE President visit to Israel - Proposes tripartite Knesset-PLC-PACE forum - PACE press release/Non-UN document2007/08/23
08/22/2007Urgent medical assistance to Jerusalem and Gaza hospitals - Jordanian Foreign Ministry press release/Non-UN document2007/08/22
08/21/2007IP/07/1242European Commission to resume support to Gaza Power Plant - European Commission press release/Non-UN document2007/08/21
08/21/2007European Commission to resume support to Gaza power plant - EU press release/Non-UN document2007/08/21
08/21/2007OIC Secretary-General calls for end to Israeli violations in Al-Quds - OIC press release/Non UN document2007/08/21
08/21/2007Power shortages threaten sewage treatment in Gaza - IRIN report/ Non-UN Document2007/08/21
08/20/2007Egypt to continue providing electricity to Gaza - Egyptian State Information Service - Press release/Non-UN document2007/08/20
08/20/2007European Commission interrupts support for the delivery of fuel to Gaza Power Plant - European Commission press release/Non-UN document2007/08/20
08/20/2007PACE President visit to Jordan - King welcomes PACE's parliamentary diplomacy in the Middle East- PACE press release/Non-UN document2007/08/20
08/19/2007Training for Palestinian Presidential Guard - USDOS press release/ Non-UN Document2007/08/19
08/16/2007Palestinian wells, homes destroyed in the West Bank - IRIN/ Non-UN Document2007/08/16
08/15/2007Japan to provide direct aid to PA - Japanese Foreign Ministry press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)2007/08/15
08/15/2007US government finalizes a $48.5 Million water project in Hebron - USAID/ Non-UN Document2007/08/15
08/14/2007College of Europe working group to visit Israel and OPT - EU press release//Non-UN document2007/08/14
08/13/2007GlobalSecurityRptUKGlobal Security: The Middle East - UK House of Commons Foreign Affairs Cttee report/Non-UN document2007/08/13
08/13/2007Japan to provide food aid through UNRWA- Japanese Foreign Ministry press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)2007/08/13
08/10/2007European Commission head of operations visits 3 EU-funded projects in Hebron - EU press release/Non-UN document2007/08/10
08/09/2007TIPH launches media campaign on Palestinians' legal rights under occupation - TIPH press release2007/08/09
08/08/2007The Israeli-Palestinian political dialogue - TV24 interview - Transcript/Israeli Foreign Ministry press release/Non-UN document2007/08/08
08/08/2007Villagers face evacuation orders, movement restrictions - IRIN/ Non-UN Document2007/08/08
08/07/2007UNCTAD/PRESS/PR/2007/21UNCTAD and EU funding for modernization of Palestinian customs operations - EU press release//Non-UN document2007/08/07
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