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09/02/20179,5634cUNRWA Statement at Qalqilya Hospital0
08/31/2017OCHA-GazaAccess_2017086,969,996113cGaza Strip access and movement - August 2017 - OCHA Map1
08/31/2017WBN690706,96098cProtection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report - (15-28 August 2017)1
08/30/2017UNSCO14,9916cUN Secretary-General's speech at the Museum of the Jewish People, Tel Aviv0
08/30/2017IRIN_EUAide5,3572cUN Secretary-General calls for Palestinian unity in remarks at UNRWA school, Gaza0
08/29/201713,9525cSecretary-General's interview with Al-Quds Newspaper for his Visit to Palestine and Israel0
08/29/2017PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY6,9043cSecretary-General’s Remarks at Press Conference with Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah of the State of Palestine0
08/29/20173,5131cSecretary-General’s remarks to the media at Yasser Arafat Museum, Ramallah0
08/28/20174,9542cSecretary-General’s remarks to the media with President Reuven Rivlin of Israel, Jerusalem0
08/28/20177,6663cSecretary-General’s remarks to the media with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel0
08/28/20174,3052cThe Secretary-General's remarks to the press at Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, Jerusalem0
08/25/2017GAZACRISISEWI_JULY17749,84244cGaza Crisis: Early Warning Indicators (July 2017) - OCHA Infographic1
08/25/20178,8433cMinister for the Middle East Visits the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel - UK FCO Press Release0
08/24/2017170824_34,4262cEU Statement on Recent Confiscations of School Structures in the Occupied West Bank0
08/24/20175,0932cHumanitarian Fund for the oPt Releases Additional US$2.5 Million to Alleviate Ongoing Hardships in Gaza - OCHA Press Release0
08/22/2017SC/1296397,32510cAmid Heightened Israeli-Palestinian Tensions, Violence, Parties Must Recommit to Two-State Solution - UN Security Council Press Release1
08/22/20174,4002cAmid Scorching Heatwave, Access to Water and Electricity Down by One-Third in Gaza - UNICEF Article0
08/22/2017S/PV.8028110,43644cASG for Political Affairs Jenča Briefs Security Council on the Situation in the Middle East, Including the Palestinian Question - Verbatim Record0
08/21/2017OICPR_21081751,9023c,sMuslims Mark the 48th Anniversary of the Burning of the Holy Mosque of Al-Aqsa- OIC Press Release1
08/21/201710,0084cUNRWA Statement on Qalqilya Hospital0
08/18/20174,7502cStatement by the UN Humanitarian Coordinator Piper on the Occasion of World Humanitarian Day0
08/17/2017WBN689582,31962cProtection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report - (1-14 August 2017)1
08/17/2017SYRIAUNWRA_HUMSSJULY17595,96358cSyria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, July 2017 - UNRWA Infographic1
08/15/2017GAZAELECSUPPLY_150817272,11328cGaza Strip Electricity Supply - OCHA Infographic2
08/15/20179,1833cThreatened Eviction of Refugee Family in E. Jerusalem - UNRWA Statement0
08/15/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue204352,206141cUNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 204)0
08/14/2017GAZACRISISEWI_JUNE17680,80043cGaza Crisis: Early Warning Indicators (June 2017) - OCHA Infographic1
08/14/2017A/ES-10/760,S/2017/70418,6017cIllegal Actions in the OPT - Letter from the State of Palestine0
08/14/20173,4331cTelephone Conversation between FM Kono and President of Palestine Abbas - Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press Release0
08/14/201710,2194cUNRWA Announces Halt to Intake of Certain Categories of Patients at Qalqilya Hospital - UNRWA Press Release0
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