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- UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 203) 28/07/2017
- Secretary-General Welcomes News that Crisis in Jerusalem Old City Has Been Defused - Secretary-General Statement 27/07/2017
- Urging Political, Religious, Community Leaders in Old City of Jerusalem to Avoid Provocation, Secretary-General Calls for Restraint on Israel’s Part - Secretary-General Statement 27/07/2017
- Minister for the Middle East Burt Calls For Continuing Dialogue to Reduce Tensions - UK FCO Statement 26/07/2017
- ECOSOC Adopts Text on Repercussions of Israeli Occupation - Press Release (Excerpts) 25/07/2017
- Special Coordinator Mladenov Briefs Security Council on the Situation in the Middle East, Including the Palestinian Question; Open Debate - Verbatim Record 25/07/2017
- Rising Tensions Amid Crisis in Jerusalem Threaten Israel, Palestine with "Vortex of Violence", Religious Conflict, Special Coordinator Warns Security Council - Security Council Press Release 25/07/2017
- OIC Permanent Representatives Committee Holds Meeting to Discuss Recent Israeli Escalation at Al-Quds Al-Sharif - Press Release 25/07/2017
- Comment by the Russian Information and Press Department Regarding Growing Tension in Jerusalem and Palestinian Territories 24/07/2017
- Recent Developments in Areas Including Jerusalem and the West bank - Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Statement 24/07/2017
- Security Council Media Stakeout by Special Coordinator on the Situation in the West Bank 24/07/2017
- Italy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alfano Issues Statement Expressing Great Concern for the Spiral of Tension and Violence in Jerusalem and the West Bank 23/07/2017
- Evaluation of the UNRWA - Office of Internal Oversight Services Report 22/07/2017
- UK Minister for the Middle East Burt Statement on Recent Violence in Jerusalem and the West Bank 22/07/2017

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