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30 May 1949

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held in Lausanne on Saturday,
30 May 1949, at 10 a.m.

Mr. de Boisanger


Mr. Yalcin(Turkey)
Mr. Ethridge(U.S.A.)
Dr. AzcaratePrincipal Secretary

Memorandum of 28 May from Arab delegations

The CHAIRMAN drew attention to the latest memorandum from the Arab delegations, received the preceding day, which was before the Commission. Although the text contained no views not already known to the Commission, he thought it desirable to reply to the memorandum. In the reply it should once more be pointed out that transmittal of memoranda and proposals from one party to the other in no way implied endorsement by the Commission, and it should be stated that the Commission did not contemplate a change in the procedure it had decided to follow. If the Arab delegations refused to discuss frontiers with the General Committee, they could not be forced to do so; but the reply should state that the plenary meeting with the Commission requested by the Arab delegations would be devoted to discussion of the Arab memorandum of 21 May as well as the frontier question, and that the Commission would at that time request the Arab delegations to make known their point of view regarding the territorial arrangements envisaged in the Protocol of 12 May. It should also be made clear, though not necessarily directly stated, that the Commission could not accept the view that its memorandum of 23 May (document AR/12) was a denial of the Protocol, and that the memorandum would not be withdrawn from the General Committee.

The Commission agreed to the Chairman’s suggestions, and the Principal Secretary was instructed to prepare a draft letter, to be approved by the members of the Commission individually and despatched to the Arab delegations the same evening.

Letter of 29 May from Dr. Eytan

The CHAIRMAN read a letter he had received from Dr. Eytan the preceding day, discussing in further detail his delegation’s proposal regarding the disposition of the “Gaza strip” and requesting a reply from the Egyptian delegation.

In that connection the Press Officer brought to the attention of the Commission a telegram received from Mr. Fisher reporting upon an article by Mr. Kimche in the “PALESTINE POST” which gave full details of the Israeli proposal concerning the “Gaza strip”, and certain editorial comments in the same paper.

Mr. ETHRIDGE held the view that regardless of the merits of the plan, it had been presented in a way which was not likely to secure the approval of the Arab delegations. Nevertheless, Dr. Eytan considered the letter a further elaboration of his original proposal, and requested a reply. Mr. Ethridge favoured transmittal of the letter as it was, to the Arab delegations, with a covering note.

The Commission agreed to Mr. Ethridge’s suggestion.

Meeting with representatives of relief organizations

The Commission agreed to invite representatives of the relief organizations present in Geneva to meet with the Commission the following Tuesday.

The CHAIRMAN requested the Principal Secretary to issue invitations to Mr. Tuck of the International Refugee Organization, Brig. Parminter of the United Nations Relief for Palestine Refugees, Mr. Ruegger of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Mr. de Rougé of the League of Red Cross Societies, Mr. Wriggins of the American Friends Service Committee, and a representative of the World Health Organization.

Departure of Mr. Russell Cook

The PRINCIPAL SECRETARY informed the Commission that the Chief Administrative Officer was leaving the staff of the Commission to return to Lake Success. The Principal Secretary wished to record his deep appreciation of Mr. Cook’s cooperation and experienced assistance during a difficult and delicate period of the Commission’s work.

The Commission joined the Principal Secretary in expressing its thanks to Mr. Cook and its regret at his departure.

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Mémorandum des délégations arabes daté du 28 mai - 65e séance de CCNUP – Compte rendu Français