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        Economic and Social Council
27 June 2012

Original: Arabic

Tenth United Nations Conference on the
Standardization of Geographical Names
New York, 31 July-9 August 2012
Item 4 of the provisional agenda*
Reports by Governments on the situation in their countries
and on the progress made in the standardization of
geographical names since the Ninth Conference
(for distribution only)

Report of Palestine


• Pursuant to a Cabinet decision that was adopted at its weekly meeting No. 63, which was held on 23 August 2010, the Palestinian Committee on Geographical Names was formed.

• Consideration was given to the nature of the information available to institutions on the issue of geographical names, and a compilation was made of the principle sources of such information, which included British 1:100,000, 1:20,000 and 1:10,000 scale maps.

• A file on Palestinian towns with more than 100,000 Arab inhabitants has been sent to the geographical names.

• A file on the Arab Palestinian geographical terms has been sent to the geographical names.

• The geographical names in a number of governorates have been transcribed and documented in English and Arabic from the 1:100,000 and 1:20,000 scale maps, using the system of the Gazetteer that was followed in the British maps of the Palestine survey.

• The 1:10,000 scale maps of the governorate of Jerusalem have been dealt with.

• The Palestinian geographical locations in the West Bank of which the Israeli authorities have changed the names to Israeli names have been identified.

• A start has been made on verifying Arabic names in the governorate of Jenin.


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