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"As is" reference - not a United Nations document

Source: Japan
31 July 2007

Farmers in the Palestinian territories, Yemen, Sudan, Eritrea, and Ethiopia through the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization

1. The Government of Japan has decided to provide a total of 420 million yen for two projects of Grant Assistance for Underprivileged Farmers through the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).  Notes to this effect were exchanged on July 31 (Tue) (Japan Time) between Mr. Yuji Nakamura, Japanese Ambassador to Italy, and Mr. David Harcharik, Deputy Director-General of FAO in Rome.

(1) Agriculture Revitalization Action Project in the Palestinian territories (190 million yen)

(2) Emergency Response to Control a Desert Locust Outbreak in the Republic of Yemen and Surrounding Countries (230 million yen)

2. Outline of each project is as follows:

(1) Agriculture Revitalization Action Project in the Palestinian territories

    (a) Contents of the project

Promoting the improvement of living standards and economic development in   agricultural regions of the Palestinian territories

-   Complementation, strengthening, and expansion of the ‘The Horticulture Rehabilitation in the West Bank’ which is currently being implemented

-   Promoting efficient use of water resources by building water collection cisterns and water reservoirs

-   Improving necessary infrastructure for small ruminants and horticulture, including rebuilding of ruminant sheds and wells, setting up of orchards demonstration plots

-   Training farmers and their organizations that deal with agriculture, small ruminants and marketing

    (b) Necessity of this project

-   Agriculture is one of the main industries for economic and social lives of habitants in the Palestinian territories.  However, agricultural productivity and opportunities for employment have been undermined by damaged and abandoned farmlands caused by conflicts and infighting and the hampered circulation of people and materials.

-   To improve such a situation, the FAO formulated the projects to revitalize agriculture in the Palestinian territories, and asked the Government of Japan for assistance.

(c) Effect of the projects

-   Income creation and improving the living standards of 2,020 impoverished households of small and middle sized farmers, about 12,000 people, in the targeted region

-   Improving agricultural productivity and contributing to economic improvement throughout the targeted region


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