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Special focus-Palestine's Application for UN Membership

03/08/2013Red right arrow IconStatus of Palestine in the UN - Non-member observer State status - SecGen report
12/06/2012Palestine at the United Nations: A vote for peace and justice - NAD-PLO brochure/Non-UN document
12/02/2012PA one-sided step at the UN constitutes gross violation of agreements signed with Israel - Israeli cabinet communiqué/Non-UN document
11/30/2012Palestine question - GA accords Palestine non-Member State status - Press release
11/30/2012Chinese For. Ministry Spokesperson's remarks on UN non-member Observer State status of Palestine - Chinese Foreign Ministry press release/Non-UN document
11/30/2012FM Baird's statement indicates Canada will review relations with Palestinian Authority following UN General Assembly vote - Canada's FA press release/Non-UN document
11/29/2012Red right arrow IconStatus of Palestine in the UN/non-member observer State status - GA resolution
11/29/2012Status of Palestine in the UN - GA draft resolution/List of co-sponsors (Addendum)
11/29/2012Israel cannot accept result of GA resolution because none of the vital interest appear in GA resolution - Israeli PM Netanyahu statement/Non-UN document
11/29/2012GA decision granting of Palestine non-member observer state status - Communiqué issued by the French Government//Non-UN document
11/29/2012Denmark votes yes on the status of Palestine - Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs press release/Non-UN document
11/29/2012International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People - CEIRPP Chairperson statement
11/29/2012Question of Palestine - Upgrade of Palestine's status at the United Nations/GA vote - Verbatim record
11/29/2012GA accords Palestine non-Member observer State status - SecGen remarks - Press release (experts)
11/29/2012Sweden to vote in favour of draft resolution supporting two-State solution - Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs press release//Non-UN document
11/29/2012Mideast peace process - Declaration by the High Representative on behalf of the
European Union - EU press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)
11/28/2012Britain's House of Commons and Secretary Hague debate Palestinian UN status resolution - UK Statement/Non-UN document
11/26/2012Enhancement of Palestine’s status at the UN - PLO position paper/Non-UN document
11/21/2012Switzerland supports Palestinian request for change of UN status - Swiss Federal Dept of Foreign Affairs statement/Non-UN document
09/27/2012At GA, Israel PM Netanyahu calls for negotiations to reach a compromise on a two-State solution - UN news item (excerpts)
09/27/2012PA President Abbas addresses GA saying Palestine to seek non-member status - GA debate - UN news item
12/02/2011Security Council ready to vote on Palestinian UN application - SecCo President - Press Conference (excerpts)
11/11/2011Red right arrow IconPalestine's UN application - Report of the SecCo Committee on the Admission of New Members
11/01/2011US withholds contribution to UNESCO after vote for Palestine's membership - SecGen/GA President - Press conference (excerpts)
10/31/2011Palestine admission to UNESCO - Press statement by USDOS Spokesperson/Non-UN document
10/31/2011UNESCO General Conference admits Palestine as UNESCO Member State - UNESCO press release
10/29/2011Red right arrow IconAdmission of Palestine as member of UNESCO - Resolution
10/05/2011UNESCO Executive Board recommends Palestinian membership - UNESCO press release
10/04/2011Bracing for Palestinian statehood bid fallout - IRIN article
09/28/2011Admission of new Members/Application of Palestine - SecCo meeting - Verbatim record
09/23/2011Negotiations the only path to Middle East peace, Israel's PM Netanyahu says at UN debate - UN news item
09/23/2011Red right arrow IconQuartet to engage with parties towards resumption of negotiation, takes note of UN application - Quartet statement
09/23/2011SecGen sends Palestinian application for UN membership to SecCo/Quartet meets - UN news item
09/23/2011Sixty-sixth GA annual general debate/PA President outlines application for UN membership - GA press release (excerpts)
09/23/2011Red right arrow IconPalestine's letter of application for UN membership/Declaration of President Abbas, SecGen note
10/06/2009Request for the Admission of Palestine - UNESCO General Conf. 35th session - Resolution
07/07/1998Red right arrow IconParticipation of Palestine in the UN expanded - GA resolution
05/18/1989Red right arrow IconApplication for Admission of Palestine into UNESCO
05/12/1989Request of Palestine for admission as a member of World Health Organization - WHO 42nd World Health Assembly - Resolution
12/15/1988Red right arrow IconAcknowledgement of proclamation of State of Palestine/Designation "Palestine" to be used instead of "PLO" - GA resolution
07/22/1977Red right arrow IconPLO full membership in ESCWA - ECOSOC resolution
10/14/1974Red right arrow IconInvitation to the PLO - GA resolution
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