Accredited civil society organizations will be invited to attend all relevant international meetings and conferences held under the auspices of the Palestinian Rights Committee and participate in the discussions and to make statements. They may submit reports, written statements and other relevant documents for circulation among Committee Members and Observers. They will have the opportunity to display, after prior screening by the Secretariat, their own publications at such meetings. Accredited civil society organizations are also invited to make suggestions regarding the preparation and conduct of civil society events held under the auspices of the Committee. Accredited civil society organizations can use these international meetings to network with each other, and meet representatives of Governments and intergovernmental organizations. They can attend panel discussions, where experts from around the world, including the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel, provide information and analyses. The reports of the international meetings and conferences are issued as publications of the Division and widely disseminated, not only to accredited civil society organizations, but also to Governments, intergovernmental and United Nations system entities, experts who have participated in these events and others. They are also posted on the “Question of Palestine” website. Whenever appropriate, Members of the Committee and/or staff of the Division will consult with accredited civil society organizations on issues related to the question of Palestine. Civil society organizations will also receive all publications issued by the Division and other relevant information materials.