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Mideast situation/Palestine question - NAM XIV Ministerial Conference/Final Document/Kuala Lumpur Declaration/Declaration on Palestine - Letter from Malaysia (excerpts)2003/03/04,2003/02/25
02/28/2003WOM/1386CSW - Forty-Seventh Session - Press release2003/02/28
02/28/2003DPR/Chron/2003/2Chronological Review of Events/February 2003 - DPR review2003/02/28
02/27/2003E/CN.4/2003/68/Add.1Torture/Ill-treatment of prisoners - Special Rapporteur report pursuant to CHR resolution 2002/38 - Communications with Governments (excerpts)2003/02/27
02/27/2003E/CN.4/2003/30/Add.1Human rights situation in the OTs - Sp. Rapporteur (Dugard) report - Addendum2003/02/27
02/26/2003S/2003/40/Add.6SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement (excerpts)2003/02/26
02/26/2003Population estimates and projections/OPT - Population Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs report (excerpts)2003/02/26
Mideast situation/Palestine question - NAM XIV Ministerial Conference/Final Document/Kuala Lumpur Declaration/Declaration on Palestine - Letter from Malaysia (excerpts)2003/03/04,2003/02/25
02/25/2003Mideast situation/Palestine question - Non-Aligned activities - Report of Outgoing Chair/Non-UN document (excerpts)2003/02/25
Mideast situation/Attacks - Letter from Israel2003/02/25
02/25/2003E/CN.4/2003/70/Corr.1Civil and political rights - Disappearances and summary executions - Special Rapporteur report/Corrigendum (excerpts)2003/02/25
02/25/2003Mideast situation/Palestine question - NAM XIII Conference of Heads of State/Government Final documents (excerpts) - Non-UN document2003/02/25
02/25/2003E/CN.4/2003/65/Add.1Civil and political rights/Independence of judges and lawyers - Special Rapporteur report - Communications with Governments (excerpts)2003/02/25
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Letter from Palestine2003/02/24
02/24/2003S/2003/40/Add.4SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement (excerpts)2003/02/24
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Letter from Palestine2003/02/20
02/20/2003Quartet voices concern at continuing cycle of violence - UN news item2003/02/20
02/20/2003S/2003/204Measures to eliminate terrorism - Letter from Cuba2003/02/20
Israel's plans for Bethlehem/Separation wall - Letter from CEIRPP Chairman2003/02/20
02/20/2003S/2003/40/Add.2SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement (excerpts)2003/02/20
02/20/2003A/57/740Measures to eliminate terrorism - Letter from Cuba2003/02/20
02/20/2003SG/SM/8612Quartet statement on Mideast violence -SecGen statement - Press release2003/02/20
02/20/2003S/PV.4710Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo meeting - Verbatim record (excerpts)2003/02/20
02/20/2003E/CN.4/2003/104/Add.1Promotion and protection of human rights - Human rights defenders - Special Rapporteur report (excerpts)2003/02/20
02/20/2003SC/7667Mideast situation/Global terrorist threat - SecCo meeting - Press release (excerpts)2003/02/20
02/20/2003Red right arrow IconTask Force on Palestinian Reform meeting (London, 20 Feb. 2003) - Statement2003/02/20
02/19/2003SG/SM/8610SecGen statement on latest Mideast escalation - SecGen statement - Press release2003/02/19
02/19/2003Quartet meeting, statement (19 February 2003) - Non-UN document2003/02/19
02/19/2003CL03-060ENAd Hoc Liaison Cttee on Assistance for Palestinians - EU press release/Non-UN document2003/02/19
02/19/2003E/CN.4/2003/NGO/23Human rights situation in the OT - CHR - NGO statement (excerpts)2003/02/19
02/18/2003UNSCO statement at Ad Hoc Liaison Cttee on Palestinian Reform - UN news item2003/02/18
02/18/2003Red right arrow IconAd Hoc Liaison Cttee meeting - UN Special Coordinator's statement2003/02/18
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Letter from Palestine2003/02/18
02/18/2003E/CN.4/2003/NGO/226Human rights situation in the OPT - CHR - NGO statement2003/02/18
02/17/2003E/CN.4/2003/NGO/211Human rights situation in the OT - CHR - NGO statement2003/02/17
02/15/2003Situation in the OPT - WHO Health Inforum newsletter (15 Feb. 2003)2003/02/15
02/15/2003OCHA Humanitarian Update OPT (22 Jan - 15 Feb 2003) - OCHA press release2003/02/15
02/14/2003A/AC.183/SR.269CEIRPP meeting, election of Bureau, SecGen's statement - Summary record2003/02/14
Opening of CEIRPP 2003 session - SecGen statement - Press release2003/02/14
02/14/2003Middle East situation - Spokesman's Office (excerpts)2003/02/14
02/14/2003Red right arrow IconSG/SM/8605
Arafat announcement to appoint a Prime Minister - SecGen statement - Press release2003/02/14
02/14/2003A/AC.183/2003/L.1CEIRPP meeting - Provisional agenda2003/02/14
02/14/2003GA/PAL/908CEIRPP meeting - Press release2003/02/14
02/14/2003No. 07Assistance to the Palestinian people - Emergency report on OPT - WFP report (excerpts)2003/02/14
02/14/2003S/2003/40SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement2003/02/14
02/13/2003S/Agenda/4704Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo meeting - Provisional agenda2003/02/13
02/13/2003Quartet Road Map - SecCo briefing by USG for Pol. Affairs - UN news item2003/02/13
02/13/2003S/PV.4704Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Prendergast briefs SecCo - Verbatim record2003/02/13
02/13/2003SC/7661USG for Political Affairs Kieran Prendergast briefs SecCo - Quartet road map - Press release2003/02/13
02/12/2003TIPH distributes food on Eid al-Adha - TIPH press release/Non-UN document2003/02/12
02/12/2003E/CN.4/2003/3/Add.1Civil and political rights/Extrajudicial, summary or judicial execution - Communication with Governments (excerpts)2003/02/12
Mideast situation/Lebanon - Letter from Syria2003/02/12
Mideast situation/Attacks - Letter from Israel2003/02/10
Aid for Palestinians suffers due to focus on Iraq - Press release2003/02/10
02/10/2003E/CN.4/2003/NGO/221Right of peoples to self-determination/Human rights situation in the OPT - CHR - NGO statement2003/02/10
02/10/2003E/CN.4/2003/NGO/222Civil and political rights - CHR - NGO statement2003/02/10
02/08/2003SecGen address at College of William and Mary - Press release2003/02/08
02/07/2003E/CN.4/2003/NGO/261Human rights situation in the OT - CHR - NGO statement2003/02/07
Governments back environmental rescue plan for OPT - Press release2003/02/07
02/07/2003A/58/25Environmental situation in the OPT - Report of UNEP Governing Council (excerpts)2003/02/07
02/07/2003GC22/GMEF/DEC 22/1 VEnvironmental situation in the OPT - Decision adopted - UNEP Governing Council decision2003/02/07
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Letter from Palestine2003/02/06
02/05/2003E/CN.4/2003/NGO/201Human rights situation in the OPT - CHR - NGO statement2003/02/05
02/05/2003E/CN.4/2003/NGO/198Right of peoples to self-determination - CHR - NGO statement2003/02/05
02/05/2003Assistance - Japan through UNDP/PAPP launch emergency employment generation programmes in OPT - UN News Service2003/02/05
02/05/2003E/CN.4/2003/NGO/200Human rights situation in the OT - CHR - NGO statement2003/02/05
Violations across the Blue Line - Letter from Lebanon2003/02/04
02/03/2003E/CN.4/2003/NGO/128Human rights situation in the OT - CHR - NGO statement2003/02/03
02/03/2003E/CN.4/2003/NGO/133Human rights situation in the OT - CHR - NGO statement2003/02/03
02/03/2003E/CN.4/2003/NGO/267Right to Development/Women's rights in the OPT - CHR - NGO statement2003/02/03
02/03/2003E/CN.4/2003/NGO/180Human rights situation in the OT - CHR - NGO statement2003/02/03
02/01/2003Situation in the OPT - WHO Health Inforum newsletter (1 Feb. 2003)2003/02/01
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