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12/31/1997A/AC.183/L.2/Add.18Palestine question/Mideast situation - Compilation resolutions and decisions adopted in 1997 (English and French)1997/12/31
12/31/199798-39289DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XX, No. 8 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (December 1977) - DPR publication1997/12/31
12/31/1997SC/6465Security Council - 1997 round-up - Press release (excerpts)1997/12/31
12/31/1997E.00.I.1Yearbook of the United Nations 1997 (excerpts)1997/12/31
12/31/1997Dev13Developments/Peace process review: October - December 19971997/12/31
12/31/1997DPR/Chron/1997/12Chronological Review of Events/December 1997 - DPR review1997/12/31
12/26/1997E/CN.4/1998/18Human rights situation in the OPT - CHR fifty-fourth session - SecGen report1997/12/26
Palestine question/Peace process - Letter from Palestine1997/12/24
12/24/1997E/CN.4/1998/38/Add.1Human rights situation in the OPT - CHR - Special Rapporteur on torture - report (excerpts)1997/12/24
12/24/1997E/CN.4/1998/30Situation in the OPT - CHR - Report of the SecGen1997/12/24
12/23/1997GA/9391*Mideast situation - GA debate - Press release (Excerpts)1997/12/23
12/23/1997E/CN.4/1998/68Human rights situation in the OPT/Arbitrary executions-CHR-Special rapporteur report1997/12/23
12/22/1997A/DEC/52/459Palestine question - Agenda items/52nd session - GA decision1997/12/22
12/19/1997E/CN.4/1998/68/Add.1Human rights situation in the OPT/Arbitrary executions - CHR Special rapporteur report/Addendum1997/12/19
12/18/1997GA/9387Sovereignty over natural resources in the OPT - GA debate - Press release (excerpts)1997/12/18
12/18/1997A/RES/52/207Sovereignty over natural resources in the OT - GA resolution1997/12/18
Mideast situation/Lebanon - Letter from Lebanon1997/12/17
Mideast situation/Lebanon - Letter from Lebanon - Corr.1997/12/17
12/16/1997A/RES/52/170Assistance to the Palestinian people - GA resolution1997/12/16
12/16/1997A/52/L.36/Rev.1/Add.1Assistance for reconstruction and development of Lebanon - Draft resolution - Addendum to revision1997/12/16
12/16/1997GA/9383Assistance to the Palestinian people - GA debate - Press release (excerpts)1997/12/16
12/16/1997A/52/L.57/Rev.1/Add.1Assistance to the Palestinian people - GA draft resolution - Revision/Addendum1997/12/16
12/16/1997A/52/L.36/Rev.1/Corr.1Assistance for reconstruction and development of Lebanon - Draft resolution - Corrigendum to revision1997/12/16
12/12/1997A/RES/52/114Right of the Palestinian people to self-determination - GA resolution1997/12/12
12/12/1997GA/SPD/130*UNRWA/Sp. Cttee on Israeli Practices - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Press release (excerpts)1997/12/12
12/11/1997E/CN.4/1998/117Human rights situation in the OPT - CHR debate - Letter from the United States1997/12/11
12/11/1997A/52/L.36/Rev.1Assistance for reconstruction and development of Lebanon - Draft resolution - Revision1997/12/11
12/10/1997A/RES/52/59Palestine refugees - Displaced persons - GA resolution1997/12/10
12/10/1997GA/9379Israeli practices - GA Fourth Cttee action - Press Release (excerpts)1997/12/10
12/10/1997A/RES/52/64Israeli practices/Work of the SpCttee - GA resolution1997/12/10
12/10/1997A/RES/52/65Israeli practices/Fourth Geneva Convention - GA resolution1997/12/10
12/10/1997A/RES/52/61Palestine refugees - UNRWA operations - GA resolution1997/12/10
12/10/1997A/RES/52/57Palestine refugees - Assistance - GA resolution1997/12/10
12/10/1997A/RES/52/60Palestine refugees - Higher education - GA resolution1997/12/10
12/10/1997A/RES/52/68Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices/Golan - GA resolution1997/12/10
12/10/1997A/RES/52/66Fourth Committee/Settlements in the occupied territories - GA resolution1997/12/10
12/10/1997A/RES/52/63Palestine refugees - Al Quds University - GA resolution1997/12/10
12/10/1997A/RES/52/58Palestine refugees - UNRWA financing - GA resolution1997/12/10
12/10/1997A/RES/52/67Israeli practices/Human rights - GA resolution1997/12/10
12/10/1997A/RES/52/62Palestine refugees - Refugees' properties - GA resolution1997/12/10
12/09/1997A/RES/52/49Palestine question/CEIRPP - GA resolution1997/12/09
12/09/1997A/RES/52/53Mideast situation/Jerusalem - GA resolution1997/12/09
12/09/1997A/RES/52/51Palestine question/DPI - GA resolutions1997/12/09
12/09/1997A/52/L.49/Add.1Palestine question/CEIRPP - GA draft resolution - Addendum1997/12/09
12/09/1997A/52/PV.68Mideast peace process/Palestine question - GA debate - Verbatim record1997/12/09
12/09/1997A/52/L.52/Add.1Palestine question/Peaceful settlement - GA draft resolution - Addendum1997/12/09
12/09/1997A/52/L.54/Add.1Mideast situation/Jerusalem - GA draft resolution1997/12/09
12/09/1997SG/SM/6418/Rev.18th Islamic Conference Summit (Tehran) - SecGen address - Press release (excerpts)1997/12/09
12/09/1997A/RES/52/50Palestine question/DPR - GA resolution1997/12/09
12/09/1997A/DEC/52/317Palestine question - Enlargement of CEIRPP membership - General Assembly decision1997/12/09
12/09/1997A/RES/52/52Palestine question/Peaceful settlement - GA resolutions1997/12/09
12/09/1997A/RES/52/41Nuclear proliferation in the Middle East - GA resolution1997/12/09
12/09/1997A/52/L.50/Add.1Palestine question/DPR - GA draft resolution - Addendum1997/12/09
12/09/1997A/RES/52/43Security and Cooperation in the Mediterranean - GA resolution1997/12/09
12/09/1997A/52/L.55/Add.1Mideast situation/Golan - GA draft resolution - Addendum1997/12/09
12/09/1997A/RES/52/34Nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Mideast - GA resolution1997/12/09
12/09/1997A/52/L.51/Add.1Palestine question/DPI - GA draft resolution1997/12/09
12/09/1997GA/9378Mideast situation/Palestine question - GA debate, action - Press release1997/12/09
12/09/1997A/RES/52/54Mideast situation/Golan - GA resolutions1997/12/09
12/05/1997E/CN.4/1998/116Human rights situation in the OPT - CHR - Letter from Israel1997/12/05
12/05/1997E/CN.4/1998/112Human rights situation in the OPT - CHR - Letter from LAS1997/12/05
12/05/1997A/52/L.53/Rev.1Palestine question/Palestine UN participation - GA draft resolution - Revision 11997/12/05
12/03/1997GA/9370Mideast situation - GA debate - Press release (Excerpts)1997/12/03
12/03/1997A/52/616Palestine refugees - UNRWA operations - GA Fourth Cttee report1997/12/03
12/03/1997A/52/617Israeli practices - GA Fourth Cttee report1997/12/03
12/03/1997UNEP/GC.21/2Environmental situation in the occupied Palestinian and other Arab territories - UNIDO Exec. Director report (excerpts)1997/12/03
12/03/1997GA/9355/Corr.1Jerusalem/Settlements - GA emergency session debate - Press release (Corrigendum)1997/12/03
12/03/1997A/52/PV.61Mideast situation - GA debate/SecGen reports A/52/467, A/52/581 - Verbatim record1997/12/03
12/03/1997GC.7/SR.6Technical assistance to the Palestinian people - UNIDO General Conf. 7th Session - Summary record (excerpts)1997/12/03
12/03/1997A/52/L.52/Corr.1Palestine question/Peaceful settlement - GA draft resolution - Corrigendum1997/12/03
12/03/1997GA/9371Mideast situation - GA debate - Press release1997/12/03
Palestine refugees - Announcement of pledges to UNRWA - Press release1997/12/02
12/02/1997A/52/L.63Mideast situation/Peace process - Amendments to GA draft resolution A/52/L.621997/12/02
12/02/1997A/52/L.59Palestine question/Palestine UN participation - GA draft resolution - Amendment1997/12/02
12/02/1997Red right arrow IconA/52/L.62Mideast situation/Peace process - GA draft resolution1997/12/02
12/02/1997A/52/PV.59Palestine question - GA debate - Verbatim record1997/12/02
12/02/1997GA/9368Mideast situation/settlements - GA debate - Press release1997/12/02
12/02/1997A/C.2/52/SR.46Permanent sovereignty over national resources in the OPT - Second Cttee debate, vote - Summary record (excerpts)1997/12/02
Palestine refugees - Announcement of pledges to UNRWA - Press release1997/12/02
12/02/1997A/52/632Sovereignty over natural resources in the OPT - Second Cttee report1997/12/02
12/02/1997GA/EF/2803Sovereignty over natural resources in the OPT/Golan - GA Second Cttee debate, vote - Press release (excerpts)1997/12/02
12/01/1997A/52/PV.58*Palestine question - GA debate - Verbatim record1997/12/01
12/01/1997GA/PAL/770International Day of Solidarity - CEIRPP meeting - Press release1997/12/01
12/01/1997A/52/L.57Assistance to the Palestinian people - GA draft resolution1997/12/01
12/01/1997A/52/704Palestine question/CEIRPP membership - Letter from Namibia1997/12/01
12/01/1997A/52/L.53Palestine question/Palestine UN participation - GA draft resolution1997/12/01
12/01/1997SG/SM/6408International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (1 Dec. 1997) - SecGen statement - Press release1997/12/01
International Day of Solidarity - GA President's statement - Press release1997/12/01
12/01/1997GA/9366Mideast situation/Peace process - GA debate - Press release1997/12/01
12/01/1997A/52/L.55Mideast situation/Golan - GA draft resolution1997/12/01
12/01/1997GA/PAL/97/7Palestine question - Observance of the Int'l Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People - Press release(Geneva)1997/12/01
12/01/1997A/52/L.49Palestine question/CEIRPP - GA draft resolution1997/12/01
12/01/1997A/AC.183/PV.234International Day of Solidarity - CEIRPP meeting - Verbatim record1997/12/01
12/01/1997A/52/L.52Palestine question/Peaceful settlement - GA draft resolution1997/12/01
12/01/1997A/52/L.54Mideast situation/Jerusalem - GA draft resolution1997/12/01
12/01/1997A/52/L.50Palestine question/DPR - GA draft resolution1997/12/01
12/01/199798-38963International Day of Solidarity (1997) - Special bulletin1997/12/01
12/01/1997GA/9336Mideast situation/Peace process - GA debate - Press release1997/12/01
12/01/1997A/52/L.51Palestine question/DPI - GA draft resolution1997/12/01
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