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12/31/2014Dev29Developments/Peace process review: January-December 20142014/12/31
12/31/2014UNRWAEMERAPPEAL_20142014 oPt Emergency Appeal - UNRWA annual report2014/12/31
12/31/2014OCHA_HumOverview-2015Fragmented lives - Humanitarian Overview 2014 - OCHA report2014/12/31
12/31/2014OIC_PalStateResOIC disappointed at SC's failure to adopt draft resolution on timeframe for ending Israeli occupation - OIC statement/Non-UN document2014/12/31
12/31/2014Dev29Developments/Peace process review: January-December 20142014/12/31
12/31/2014WHO_ReferralsDec2014Referral of Patients from the Gaza Strip - WHO monthly report (December 2014)2014/12/31
12/31/2014Statement by PLO Executive Committee member Saeb Erakat on Palestine's accession to international treaties - PLO Negotiations Affairs Department press release/Non-UN document2014/12/31
12/31/2014Food assistance from Turkey arrives in Gaza - UNRWA press release2014/12/31
12/31/201415-10373DPR Monthly Bulletin - Volume XXXVII, No. 12, CEIRPP, DPR Bulletin (December 2014) - DPR publication2014/12/31
12/31/2014SYRIACRISISRES_20142014 Syria Crisis Response - UNRWA annual report2014/12/31
12/31/2014Declaration accepting jurisdiction of International Criminal Court - State of Palestine document/Non-UN document2014/12/31
12/31/2014OCHA_BedouinComBedouin Communities in Area C at Risk of Forcible Transfer - OCHA map2014/12/31
12/31/2014DPR/Chron/2014/12Chronological Review of Events/December 2014 - DPR review2014/12/31
12/31/2014NoonBriefing_311214Secretary-General names Sandra Mitchell as Deputy Commissoner-General of UNRWA - SG Spokesperson's noon briefing (excerpts)2014/12/31
12/31/2014A/AC.183/L.2/Add.36Compilation of resolutions and decisions adopted in 2014 (English and French) - DPR publication2014/12/31
12/31/2014UNICEF_CAAC-4thQ14Children Affected by Armed Conflict - Israel and State of Palestine (Fourth Quarter 2014) - UNICEF Bulletin2014/12/31
12/30/2014FR_PalStateResExplanation of Security Council vote in favour of draft resolution presented by Jordan - France MoFA statement/Non-UN document2014/12/30
12/30/2014SC/11722Resolution in Security Council to impose 12-month deadline on negotiated solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict unable to secure nine votes needed for adoption - Press release2014/12/30
12/30/2014S/PV.7354Security Council votes on draft resolution calling for end to Israeli occupation since 1967 - Verbatim record2014/12/30
12/30/2014S/Agenda/7354Provisional agenda - SecCo 7354th meeting - Mideast situation/Palestine question2014/12/30
12/30/2014Explanation of why US voted against draft Security Council resolution submitted by Jordan - USDoS statement/Non-UN document2014/12/30
12/30/2014DPB#218US concerned about relationship betw. Hamas and Turkey, reiterates opposition to SecCo draft resolution calling for ending Israeli occupation - USDoS press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)2014/12/30
12/30/2014S/2014/916Draft Security Council resolution calling for end to Israeli occupation since 1967 - SecCo draft resolution2014/12/30
12/30/2014141230_04Statement by EU High Representative Mogherini on Security Council vote - EU statement/Non-UN document2014/12/30
12/29/2014A/69/711-S/2015/1Declaration adopted by the Conference of High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention - Letter from Switzerland2014/12/29
12/29/2014DPB#217US would not support draft Security Council resolution submitted by Jordan - USDoS press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)2014/12/29
12/27/2014Egypt denounces Israeli's new settlement expansion plan - Egypt MoFA statement/Non-UN document2014/12/27
12/26/2014WBN586Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (16-22 December 2014)2014/12/26
12/26/2014A/HRC/28/80/Add.1Report of UNHCHR on the implementation of HRC resolutions S-9/1 and S-12/1 - HRC 28th session - UNHCHR report (Addendum)2014/12/26
12/25/2014Turkey_PR404Turkey strongly condemns Israel's continued illegal settlement activities in OPT - Turkey's MoFA press release/Non-UN document2014/12/25
12/24/2014Japan supports sanitation for internally-displaced persons in Gaza - UNRWA press release2014/12/24
12/24/2014NoonBriefing_241214Deputy Special Coordinator for Middle East Peace Process James Rawley voices deep concern over exchange of fire in Gaza - SG Spokesperson's noon briefing (excerpts)2014/12/24
12/24/2014HB301114Humanitarian Bulletin (November 2014) - OCHA OPT monthly report2014/12/24
State of Palestine calls on intl. community to demand Israeli compliance with declaration of Conference of High Contracting Parties to Fourth Geneva Convention - Letter from Palestine2014/12/24
12/23/2014HR14/406UN Commission of Inquiry on Gaza hears testimony, seeks access - OHCHR press release2014/12/23
12/23/2014World Bank provides additional budget support to the Palestinian Authority - World Bank press release2014/12/23
12/22/2014S/2015/121Security Council - Work assessment under Argentina presidency (October 2014) - Letter from Argentina (excerpts)2014/12/22
12/22/20142951-22-12-2014Russian FM Lavrov meets with Palestinian chief negotiator Erekat - Russia MoFA press release/Non-UN document2014/12/22
12/22/2014A/69/L.38/Add.1Assistance to Palestinian People - GA draft resolution - Addendum2014/12/22
12/19/2014A/RES/69/241Permanent sovereignty over natural resources in OPT and Golan - GA resolution2014/12/19
12/19/2014A/RES/69/242Assistance to Palestinian People - GA resolution2014/12/19
12/19/2014GA/11605GA Adopts Text on Permanent Sovereignty of the Palestinian People in the OPT, Assistance to Palestinian People - Press Release (excerpts)2014/12/19
Palestine appeals to Security Council to take action on draft resolution - Letter from Palestine
12/19/2014WFPSitRpt_191214WFP Palestine Situation Report #28 (19 December 2014) - WFP report2014/12/19
12/18/2014GA/PAL/1323Bureau of Palestinian Rights Committee welcomes Declaration of Conference of High Contracting Parties to Fourth Geneva Convention - CEIRPP Bureau statement2014/12/18
12/18/2014WBN585Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (9-15 December 2014)2014/12/18
12/18/2014EMERAPPSYRIA_2015Syria Regional Crisis Emergency Appeal 2015 - UNRWA report/appeal2014/12/18
12/18/2014UNRWA launches 2015 Syria Regional Crisis Reponse Plan - Press release2014/12/18
12/18/2014A/RES/69/165Right of Palestinian people to self-determination - GA resolution2014/12/18
12/18/2014GazaSitRpt_Issue74Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 74) - UNRWA update2014/12/18
12/18/2014Urgent funding required to address unprecedented destruction in Gaza - UNRWA press release2014/12/18
12/18/2014OIC_EUPalStResOIC Secretary-General welcomes European Parliament's adoption of resolution on recognition of Palestinian statehood - OIC statement/Non-UN document2014/12/18
12/18/2014DPB#213US would not support draft Security Council resolution submitted by Jordan - USDoS press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)2014/12/18
12/18/2014UNICEFSitRpt_181214State of Palestine: Humanitarian Situation Report - UNICEF update2014/12/18
12/18/2014GA/11604Right of the Palestinian people to self-determination - GA vote (Plenary) - Press release (excerpts)2014/12/18
12/17/2014CHCP_GENCONConference of High Contracting Parties to Fourth Geneva Convention recalls applicable int. humanitarian law in OPT - Swiss FDFA press release/Non-UN document2014/12/17
12/17/2014141217_01Statement by EU Spokesperson on General Court's judgment anulling measures against Hamas - EU statement/Non-UN document2014/12/17
12/17/2014CanadaFM_HamasCanada concerned by EU Court’s potential delisting of Hamas - Canada DFATD press release/Non-UN document2014/12/17
12/17/2014UK will work to ensure listing of Hamas is maintained in EU - UK FCO press release/Non-UN document2014/12/17
12/17/2014EP_PalStateResEuropean Parliament passes resolution on recognition of Palestine statehood - Press release/Non-UN document2014/12/17
12/17/2014OCHA_WHSPalestinian civil society calls for enhanced protection of civilians and humanitarian access ahead of World Humanitarian Summit - OCHA press release2014/12/17
12/17/2014P8_TAPROV(2014)0103European Parliament resolution on recognition of Palestinian statehood - Non-UN document2014/12/17
12/17/2014OIC_SecCoPalResOIC calls on Security Council to adopt draft resolution setting timeline to end Israeli occupation - OIC statement/Non-UN document2014/12/17
12/17/2014Japan provides emergency funding for rubble removal in Gaza through UNDP - Japan MoFA/UNDP press release2014/12/17
12/17/2014GCEU_FullTextJudgement of General Court of EU annuling Council measures maintaining Hamas on list of terrorist organizations - General Court of EU document/Non-UN document (french text only)2014/12/17
Show details for 12/17/201412/17/2014GENCONDEC_1214Declaration of Conference of High Contracting Parties to Fourth Geneva Convention - Swiss FDFA document/Non-UN document2014/12/17
12/17/2014GCEU_1718/14EU General Court annuls contested measures maintaining Hamas on European list of terrorist organizations - Press release/Non-UN document2014/12/17
12/17/2014UK contributes $4.7 million to UNRWA to meet shelter needs in Gaza - UNRWA press release2014/12/17
12/16/2014UNDP signs $10 million agreement with USAID for rubble removal in Gaza - Press release2014/12/16
12/16/2014OliveDeclarationOlive Declaration of International Conference of Local Governments and Civil Society Organizations in Support of Palestinian Rights (Seville, 2-3 December 2014) - Final document2014/12/16
12/16/2014CanadaFM_GenevaCanada strongly opposes decision to convene Conference of High Contracting Parties to Fourth Geneva Convention - Canada DFATD press release/Non-UN document2014/12/16
12/16/2014S/2014/901OIC condemns killing of Palestinian Minister Ziad Abu Ein - Letter from Saudi Arabia on behalf of OIC
12/16/2014Press availablity of US Sec of State Kerry in London - USDoS transcript/Non-UN document (excerpts)2014/12/16
12/15/2014HC14/106HCHR Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein says Israel must curb rise in protest fatalities in OPT - OHCHR press release2014/12/15
12/15/2014Real Madrid Foundation renews its commitment to Palestine refugee children - UNRWA press release2014/12/15
12/15/2014S/PV.7339Special Coordinator Serry briefs Security Council on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question - Verbatim record2014/12/15
12/15/2014German Development Bank and UNRWA sign agreements to support Palestine refugees in Gaza, Lebanon - UNRWA press release2014/12/15
12/15/2014S/Agenda/7339SecCo 7339th meeting: Mideast situation/Palestine question - Provisional agenda2014/12/15
12/15/2014SC/11701UN Special Coordinator for Middle East Peace Process Robert Serry briefs Security Council - Press release2014/12/15
12/14/2014GazaSitRpt_Issue73Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 73) - UNRWA update2014/12/14
12/14/2014Background briefing on US Secretary of State Kerry's travel to Rome - USDoS briefing/Non-UN document2014/12/14
12/13/2014OIC_PortRecPalOIC Secretary-General welcomes Portuguese parliament's adoption of resolution calling on Government to recognize State of Palestine - OIC statement/Non-UN document2014/12/13
Security Council press statement on death of Palestinian Minister Ziad Abu Ein - Press release2014/12/12
12/12/2014WBN584Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (2-8 December 2014)2014/12/12
12/12/2014A/69/L.38Assistance to Palestinian People - GA draft resolution2014/12/12
12/11/2014SpainFMPR_365Gov. of Spain asks for speedy and full investigation to clarify circumstances of Palestinian Minister Abu Ein's death - Spanish Foreign Ministry statement/Non-UN document2014/12/11
12/11/2014UNSCO_GAZAVISITMore than 20,000 homeowners in Gaza expected to be able to procure construction material by year end - UNSCO statement2014/12/11
12/11/2014EUPOL COPPS sponsors visit of Palestinian justice sector officials to Romania - EUPOL COPPS press release/Non-UN document2014/12/11
12/11/2014Japan_PALMINJapanese Government calls on Israeli authorities to conduct urgent and transparent investigation into death of Ziad Abu Ein - Japan MoFA press release/Non-UN document2014/12/11
12/11/2014Norwegian FM Brende calls on Israeli authorities to carry out transparent and credible investigation of death of Palestinia Minister Ziad Abu Ein - Norway MoFA news story/Non-UN document2014/12/11
12/11/2014OIC_IreRecPalOIC Secretary-General welcomes Irish Parliament's adoption of resolution backing recognation of State of Palestine - OIC statement/Non-UN document2014/12/11
12/10/2014Belgian FM very concerned after death of Palestinian Minister Abu Ein - Belgian FM press release/Non-UN document2014/12/10
12/10/2014Swiss_PALMINSwitzerland calls on Israeli authorities to ensure swift, independent and transparent investigation into death of Palestinian Minister Ziad Abu Ein - Swiss FDFA press release/Non-UN document2014/12/10
12/10/2014EU High Rep. Mogherini calls for immediate, independent investigation into death of Palestinian Minister Ziad Abu Ein - EU statement/Non-UN document2014/12/10
12/10/2014Intel helps UNRWA expand innovative self-learning programme for children affected by regional conflicts - UNRWA press release2014/12/10
12/10/2014Turkey_PR385Turkey strongly condemns Israel for death of Palestinian Minister Ziad Ebu Ayn - Turkey's MoFA press release/Non-UN document2014/12/10
12/10/2014FR_PALMINFrance condemns violence that led to death of Ziad Abu Ein - France MoFA statement/Non-UN document2014/12/10
12/10/2014OCHA_SRP15OPT Strategic Response Plan 2015 - OCHA factsheet2014/12/10
12/10/2014OCHA_HNA15OPT: Humanitarian Needs Overview 2015 - OCHA factsheet2014/12/10
State of Palestine calls on international community to unequivocally condemn brutal killing of Minister Ziad Abu Ein - Letter from Palestine
12/10/2014Barriers to health for Palestinians under occupation - WHO press release, report2014/12/10
12/10/2014OQR/World Bank survey reveals considerable demand for affordable housing in OPT - OQR article/Non-UN document2014/12/10
12/10/2014UK Foreign Secretary Hammond shocked by death of Palestinian Minister, calls for swift and transparent investigation - UKFCO press release/Non-UN document2014/12/10
12/10/2014US Secretary of State Kerry to travel to Rome to meet with Israeli PM Netanyahu - USDoS press statement/Non-UN document2014/12/10
12/10/2014OIC_PALMINOIC Secretary-General condemns killing of Palestinian Minister Ziad Abu Ein - OIC statement/Non-UN document2014/12/10
12/10/2014WHO_RPT101214Right to health: Crossing barriers to access health in OPT, 2013 - WHO report2014/12/10
12/10/2014Quartet Rep. Blair urges Israel to conduct swift and thorough investigation into death of Palestinian Minister Ziad Abu Ein - OQR statement/Non-UN document2014/12/10
12/10/2014UN Special Coordinator Serry urges Israeli authorities to conduct prompt, thorough, transparent investigation into death of Palestinian Minister Ziad Abu Ein - UNSCO statement2014/12/10
12/10/2014German FM Steinmeier calls for investigation into death of Ziad Abu Ein - Germany FFO press release /Non-UN document2014/12/10
12/09/2014S/2014/880Israeli representative says it is time for international community to call upon President Abbas to abandon claim of return - Letter from Israel2014/12/09
SG Spokesperson's statement on death of Palestinian Minister Ziad Abu Ein -- SG's Spokesman statement2014/12/09
12/09/2014Brazil and UAE admitted to UNRWA's Advisory Commission - UNRWA press release2014/12/09
12/09/2014EMERAPPEAL_2014UNRWA oPt Emergency Appeal 2015 - UNRWA report/appeal2014/12/09
12/09/2014UNRWA emergency appeal calls for US$414 million to support Palestine refugees OPT - Press release2014/12/09
12/08/2014UNOPS Exec. Director holds high-level meetings with Israeli and Palestinian authorities to discuss reconstruction in Gaza - UNOPS news item2014/12/08
12/08/2014EU_MShteiwiLocal EU statement on conviction Palestinian activist Murad Shteiwi in Israeli military court - EU statement/Non-UN document2014/12/08
12/08/2014GlobalHumOver_14Global Humanitarian Overview 2015 - OCHA appeal (excerpts)2014/12/08
12/07/2014US Secretary of State Kerry's remarks at Brookings Institution's 2014 Saban Forum - USDoS transcript/Non-UN document (excerpts)2014/12/07
12/05/2014A/RES/69/92Israeli settlements in OPT and Syrian Golan - GA resolution2014/12/05
12/05/2014A/RES/69/91Applicability of the 4th Geneva Convention - GA resolution2014/12/05
12/05/2014A/RES/69/88Operations of UNRWA - GA resolution2014/12/05
12/05/2014A/RES/69/93Israeli practices affecting Palestinian human rights - GA resolution2014/12/05
12/05/2014A/RES/69/89Palestine refugees' properties and their revenues - GA resolution2014/12/05
12/05/2014Gaza: suspension of cleaning services at hospitals and clinics raises serious concerns - OCHA Humanitarian Update2014/12/05
12/05/2014Lighting up Gaza: Reconnecting electricity - World Bank article2014/12/05
12/05/2014A/RES/69/90Work of SpCttee to Investigate Israeli Practices - GA resolution2014/12/05
12/05/2014A/RES/69/94Occupied Syrian Golan - GA resolution2014/12/05
12/05/2014A/RES/69/86Assistance to Palestine refugees - GA resolution2014/12/05
12/05/2014GA/11597Fourth Committee Approves 9 Draft Resolutions on Israeli-Palestinian Issues - Press release (excerpts)2014/12/05
12/05/2014A/RES/69/87Persons displaced as a result of the June 1967 and subsequent hostilities - GA resolution2014/12/05
12/05/2014WBN583Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (25 Nov. - 1 Dec. 2014)2014/12/05
12/04/2014GazaSitRpt_Issue72Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 72) - UNRWA update2014/12/04
12/04/2014UNICEFSitRpt_041214State of Palestine: Humanitarian Situation Report - UNICEF update2014/12/04
12/04/2014Remarks by UNRWA Deputy Commissioner-General at 2015 UNRWA pledging conference - UNRWA transcript2014/12/04
12/03/2014OCHA_HDEMOUN Humanitarian Coordinator Rawley calls for end to punitive demolitons in occupied West Bank, including E. Jerusalem - OCHA press release2014/12/03
12/03/2014GA/11595-PAL/2181Plagued by chronic underfunding, UNRWA welcomes pledges to weather challenges, sustain operations - UN press release2014/12/03
12/03/2014OIC_FrRecPalOIC Secretary-General welcomes French Parliament vote for recognition of Palestinian State - OIC statement/Non-UN document2014/12/03
12/03/2014Sweden, through UNDP, to support cash assistance programme for displaced population in Gaza - UNDP press release2014/12/03
12/03/2014UNCTAD_RevLkStdyUNCTAD issues "Palestinian Fiscal Revenue Leakage to Israel under Paris Protocol on Economic Relations" - UNCTAD study2014/12/03
12/03/2014UN Resident Coordinator Rawley's statement on the Intl. Day of Persons with Disability - UN Country Team/OPT press release2014/12/03
12/03/2014SyriaCrisisUpdate_031214Syria Regional Crisis Response Update 82 - UNRWA report2014/12/03
12/03/2014New UNCTAD study reveals that OPT loses at least $306M per year in public revenue leakage to Israel - UNCTAD press release/report2014/12/03
12/03/2014Iconic UNRWA image displayed in 8 cities across the world to mark climax of Intl. Year of Solidarity with Palestinian People - UNRWA press release2014/12/03
12/03/2014International Conference of Local Governments and Civil Society Organizations in Support of Palestinian Rights (Seville, Spain, 2-3 December 2014 ) - Report2014/12/03
12/03/2014Quartet Rep Tony Blair in Bethlehem highlights need for investment in tourism in Palestinian territories - OQR statement/Non-UN document2014/12/03