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11/30/201415-08408DPR Monthly Bulletin - Volume XXXVII, No. 11, CEIRPP, DPR Bulletin (November 2014) - DPR publication2014/11/30
11/30/2014WHO_ReferralsNov2014Referral of patients from the Gaza Strip - WHO monthly report (November 2014)2014/11/30
11/30/2014HUMNEEDSOV_NOV142015 Humanitarian Needs Overview - OCHA OPT report2014/11/30
11/30/2014DPR/Chron/2014/11Chronological Review of Events/November 2014 - DPR review2014/11/30
11/29/2014UNESCO_SOLDDAYMessage from UNESCO Director-General Bokova on International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People - UNESCO document2014/11/29
11/28/2014French FM Fabius' speech in National Assembly on recognition of State of Palestine - France MoFA press release/Non-UN document2014/11/28
11/28/2014Thai delegation visits Palestine to deliver contribution to Palestine Red Crescent Society- Thailand MoFA press release//Non-UN document2014/11/28
11/28/2014Azerbaijan makes first ever donation to UNRWA for Gaza - UNRWA press release2014/11/28
11/28/2014WBN582OPT: Protection of Civilians - OCHA weekly report (18 - 24 Nov. 2014)2014/11/28
11/28/2014Swiss donation enables UNRWA to build reverse osmosis water plant in Burj Barajneh refugee camp in Beirut - UNRWA press release2014/11/28
11/27/2014GazaSitRpt_Issue71Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 71) - UNRWA update2014/11/27
11/27/2014UNRWA Commissioner-General Kräkenbühl makes first official visit to Norway - UNRWA press release2014/11/27
11/27/2014UNRWA declares emergency in Gaza City due to extreme weather and flooding - UNRWA press release2014/11/27
11/26/2014Gazans disabled during conflict contemplate future - WHO article2014/11/26
PLO Executive Committee strongly condemns Israeli govt's approval of draft law on “Jewish nation-state” - Letter from State of Palestine
11/26/2014M14/022UN Office at Geneva commemorates International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People - Press release2014/11/26
11/26/2014HB311014Humanitarian Bulletin (October 2014) - OCHA OPT monthly report2014/11/26
11/26/2014Yarmouk youth wins 204 UNRWA/EU photography competition - UNRWA press release2014/11/26
11/26/2014GA/PAL/1322Andalusian Parliament to host intl. conference in Seville supporting Palestinian rights on 2-3 Dec. - UN press release2014/11/26
11/25/2014NoonBriefing_251114Secretary-General says incitement fans flames of conflict - SG Spokesperson's noon briefing (excerpts)2014/11/25
11/25/2014A/RES/69/25Mideast situation/Syrian Golan - GA resolution2014/11/25
11/25/2014A/RES/69/22Palestine question/DPI - GA resolution2014/11/25
11/25/2014A/69/L.23/Add.1GA draft resolution - Palestine question/DPI - Addendum2014/11/25
11/25/2014A/RES/69/24Mideast situation/Jerusalem - GA resolution2014/11/25
11/25/2014A/69/L.22/Add.1GA draft resolution - Palestine question/DPR - Addendum2014/11/25
11/25/2014HR14/356UN Special Rapporteurs call on Israel to end its punitive demolition of Palestinian homes - UNOG press release2014/11/25
11/25/2014GA/11592GA concludes annual debate on question of Palestine and adopts six resolutions - Press release2014/11/25
11/25/2014A/69/L.25/Add.1GA draft resolution - Mideast situation/Jerusalem - Addendum2014/11/25
11/25/2014A/69/L.21/Add.1GA draft resolution - Palestine question/CEIRPP - Addendum2014/11/25
11/25/2014A/69/L.26/Add.1GA draft resolution - Mideast situation/Syrian Golan - Addendum2014/11/25
11/25/2014A/RES/69/23Palestine question/Peaceful settlement - GA resolution2014/11/25
11/25/2014A/69/L.24/Add.1GA draft resolution - Palestine question/Peaceful settlement - Addendum2014/11/25
11/25/2014A/RES/69/21Palestine question/DPR - GA resolution2014/11/25
11/25/2014Jordanian pharmaceutical company donates medicine for Gaza - UNRWA press release2014/11/25
11/25/2014A/RES/69/20Palestine question/CEIRPP - GA resolution2014/11/25
11/25/2014EUPOL COPPS supports efforts to end discrimination and violence against women - EUPOL COPPS press release/Non-UN document2014/11/25
Secretary-General's remarks at the openning of at UNRWA's photo exhibit "vividly" - Press release2014/11/24
11/24/2014A/69/636Message of Cuba's Foreign Minister in observance of Intl. Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People - Letter from Cuba2014/11/24
11/24/2014GA/11591In Int. Year of Solidarity, hope for Palestinian statehood dashed due to peace process collapse, Israel’s acts against Gaza, speakers tell GA - Press release2014/11/24
11/24/2014A/69/475Permanent sovereignty over natural resources in OPT, Golan - GA Second Committee report, draft resolution (adopted)2014/11/24
11/24/2014A/AC.183/PV.367International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People - CEIRPP special meeting (367) - Verbatim record2014/11/24
11/24/2014UNRWA Commissioner-General Krähenbühl's statement on Int. Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People - UNRWA CG statement2014/11/24
11/24/2014ECHO delegation visits UNRWA humanitarian programmes in Syria - UNRWA press release2014/11/24
Secretary-General's message during meeting in observance of Int. Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People - Press release2014/11/24
11/24/2014DPB#200US position is that Israel is Jewish and democratic state in which all citizens should enjoy equal rights - USDoS press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)2014/11/24
11/24/2014GA/PAL/1320Palestinian Rights Committee holds special meeting in observance of Intl. Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People - Press release2014/11/24
11/22/2014WBN581OPT: Protection of Civilians - OCHA weekly report (11 -17 Nov. 2014)2014/11/22
Secretary-General's message to UN International Meeting of Parliamentarians in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace - Press release2014/11/21
11/21/2014UN Intl. Meeting of Parliamentarians in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace (UN Headquarters, New York, 21 November 2014) - Chairman's Summary2014/11/21
11/21/2014Quartet Representative advisor says development of Gaza offshore gas field would constitute important source of revenue for PA - OQR article/Non-UN document2014/11/21
11/21/2014UNSCO_BLDMATSome 25,000 home owners in Gaza will be enabled to access building materials - UNSCO statement2014/11/21
11/21/2014INTMTGRPT_211114United Nations International Meeting of Parliamentarians in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace (UNHQ, 21 November 2014) - Report - DPR publication2014/11/21
11/21/2014GA/PAL/1318UN Intl. Meeting of Parliamentarians in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace considers lawmakers’ role in upholding respect for int. law - Press release2014/11/21
11/21/2014Give Palestinian Children Voice - UNRWA statement2014/11/21
11/20/2014UN Women is working with Attorney General's Office in Palestine on innovative approach to handling cases of domestic and gender-based violence - UN Women news item2014/11/20
11/20/2014Secretary-General discusses violence in Jerusalem in tel. calls with PM Netanyahu and President Abbas - SecGen Spokesperson - Readout2014/11/20
11/20/2014UNICEFSitRpt_201114State of Palestine: Humanitarian Situation Report - UNICEF update2014/11/20
11/20/2014Turkey_PR359Turkey condemns Israel's decision to construct 78 new housing units in settlements in E. Jerusalem - Turkey's MoFA statement/Non-UN document2014/11/20
11/20/2014GazaSitRpt_Issue70Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 70) - UNRWA update2014/11/20
11/20/2014Japan announces new donation to WFP to provide food to most vulnerable Palestinians in Gaza - Japan MoFA press release/Non-UN document2014/11/20
11/20/2014Japan_AssDevJapan provides assistive devices to people with disabilities in Palestine - Japan MoFA press release/Non-UN document2014/11/20
11/19/2014Japan_JeruSynJapan strongly deplores recent attack in synagogue in W. Jerusalem - Japan MoFA statement/Non-UN document2014/11/19
11/19/2014DPB#197US reiterates its opposition to settlement construction activity in E. Jerusalem - USDoS press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)2014/11/19
11/19/2014GA/PAL/1317Palestinian Rights Committee approves four draft resolutions on question of Palestine - Press release2014/11/19
11/19/2014UNRWA Commissioner-General addresses Advisory Commission - UNRWA press release2014/11/19
11/19/2014A/69/L.24Palestine question/Peaceful settlement - GA draft resolution2014/11/19
11/19/2014A/AC.183/SR.366CEIRPP 366th meeting - consideration of draft resolutions on question of Palestine, CEIRPP-convened intl. meetings - Summary record2014/11/19
11/19/2014NoonBriefing_191114Secretary-General strongly condemns attacks on synagogue in W. Jerusalem and all acts of violence against civilians - SG Spokesperson's noon briefing (excerpts)2014/11/19
11/19/2014Note No. 6430CEIRPP and UNRWA to host exhibit in observance of International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People - Note to correspondents2014/11/19
11/19/2014GA/PAL/1316UN Intl. Meeting of Parliamentarians in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace to be held at UN Headquarters - Press release2014/11/19
11/19/2014OIC_SpanishRecOIC welcomes Spanish Parliament's resolution to recognize State of Palestine - OIC press release/Non-UN document2014/11/19
11/19/2014ICRC and UNRWA join forces to help Palestine refugees arriving in Lebanon from Syria cope with harsh winter conditions - UNRWA press release2014/11/19
11/19/2014SC/11660SecCo condemns attack in synagogue in Jerusalem - SecCo statement/press release2014/11/19
11/19/2014A/69/454Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices - GA Fourth Committee report2014/11/19
11/18/2014OHCHR alarmed by recent series of violent incidents in Israel and OPT - UNOG regular press briefing (excerpts)2014/11/18
11/18/20142637-18-11-2014Russia strongly and unequivocally condemns attack on Jerusalem synagogue - Russia MoFA press release/Non-UN document2014/11/18
11/18/2014A/69/L.26Mideast situation/Syrian Golan - GA draft resolution2014/11/18
11/18/2014CanadaFM_JeruTerrorCanadian FM Baird condemns attack on synagogue in Jerusalem in strongest possible terms - Canada DFATD press release/Non-UN document2014/11/18
11/18/2014141118_01EU High Rep. Mogherini condemns attack in Jerusalem synagogue - EU statement/Non-UN document2014/11/18
11/18/2014Sp. Coordinator Serry abhorred by attack on W. Jerusalem synagogue - UNSCO statement2014/11/18
11/18/2014German Foreign Minister Steinmeier condemns fatal attack in synagogue in Jerusalem - Germany FFO press release /Non-UN document2014/11/18
11/18/2014A/69/L.21Palestine question/CEIRPP - GA draft resolution2014/11/18
11/18/2014French President Holland denounces attack in Jerusalem synagogue - France MoFA communiqué/Non-UN document2014/11/18
11/18/2014UK Foreign Secretary Hammond condemns Jerusalem synagogue attack - UKFCO press release/Non-UN document2014/11/18
11/18/2014SyriaCrisisUpdate_311014Syria Regional Crisis Response Update 81 - UNRWA report2014/11/18
11/18/2014A/69/L.25Mideast situation/Jerusalem - Draft resolution2014/11/18
11/18/2014Quartet Rep Tony Blair condemns Jerusalem synagogue attack - OQR statement/Non-UN document2014/11/18
11/18/2014S/2014/825Israel calls on all nations to condemn attack on Jerusalem synagogue - Letter from Israel2014/11/18
11/18/2014Norwegian FM Brende condemns attack in Jerusalem synagogue in strongest possible terms - Norway MoFA press release/Non-UN Document2014/11/18
11/18/2014A/69/L.23Palestine question/DPI - GA draft resolution2014/11/18
11/18/2014DPB#196US views punitive home demolitions as counterproductive to cause of peace - USDoS press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)2014/11/18
11/18/2014SG/SM/16346Secretary-General condemns attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem that killed four Israelis & injured several others - SG Spokesperson statement2014/11/18
11/18/2014A/69/L.22Palestine question/DPR - GA draft resolution2014/11/18
11/18/2014US President Obama strongly condemns attack at a synagogue in Jerusalem - White House statement/Non-UN document2014/11/18
11/18/2014Spanish Congress votes to urge Government to recognize Palestine as State - Press release/Non-UN document (Spanish text only)2014/11/18
11/18/2014Italy's Foreign Minister Gentiloni strongly condemns armed attack at synagogue in Jerusalem - Italy MoFA press release/Non-UN document2014/11/18
11/18/2014SpainFMPR_335Spain strongly condemns attack on synagogue in Jerusalem - Spanish Foreign Ministry statement/Non-UN document2014/11/18
11/17/2014A/69/453United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East - GA Fourth Committee report2014/11/17
11/17/2014EU Council conclusions on Middle East peace process - EU press release/Non-UN document2014/11/17
11/17/2014S/Agenda/7312Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo 7312th meeting - Provisional agenda2014/11/17
11/17/2014S/PV.7312ASG for Political Affairs Toyberg-Frandzen briefs SecCo on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question - Verbatim record2014/11/17
11/17/2014141117_03EU High Rep. Mogherini's remarks after EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting - EU press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)2014/11/17
Ongoing illegal Israeli actions and provocations in the OPT - Letter from Palestine
11/17/2014Japan_3grantsJapan provides grants to rehabilitate electricity and water networks and construct classrooms in West Bank - Japan MoFA press release/Non-UN document2014/11/17
11/17/2014UNRWA Commissioner-General Krähenbühl's statement at Advisory Commission meeting in Jordan - UNRWA transcript2014/11/17
11/17/2014SC/11649Preventing further violence in West Bank, Israel will require responsible leadership by all sides, senior official tells Security Council - press release2014/11/17
11/16/2014German FM Steinmeier's statement before meeting with Israeli Justice Minister Livni - Germany's FFO press release /Non-UN document2014/11/16
11/16/2014German FM Steinmeier's statement before meeting with Israeli FM Liberman in Jerusalem - Germany's FFO press release/Non-UN document2014/11/16
OIC urges Security Council to compel Israel to halt aggressions against Islamic holy sites in Jerusalem - Letter from Saudi Arabia on behalf of the OIC
11/14/2014DPB#194Secretary Kerry says all parties agreed to take steps to restore calm and prevent escalation of tensions in Jerusalem - USDoS press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)2014/11/14
11/14/2014Japan announces contribution to food aid for Palestine refugees - UNRWA press release2014/11/14
11/14/2014Japan_AlAqsaJapan deeply deplores recent clashes in Al-Aqsa compound in Jerusalem - Japan MoFA press release/Non-UN document2014/11/14
Press communiqué issued by first meeting of OIC Ministerial Contact Group on defending cause of Palestine and Al-Quds Al-Sharif - Letter from Morocco2014/11/14
11/13/2014Turkey_PR354Turkey condemns attacks at Haram Al-Sharif and illegal settlement activities in Jerusalem - Turkey's MoFA press release/Non-UN document2014/11/13
11/13/2014Remarks of Jordanian Foreign Minister Judeh and US Secretary of State after their meeting in Amman - USDoS remarks/Non-UN document (excerpts)2014/11/13
11/13/2014OIC_AlAqsa131114OIC Ministerial Contact Group on Defending Cause of Palestine and Al-Quds Al-Sharif holds first meeting- OIC press communique/Non-UN document2014/11/13
11/13/2014A/C.4/69/SR.25UNRWA/Israeli practices affecting human rights/Special Cttee report - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)2014/11/13
11/13/2014GA/EF/3412GA Second Committee approves text calling for Israel to end exploitation of natural resources in Occupied Arab Territories - Press release (excerpts)2014/11/13
11/13/2014A/C.2/69/SR.31Permanent sovereignty over natural resources in the OPT and Golan - GA Second Cttee debate, vote - Summary record (excerpts)2014/11/13
11/13/2014DPB#193US Sec of State Kerry in Jordan meeting with Jordanian King Abdullah II, Foreign Minister Judeh, Palestinian President Abbas and Israeli PM Netanyahu to discuss ways to restore calm/de-escalate tensions in Jerusalem - USDoS press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)2014/11/13
11/13/2014GazaSitRpt_Issue69Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 69) - UNRWA update2014/11/13
11/13/2014Basque Country contributes to UNRWA's Syria Response Plan - UNRWA press release2014/11/13
11/13/2014GA/SPD/576Fourth Committee approves nine draft resolutions on MidEast, including UNRWA and Israeli practices in the OPT - Press release (excerpts)2014/11/13
11/13/2014UNRWA students achieve above-average results on int. assessments - UNRWA press release2014/11/13
11/13/2014France_JeruSettle131114France urges Israel to reverse its decision to approve construction of 200 new settlement homes in E. Jerusalem - France MoFA statement/Non-UN document2014/11/13
11/12/2014Funding from Sweden enables UNDP to begin removing rubble in Gaza - UNDP press release2014/11/12
Ongoing illegal Israeli actions and provocations in the OPT - Letter from Palestine
11/12/2014WB_UNRWAEDSTUDYLearning in the Face of Adversity: The UNRWA Education Program for Palestine Refugees - World Bank report2014/11/12
11/12/2014Quartet Rep Tony Blair immensely concerned by escalation of violence in Israel and OPT - OQR statement/Non-UN document2014/11/12
11/12/2014DPB#192US deeply concerned by Israel's announcement of new housing units in E. Jerusalem - USDoS press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)2014/11/12
11/11/2014S/2014/804Israeli Representative calls upon SecCo to condemn recent Palestinian attacks against Israeli civilians - Letter from Israel2014/11/11
11/11/2014Secretary-General calls on both sides to avoid provocative acts and to de-escalate situation in Jerusalem - UNOG regular press briefing (excerpts)2014/11/11
11/11/2014How WFP brought food and hope to Gaza's battered communities - WFP article2014/11/11
11/11/2014SG/SM/16330Secretary-General calls on all parties to avoid escalation of tension in Israel and West Bank - SG statement2014/11/11
11/10/2014GA/PAL/1315Bureau of Palestinian Rights Committee alarmed by increased tensions in East Jerusalem - CEIRPP Bureau statement2014/11/10
11/10/2014141110_04EU strongly condemns acts of terror in Israel and West Bank - EU High Representative Spokesperson statement/Non-UN document2014/11/10
11/10/2014PR/16/2014EU, Ireland and Netherlands make contribution to PA's payment of October salaries and pensions - EU press release/Non-UN document2014/11/10
11/10/2014WFP_VoucherRptSecondary Impact of WFP's Voucher Programme in Palestine - WFP report2014/11/10
11/10/2014SG/SM/16324Secretary-General establishes UN Board of Inquiry into incidents that occured in Gaza between 8 July and 26 August 2014 - SG spokesperson statement2014/11/10
11/10/2014EuropeAid_PalSyriaEuropeAid support to Palestine refugees in Syria in 2014 - UNRWA publication2014/11/10
11/10/2014WBN580OPT: Protection of Civilians - OCHA weekly report (4 -10 Nov. 2014)2014/11/10
11/10/2014DPB#191US condemns stabbing in West Bank - USDoS press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)2014/11/10
11/09/2014Regional government of Aragón, Spain, provides support to Palestine refugee families affected by conflict in Syria - UNRWA press release2014/11/09
11/08/2014EU High Rep. Mogherini visits EUPOL COPPS mission in Ramallah - EU press release/Non-UN document2014/11/08