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09/30/2014DPB#164Update on meeting between US President Obama and Israel PM Netanyahu - USDoS press briefing/Non-UN document (excerpts)2014/09/30
09/30/2014UNRWA inaugurates Sh'fat Basic Girls School - UNRWA press release2014/09/30
09/30/2014HB300914Humanitarian Bulletin (September 2014) - OCHA OPT monthly report2014/09/30
09/30/2014WHO_ReferralsSept2014Referral of patients from the Gaza Strip - WHO monthly report (September 2014)2014/09/30
09/30/2014UNICEF_CAAC-3rdQ14Children Affected by Armed Conflict - Israel and State of Palestine (Third Quarter 2014) - UNICEF Bulletin2014/09/30
09/30/2014DPR/Chron/2014/9Chronological Review of Events/September 2014 - DPR review2014/09/30
09/30/20141505485DPR Monthly Bulletin - Volume XXXVII, No. 9, CEIRPP, DPR Bulletin (September 2014) - DPR publication2014/09/30
09/30/2014SG-IsraelPres_RO300914Secretary-General meets with Israeli PM Netanyahu - Spokesperson's readout2014/09/30
09/30/2014PR/13/2014EU and The Netherlands contribute for September salaries of Palestinian civil servants and pensions - EU press release/Non-UN document2014/09/30
09/29/2014Overcoming the loss of rubble in Gaza - UNICEF article2014/09/29
09/29/2014WBN575OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA weekly report (23-29 Sept. 2014)2014/09/29
09/29/2014HR14/266UN Special Rapporteur for HR alarmed by impact of Gaza conflict had on Palestinian civilians - UNOG press release2014/09/29
09/27/2014PR/12/2014EU contribution in support of families living in extreme poverty in Gaza and the West Bank - EU press release/Non-UN document2014/09/27
09/26/2014Gazans cite housing and rehousing as most important priority in UNDP survey - UNDP press release2014/09/26
09/26/2014Norway and Egypt to host on 12 October a conference on "Reconstructing Gaza" - Norway FM news story/Non-UN Document2014/09/26
09/26/2014A/69/PV.13GA 69th session general debate - Statements by State of Palestine and other Heads of State/Government - Verbatim record (excerpts)2014/09/26
09/26/2014Turkey_PR305Injured Gazans treated in Turkey - Turkey's MoFA press release/Non-UN document2014/09/26
09/26/2014UNOSAT_MapEducDemoDamage assessment of education facilities in Gaza - UNITAR/UNOSAT map2014/09/26
09/26/2014GazaHumDash_260914Gaza Strip: Humanitarian Dashboard (26 September 2014) - OCHA overview2014/09/26
09/26/2014GA69_PalestinePresident of State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas' address to GA - State of Palestine statement/Non-UN document2014/09/26
09/26/2014TD/B/61/L.1/Add.8Draft report of Trade and Development Board/61st session - UNCTAD report (addendum)2014/09/26
09/26/2014A/69/PV.12GA 69th session general debate - Statement by Comoros - Verbatim record (excerpts)2014/09/26
09/26/2014LogClusRpt_260914Gaza Emergency: Weekly Situation Update (19-26 Sept. 2014) - Logistics Cluster report/Non-UN document2014/09/26
09/26/2014UNOSAT_MapHealthDemoDamage assessment of health facilities in Gaza - UNITAR/UNOSAT map2014/09/26
09/25/2014A/69/PV.9GA 69th session general debate - Statements by Heads of State/Government - Verbatim record (excerpts)2014/09/25
09/25/2014A/69/PV.11GA 69th session general debate - Statement by Senegal - Verbatim record (excerpts)2014/09/25
09/25/2014SG-Norway_RO250914Secretary-General meets with Norway's Prime Minister Solberg - Spokesperson's readout (excerpts)2014/09/25
09/25/2014A/69/PV.10GA 69th session general debate - Statements by Heads of State - Verbatim record (excerpts)2014/09/25
09/25/2014UNICEFSitRpt_250914State of Palestine: Humanitarian Situation Report - UNICEF overview2014/09/25
09/25/2014SG-PalPres_RO250914Secretary-General meets with Palestinian President Abbas - Spokesperson's readout2014/09/25
09/25/2014A/ES-10/658Progress report from Board of UN Register of Damage Caused by Construction of Wall in OPT - Letter from Secretary-General, UNRoD report2014/09/25
09/24/2014OCHA_BEDOUIN230914Bedouin communities at risk of forcible transfer - OCHA factsheet2014/09/24
09/24/2014GA69_United StatesPresident Obama's address to the GA: "America will not give up on the pursuit of peace" - White House press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)2014/09/24
09/24/2014A/69/PV.7GA 69th session general debate - Statement by Bolivia - Verbatim record (excerpts)2014/09/24
09/24/2014SG-JordanKing_RO240914Secretary-General meets with Jordan's King Abdullah II - Spokesperson's readout (excerpts)2014/09/24
09/24/2014OCHA_WBUSEOFFORCEOPT: West Bank, June-Aug. 2014 - Concern over excessive use of force - OCHA infographic2014/09/24
09/24/2014A/69/PV.6GA 69th session general debate - Statements by SG, US Pres. Obama and other Heads of State - Verbatim record (excerpts)2014/09/24
09/24/2014A/69/PV.8GA 69th session general debate - Statement by South Africa - Verbatim record (excerpts)2014/09/24
09/24/2014GazaSitRpt_Issue62Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 62) - UNRWA update2014/09/24
09/24/2014SG-USPres_RO250914Secretary-General meets with US President Obama - Spokesperson's readout (excerpts)2014/09/24
09/23/2014FAO_GAZAAPPEALFAO's role in 2014 Gaza Crisis Appeal - FAO appeal2014/09/23
09/22/2014Ad Hoc Liaison Committee meeting (New York, 22 Sept. 2014) - Chair's opening statement - Norwegian FM press release\Non-UN document2014/09/22
09/22/2014A/HRC/27/76Human rights situation in the oPt and other oAt - Ensuring respect for int. law in oPt, including E. Jerusalem - HRC 27th session -- UNHCHR report2014/09/22
09/22/2014QuarRep_EconRptQuartet Representative's report to the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee meeting (New York, 22 Sep 2014) - OQR press release/Non-UN document2014/09/22
09/22/2014HRC14/132HRC holds general debate on human rights situation in Palestine and occupied Arab territories - Press release2014/09/22
09/22/2014EMR_AHLC220914World Bank Economic Monitoring Report to the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee meeting (New York, 22 Sep 2014) - WB report2014/09/22
09/22/2014WBN574OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA weekly report (16-22 Sept. 2014)2014/09/22
09/22/2014Canada addresses Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (New York, 22 Sept. 2014) - Canada FM press release/Non-UN document2014/09/22
09/22/2014US to provide additional humanitarian assistance for Palestinians in Gaza - USDoS media note/Non-UN document2014/09/22
09/22/2014SG/SM/16174Secretary-General's address to the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (New York, 22 Sept. 2014) - UN press release2014/09/22
09/22/2014Ad Hoc Liaison Committee Chair's Summary (New York, 22 Sept. 2014) - Norwegian FM/Non-UN document2014/09/22
09/21/2014UNRWA steps up opposition to mass transfer of Palestinian Bedouins - UNRWA press release2014/09/21
09/20/2014SyriaCrisisUpdate_200914Syria Regional Crisis Response Update 79 - UNRWA report2014/09/20
09/20/2014Sri Lanka provides financial assistance to Palestine - Gvt. of Sri Lanka press release/Non-UN document2014/09/20
09/19/2014A/69/391Report of Working Group on Financing of UNRWA2014/09/19
09/19/2014UNICEF supports UNRWA Assistive Devices Program in Lebanon - UNRWA press release2014/09/19
09/19/2014Briefing: What's in the UN's new Gaza agreement? - IRIN news article2014/09/19
09/19/2014Four Palestinian police officers conclude study trip to Finland - EUPOL COPPS press release/Non-UN document2014/09/19
09/19/2014HCR High Commissioner Al Hussein urges bringing to justice smugglers who sank a boat in the Mediterranean - OHCHR press release2014/09/19
09/19/2014OHCHR calls for bringing to justice the perpetrators of the sinking of a Mediterranean boat - UNOG regular press briefing (excerpts)2014/09/19
09/19/2014A/69/13Report of Commissioner-General of UNRWA - UNRWA report2014/09/19
09/19/2014Mercy-USA contributes to UNRWA's emergency relief assistance in Gaza - UNRWA press release2014/09/19
09/19/2014WFPSitRpt_190914WFP Gaza Emergency, 19 September 2014 - WFP situation report #272014/09/19
09/18/2014GazaSitRpt_Issue61Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 61) - UNRWA update2014/09/18
09/18/2014LogClusRpt_180914Gaza Emergency: Weekly Situation Update (12-18 Sept. 2014) - Logistics Cluster report/Non-UN document2014/09/18
09/18/2014HR14/257New UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights in the OPT makes his first visit to the Middle East - UNOG press release2014/09/18
09/18/2014Yarmouk_180914UNRWA resumes distribution of humanitarian aid in Yarmouk Camp - UNRWA update2014/09/18
09/18/2014Five Palestinian prosecutors conclude study trip to Sweden - EUPOL COPPS press release/Non-UN document2014/09/18
09/17/2014UNDP to support PA rebuilding efforts in Gaza and to assist families without homes - UNDP press release2014/09/17
09/17/2014UNOPS is supporting Government of Palestine to implement sustainable infrastructure works - UNOPS newsletter2014/09/17
09/17/2014Quartet Representative tells AHLC: there is a need to move quickly on short- and long-term recovery efforts - OQR press release/Non-UN document2014/09/17
Illegal Israeli actions/Call to draw attention to the fragile, unstable situation in the OPT - Letter from Palestine
09/17/2014SyriaHumSnapshot_0814Palestinian refugees in Syria - UNRWA report/map2014/09/17
09/16/2014Yarmouk_160914UNRWA prevented by armed clashes from delivering humanitarian assistance to Yarmouk camp - UNRWA update2014/09/16
09/16/2014EUPOL COPPS concludes workshops on handling drugs for Palestinian counterparts - EUPOL COPPS press release/Non-UN document2014/09/16
09/16/2014S/PV.7266Special Coordinator Serry briefs SecCo on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question - Verbatim record (excerpts)2014/09/16
09/16/2014S/Agenda/7266Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo 7266th meeting - Provisional agenda2014/09/16
09/16/2014SG/SM/16150Secretary-General calls for a durable ceasefire between Hamas and Israel - SG press conference (excerpts)2014/09/16
09/16/2014World Bank report to AHLC: Palestinian economy declining and unemployment rising alarmingly - WB press release2014/09/16
09/16/2014In Gaza, children go back to school after a devastating summer - UNICEF article2014/09/16
09/16/2014Sp Coordinator Serry tells SecCo that ceasefire in Gaza remains fragile - UNSCO press release2014/09/16
09/16/2014SC/11563Sp. Coordinator Serry proposes measures to fundamentally change dynamics in Gaza - SC Council briefing - SC Press release2014/09/16
09/15/2014Yarmouk_150914UNRWA prevented by sporadic clashes from delivering humanitarian assistance to Yarmouk camp - UNRWA update2014/09/15
09/15/2014Sp. Coordinator's report to AHLC calls for fundamental change on Gaza and for addressing the West Bank situation - UNSCO press release2014/09/15
09/15/2014AHLC-Sept2014_UNSCOrptSpecial Coordinator's report to AHLC - The absence of political horizon for an end of occupation and conflict - UNSCO report2014/09/15
09/15/2014ECHO/PSE/BUD/2014/91000European Commission's Humanitarian Implementation Plan for the oPt - European Commission's Humanitarian Aid Dept. report/Non-UN document2014/09/15
09/15/2014GazaSitRpt_Issue60Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 60) - UNRWA update2014/09/15
09/15/2014WBN573OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA weekly report (9-15 Sept. 2014)2014/09/15
09/15/2014UNICEFSitRpt_150914State of Palestine: Humanitarian Situation Report - UNICEF overview2014/09/15
09/15/2014The 28th Session of ESCWA expresses solidarity with the Palestinian people - ESCWA Press release2014/09/15
09/14/2014Schools start in conflict-ravaged Gaza and Syria - UNRWA fact sheet2014/09/14
09/14/2014UNRWA Commissioner-General announces the opening of schools in Gaza - UNRWA statement2014/09/14
09/12/2014Gazans seek expansion of mental health services in wake of conflict - WHO article2014/09/12
09/12/2014GazaHumDash_120914Gaza Strip: Humanitarian Dashboard (September 2014) - OCHA overview2014/09/12
09/12/2014WHO says mental suffering enormous following the conflict in Gaza - UNOG regular press briefing (excerpts)2014/09/12
09/12/2014Gaza accelerating recovery - WB article2014/09/12
09/12/2014Senior officals of the Office of Quartet Representative visit Gaza to discuss recovery efforts - OQR press release/Non-UN document2014/09/12
09/12/2014SyriaCrisisUpdate_120914Syria Regional Crisis Response Update 78 - UNRWA report2014/09/12
09/11/2014Assistance will be offered to Gaza families in shelters - UNRWA fact sheet2014/09/11
09/11/2014Constraints in the Palestinian territories' private sector growth - World Bank press release2014/09/11
09/11/2014UNICEFSitRpt_110914State of Palestine: Humanitarian Situation Report - UNICEF update2014/09/11
09/11/2014GazaSitRpt_Issue59Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 59) - UNRWA update2014/09/11
09/11/2014Donors visit newly built homes in Nahr el Bared Camp in Lebanon - UNRWA press release2014/09/11
09/11/2014AUS2122West Bank and Gaza Investment Climate Assessment: Fragmentation and Uncertainty - World Bank report2014/09/11
09/11/2014UNDP funds shelter support and non-refugee houses destroyed in Gaza/Appeals for support - UNDP press release2014/09/11
09/11/2014IMF_ALCRpt110914IMF report to AHLC on West Bank and Gaza's macroeconomic developments - Report2014/09/11
09/11/2014LogClusRpt_110914Gaza Emergency: Weekly Situation Update (5-11 Sept. 2014) - Logistics Cluster report/Non-UN document2014/09/11
09/10/2014Yarmouk_100914UNRWA continues to distribute food and provide medical treatment in Yarmouk camp - UNRWA update2014/09/10
09/10/2014WB_GazaFS180914World Bank Gaza: Fact Sheet -WB publication2014/09/10
09/10/2014Australia expresses concern about Israel's declaration of West Bank acres as State land - Australian FM press release/Non-UN document2014/09/10
09/09/2014UNRWA schools still being used as IDP shelters - UNOG regular press briefing (excerpts)2014/09/09
09/09/2014GazaCrisisAppeal_0914UpdateGaza Crisis Appeal September 2014 Update - OCHA updated appeal2014/09/09
09/09/2014Gazaappeal_090914Aid agencies request $551M for urgent humanitarian needs for civilians affected by Gaza crisis - OCHA/State of Palestine press release2014/09/09
09/09/2014With aide from Canada, FA able to help herders in Gaza sustain their livestock - FAO news article2014/09/09
09/09/2014Yarmouk_090914UNRWA able to distribute food to Yarmouk Camp refugees - UNRWA update2014/09/09
09/08/2014HRC14/107States/NGOs concerned about situation in Gaza after conflict between Hamas and Israel at the opening of the HRC's 27th session - press release (excerpts)2014/09/08
09/08/2014UNICEFSitRpt_080914Humanitarian Situation Report - UNICEF update2014/09/08
09/08/2014SC/11552Sp. Representative of Children in Armed Conflict tells SecCo there had been a “horrific toll” on children in the Gaza conflict - Press release (excerpts)2014/09/08
09/08/2014HC14/082HR High Commissioner Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein addresses Human Rights Council - HRC address (excerpts)2014/09/08
09/08/2014UNRWA Commissioner-General asks League of Arab States for financial support for Gaza - UNRWA press release2014/09/08
09/08/2014WBN572OPT: Protection of civilians - OCHA weekly report (2-8 Sept. 2014)2014/09/08
09/08/2014Gaza children urgently require psychological counseling and care - UNICEF article2014/09/08
09/08/2014GazaSitRpt_Issue58Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 58) - UNRWA update2014/09/08
09/07/2014WHOSitRpt_Issue11WHO Report: "Conflict escalation in Gaza, complex emergency" (Issue 11) - WHO situation report2014/09/07
09/07/2014UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-1stQ14Overview of Palestinian Economy (1st Quarter, 2014 ) - UNSCO report2014/09/07
09/06/2014WHO thanks donors and urges their continued support for recovery efforts - WHO press release2014/09/06
09/05/2014GazaSitRpt_Issue57Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 57) - UNRWA update2014/09/05
09/05/2014Gaza_WASHDAMAGEGaza Strip: Water damage and estimated number of people with no access to clean water - OCHA map/factsheet2014/09/05
09/05/2014LogClusRptOO_050914Gaza Operation Overview - Logistics Cluster infographic/Non-UN document2014/09/05
09/05/2014Gaza_DamClinicsGaza Strip: Damaged Clinics - OCHA map/factsheet2014/09/05
09/04/2014UNRWA signs agreement with Muslim Relief organizations for work in Gaza - UNRWA press release2014/09/04
09/04/2014LogClusRpt_040914Gaza Emergency: Weekly Situation Update (28 Aug. - 4 Sept. 2014) - Logistics Cluster report/Non-UN document2014/09/04
09/04/2014Palestinian Police participates in study trip on community policing in Austria - EUPOL COPPS press release/Non-UN document2014/09/04
09/04/2014EU contributes for payment of August salaries of Palestinian civil servants and pensioners - EU press release/Non-UN document2014/09/04
Peaceful settlement of question of Palestine - SecGen report2014/09/04
09/04/2014A/69/349Report of the United Nations Conciliation Commission (UNCC) for Palestine - Secretary General/68th Report2014/09/04
09/04/2014OchaGazaSitRpt_040914Hostilities in Gaza and Israel - OCHA situation report (4 September 2014)2014/09/04
09/04/2014OCHA_WHODOESWHAT040914Gaza Strip: Who Does What as of 4 September 2014 - OCHA factsheet2014/09/04
Peaceful settlement of question of Palestine - SecGen report2014/09/04
09/04/2014Gaza_HumSnap040914Gaza Emergency: Humanitarian Snapshot - OCHA factsheet2014/09/04
09/04/2014UNOSAT joins damage assessment in Gaza to support UNDP - UNITAR press release2014/09/04
09/03/2014Yarmouk_030914UNRWA unable to distribute humanitarian assistance to civilians trapped in Yarmouk camp - UNRWA update2014/09/03