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06/30/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer./SR.36Discussion with Israeli Representative on Holy Places - UNCCP Cttee on Jerusalem's 36th mtg (Lausanne)- Summary record1949/06/30
06/30/1949A/AC.25/Org/24Refugee repatriation, assistance, blocked accounts - UNCCP - Letter from Arab Refugee Congress1949/06/30
06/29/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.18Israeli delegation discuss orange groves, frozen accounts, Arab delegations' nine-point memo - UNCCP's General Cttee 18th mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record1949/06/29
06/29/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/24Territorial adjustments, refugee repatriation and resettlement, absentee property/Meeting with Arab delegations - UNCCP 24th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary record1949/06/29
06/29/1949A/AC.25/SR.78Arrangements during the Commission's recess - UNCCP 78th Meeting (Lausanne) - Summary record1949/06/29
06/28/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/23Refugee repatriation and resettlement, territorial question, absentee property, blocked accts/Meeting with Israeli delegation - UNCCP 28th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary record1949/06/28
06/28/1949A/AC.25/Org/22Refugee repatriation, family reunifications, blocked accounts - UNCCP - Letter to Arab Refugee Congress (incomplete text)1949/06/28
06/28/1949A/AC.25/Org/23Refugee repatriation to no man's land, UNRPR assistance - UNCCP - Memo from Arab Refugee Congress and Letter/Proposal to UNRPR1949/06/28
06/28/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer/W.26Neutralized zones - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem - letter from the Secretary General of the International Association of Geneva Zones1949/06/28
06/27/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.17Reuniting separated Arab families - UNCCP's General Cttee 17th mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record1949/06/27
06/27/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer./SR.35Plan of work, Association "Lieux de Genève" letter, "The Times" article re. Jerusalem's upcoming mtg w/ Church leaders in London - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem 35th mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record1949/06/27
06/27/1949A/AC.25/SR.77Lausanne Talks During Recess - UNCCP 77th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary record1949/06/27
06/27/1949A/AC.25/IS.31/Corr.1UNCCP - Arab and Waqf property, family reunifications - Letter from Israel1949/06/27
06/27/1949A/AC.25/IS.31UNCCP - Israel's reply to the 18 May 9-point Arab memorandum - Letter from Israel1949/06/27
06/25/1949A/AC.25/Org/21Status of Arab Refugee Congress in negotiations - UNCCP - Letter to Arab Refugee Congress1949/06/25
06/25/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/22Meeting with Arab delegations on territorial adjustments and other isssues in Third Progress Report/- UNCCP 22nd meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record1949/06/25
06/25/1949A/AC.25/SR.76UNCCP suspends mtgs. from 1-18 July1949 - UNCCP 76th Meeting - Summary record (Lausanne talks)1949/06/25
06/25/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer/W.25Economic aspects of the constitution of a "free zone" in Jerusalem - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem - working paper1949/06/25
06/24/1949A/AC.25/SR.75Replies to letters from Syrian and Israeli delegations and Arab Refugee Congress - UNCCP 75th Meeting (Lausanne) - Summary record1949/06/24
06/24/1949Red right arrow IconA/AC.25/W/16Proposals by parties during the Lausanne exchanges of views - UNCCP - Working paper1949/06/24
06/24/1949A/AC.25/IS.30UNCCP - Powers of Arab delegations/ (Lausanne talks) - Letter to Israel1949/06/24
06/23/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/5Blocked Palestine sterling balances - UNCCP Memorandum to Arab delegations and Israel1949/06/23
06/23/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer./SR.34Arab delegations' replies to the Committee's questionnaire, draft poposals for the an international regime for Jerusalem - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem 34th mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record1949/06/23
06/23/1949A/AC.25/IS.29UNCCP - Israeli proposal for the establishment of five sub-committees/(Lasaunne Talks) - Letter from Israel1949/06/23
06/23/1949A/AC.25/IS.28UNCCP - Israeli objection to Lebanese delegate's remarks to the press re. Protocol of 12 May - Letter from Israel1949/06/23
06/22/1949A/AC.25/SR.74Record of proposals made by each party/Reply to Bulos' Letter, Dr. Eytan's Letter (Lausanne talks) - UNCCP 74th meeting - Summary Record1949/06/22
06/22/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.16Israel's Absentee Property Act is discussed to see if it violates international law & if there is a legal basis for the Arab delegations' protests against it - UNCCP's General Cttee 16th mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record1949/06/22
06/21/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/W.2Absentee Property Act - UNCCP General Cttee - Working paper1949/06/21
06/21/1949Red right arrow IconA/927Lausanne Protocol/Jerusalem/Boundaries - UNCCP 3rd progress report1949/06/21
06/21/1949A/AC.25/W/15Note on progress of the Commission's work - UNCCP working paper1949/06/21
06/21/1949A/AC.25/W/15/corr.1Note by the Principal Secretary on Progress of the Commission's Work - UNCCP working paper (Corrigendum)1949/06/21
06/20/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/W.1Blocked Palestine assets in relation to refugee problem - UNCCP General Cttee - Working paper1949/06/20
06/20/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer./SR.33Meeting w/ the Arab delegations - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem 33rd mtg (Lausanne) - Summary record1949/06/20
06/20/1949A/AC.25/IS.27Authority of Arab delegations to negotiate - UNCCP - Letter from Israel1949/06/20
06/19/1949A/AC.25/IS.26The future of Arab areas of Palestine - UNCCP - Letter from Israel1949/06/19
06/18/1949A/AC.25/W/14UNCCP - analysis of statements by Syria, Egypt, Israel and Lebanon - Secretariat working paper1949/06/18
06/17/1949A/AC.25/Org/20Duties of UNCCP - UNCCP - Memo from Arab Higher Cttee for Palestine1949/06/17
06/17/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/21Territorial adjustments, internationalization of Jerusalem, refugee repatriation and resettlement/Meeting with Arab delegations - UNCCP 21st meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record1949/06/17
06/16/1949A/AC.25/SR.73Media coverage of work of the Committee/upcoming meeting with Arab Delegations(Lausanne talks) - UNCCP 73rd meeting - Summary record1949/06/16
06/16/1949A/AC.25/IS.25Court case in Jordan re. release of Arab refugees' bank deposits in Israel - UNCCP - Letter from Israel1949/06/16
06/15/1949Chronology of developments re Jerusalem - UNCCP note1949/06/15
06/15/1949A/AC.25/Org/19Refugee repatriation, family reunifications, blocked accounts - UNCCP - Letter from Arab Refugee Congress1949/06/15
06/15/1949PAL/506Palestine question - Arab and Jewish forces withdrawn from Jerusalem neutral zone - Press release1949/06/15
06/14/1949A/AC.25/Com.Tech/W.4Conditions in the Jericho Refugee Camp - UNCCP's Technical Cttee on Refugees - working paper1949/06/14
06/14/1949A/AC.25/SR.72Adoption of 3rd progress report, Terms of Reference of the Technical Cttee on Refugees (Lausanne talks) - UNCCP 72nd meeting - Summary record1949/06/14
06/14/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.15Mtg. w/ Israeli delegation re. repatriation of citrus grove owners & workers; unfreezing of Arabs' assets; Israeli reply to Arabs' 21 May memorandum re. refugees - UNCCP General Cttee's 15th mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record1949/06/14
06/14/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer./SR.32Israeli reply to the questionnaire re. the international regime for Jerusalem, various letters from religious authorities, plan of work - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem 32nd mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record1949/06/14
06/14/1949A/AC.25/Com.Tech/1Technical Cttee's Terms of Reference; refugee estimate; UNRPR report; resettling Arab refugees; Arab development schemes; Syrian economic development; resettlement estimates/Syrian possibilities; org chart - UNCCP - working document1949/06/14
06/14/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer/W.24Holy places in Palestine - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem - working paper1949/06/14
06/13/1949A/AC.25/Org/18Request for UNCCP's formal position on the refugees' status - UNCCP - Letter of Arab Refugee Congress1949/06/13
06/13/1949A/AC.25/SR.71Israeli Letters re incidents in Jerusalem; Armistice agreements to lead to peace negotiations - UNCCP 71st meeting (Lausanne) - Summary record1949/06/13
06/13/1949S/1329Palestine question/Renewal of arms supplies to Arab States - Letter from Israel1949/06/13
06/13/1949A/AC.25/IS.24UNCCP - Israel objects to renewal of arms supplies to Arab states - Letter from Israel1949/06/13
06/13/1949A/AC.25/PR.3Lausanne conference, Lausanne Protocol - UNCCP - Third Progress Report to SecGen (9 April - 8 June 1949)1949/06/13
06/13/1949PAL/504Palestine question - Israeli-Jordanian Mixed Armistice Commission meets in Jerualem - Press release1949/06/13
06/12/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/3UNCCP Refugee and Population Statistics Questionnaire - Israel's response1949/06/12
06/12/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/4UNCCP Refugee and Population Statistics Questionnaire - Arab delegations' replies1949/06/12
06/11/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/20UNCCP working methods, Refugee repatriation and resettlement, territorial adjustments - Meeting with Israeli delegation - UNCCP 20th meeting (Lausanne) Summary Record1949/06/11
06/11/1949A/AC.25/IS.23UNCCP - Armistice agreements - Letter from Israel1949/06/11
06/10/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer/W.22Memorandum on the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission & its properties in Palestine - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem - working paper1949/06/10
06/10/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.7/Corr.1Mtg. w/ Arab delegations re. the refugee question/Arab memorandum of 18 May & release of information to the press - UNCCP's Gen Cttee 7th mtg. (Lausanne) - Corrigendum1949/06/10
06/10/1949A/AC.25/Com.Jer/W.23Memorandum on the Orthodox Palestine Society and its properties in Palestine - UNCCP's Cttee on Jerusalem - working paper1949/06/10
06/10/1949A/AC.25/PRESS/6UNCCP - Technical Committee on refugees to travel to Mideast - Press release1949/06/10
06/10/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.14Mtg. w/ Arab delegations re. their nine-point memorandum; 12 May Lausanne Protocol; refugee issues - UNCCP's General Cttee 14th mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record1949/06/10
06/10/1949A/AC.25/IS.21UNCCP - Re. Israel offering Jordan access to port facilities - Letter from Israel1949/06/10
06/10/1949A/AC.25/IS.22UNCCP -Dispute Between Israel and Transjordan re. the Division of Jerusalem - Letter from Israel1949/06/10
06/09/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/19UNCPP 19th meeting with Israeli Delegation (Lausanne) - Refugee repatriation and resettlement, and absentee property - Summary Record1949/06/09
06/09/1949A/AC.25/SR.70Establishment of Technical Cttee on refugees - UNCCP 70th Meeting (Lausanne talks) - Summary record1949/06/09
06/09/1949PAL/502Palestine question - Arabs protest alleged Israeli military action - Press release1949/06/09
06/09/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/18Jerusalem incidents - Meeting with Arab delegations - UNCCP 18th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record1949/06/09
06/09/1949A/AC.25/Com.Gen/SR.13Statistical information on the refugees and the Palestine population; blocked accounts - UNCCP's General Cttee 13th Mtg. (Lausanne) - Summary record1949/06/09
06/08/1949PAL/501Palestine question - Middle East church leaders ask continued Palestine refugee relief aid - Press release1949/06/08
06/07/1949A/AC.25/SR.69Forthcoming meetings with relief organizations - UNCCP 69th Meeting - Summary record (Lausanne talks)1949/06/07
06/07/1949A/AC.25/SR/LM/17Refugee relief, statistics, proposals for repatriation and resettlement - Meeting with relief organizations (UNRPR, Red Cross, AFSC) - UNCCP 17th meeting (Lausanne) - Summary Record1949/06/07