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06/30/2017MBJune2017Action by UN System and IGOs Relevant to Question of Palestine (June 2017 Monthly Bulletin)2017/06/30
06/30/2017Gaza Schools Equipped as Shelters in Preparation for Future Emergencies - UNICEF Article2017/06/30
06/30/2017WHO_SpSitRptMayJune17WHO Special Situation Report Gaza, Occupied Palestinian Territory2017/06/30
06/30/2017WFPBrief_300617WFP Palestine Country Brief, June 2017 - WFP Update2017/06/30
06/30/2017CHAIRSUM_NYFORUM17UN Forum to Mark Fifty Years of Occupation (New York, 29-30 June 2017) - Chairman's Summary2017/06/30
06/29/2017SG/SM/18595-GA/PAL1389UN Forum to Mark Fifty Years of Occupation (New York, 29-30 June 2017 - Secretary-General Message2017/06/29
06/29/2017DSG/SM/1068-GA/PAL1388UN Forum to Mark Fifty Years of Occupation (New York, 29-30 June 2017) - Deputy Secretary-General Message2017/06/29
06/29/2017GA/PAL/1387UN Forum to Mark Fifty Years of Occupation: The Path to Independence Justice, and Peace for Palestine (New York, 29 June 2017) - Press Release2017/06/29
06/24/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue199UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 199)2017/06/24
06/23/2017OCHAFS_230617Humanitarian Impact of the Internal Palestinian Divide on the Gaza Strip - June 2017 - OCHA Fact Sheet2017/06/23
06/22/2017WBN685Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report - (13-19 June 2017)2017/06/22
06/21/2017WFPRPT_210617Market Assessment in the Gaza Strip - WFP Report2017/06/21
06/20/2017SC/12878Negotiated Two-State Solution Remains Only Path to Lasting Peace, Special Coordinator Tells Security Council - Security Council Press Release2017/06/20
06/20/2017S/PV.7977Special Coordinator Mladenov Briefs Security Council on the Situation in the Middle East, Including the Palestinian Question - Verbatim Record2017/06/20
06/20/2017S/2017/517Letter to Secretary-General, President of the SC, from Israel on Misconduct of UNRWA - Letter from Israel2017/06/20
Illegal Actions in the OPT - Letter from the State of Palestine2017/06/19
Illegal Actions in the OPT - Letter from the State of Palestine2017/06/19
06/19/2017HRCPR_190617Human Rights Council Discusses Human Rights Situation in Palestinian and Other Occupied Arab Territories - Press Release2017/06/19
06/17/2017UNSCOSTATEMENT_170517UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process on Attack in Jerusalem - UNSCO Statement2017/06/17
06/16/2017How Community Libraries are Helping University Students in the West Bank and Gaza - UNESCO News Item2017/06/16
06/15/2017Immediate Action Needed as Gaza Power Cuts Spark Humanitarian Crisis, Special Rapporteur on OPT Warns – OHCHR Press Release2017/06/15
06/15/2017A/HRC/35/19.Add.1Additional information Pertaining to the Comprehensive Review on the Status of Recommendations - UNHCHR Report2017/06/15
06/15/2017UNSCOPR_150617UN and Government of Palestine Sign New UN Development Strategy for 2018-2022 - UNSCO Press Release2017/06/15
06/15/2017SYRIAUNWRA_HUMSSMAY17Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, May 2017 - UNRWA Infographic2017/06/15
06/15/2017Red right arrow IconA/HRC/35/19/Add.1Additional Information Pertaining to the Comprehensive Review on the Status of Recommendations Addressed to All Parties Since 2009 with Regard to the oPt - Addendum2017/06/15
06/15/2017UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) for the State of Palestine 2018-2022: Frequently Asked Questions - UNSCO Q & A2017/06/15
06/15/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue198UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 198)2017/06/15
06/15/2017FSS_1stQuarter17Food Security Sector in Palestine (2017 Q1 Highlights) - FSS Report2017/06/15
06/15/2017WBN684Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report - (30 May - 12 June 2017)2017/06/15
06/14/2017OPTEMERRESPLAN_2017World Health Organization (WHO) Appeal: Occupied Palestinian Territory Emergency Response Plan 20172017/06/14
06/14/2017WBRPT_140717West Bank and Gaza Local Government Performance Assessment - World Bank Report2017/06/14
06/14/2017Statement by the UN Humanitarian Coordinator on the Rapidly Deteriorating Humanitarian Situation in Gaza2017/06/14
06/13/2017Japan Deeply Deplores Plans for the Construction of Housing Units in Settlements in the West Bank - Government of Japan Statement2017/06/13
06/13/2017Foreign Secretary Johnson Condemns Israeli Government’s Announcement to Build Over 3,000 Settlement Units in the West Bank - UK FCO Statement2017/06/13
06/13/2017WHO Steps Up Emergency Response in the Gaza Strip, June 2017 - WHO News Item2017/06/13
06/13/2017A/HRC/35/30/Add.5Report of the Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, its Causes and Consequences: Comments by the State of Israel2017/06/13
06/13/2017WFP Funding Crunch In Palestine Threatens Food Voucher Assistance - WFP Press Release2017/06/13
06/13/2017GAZACROSS_MAY17Gaza Crossings' Operations Status: OCHA Monthly Update (May 2017)2017/06/13
06/12/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue197UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 197)2017/06/12
06/12/2017A/HRC/35/19Ensuring Accountability and Justice in OPT, including East Jerusalem - (Advance Edited Version)2017/06/12
06/12/2017SYRIAPALREFDEM_120617Syria: UNRWA - Palestine Refugees Demographics - Verification - UNRWA Infographic2017/06/12
06/12/2017SG/SM/18568/PAL/2212Concerned about Public Criticism of UNRWA, Secretary-General Calls on Member States to Continue Supporting Its Essential Services - Secretary-General Statement2017/06/12
06/12/2017UNRWA Commissioner-General Statement on Half Century of Occupation of the Palestinian Territory2017/06/12
06/12/2017S/2017/493Letter to Secretary-General, President of the SC, from Israel on Terrorism - Letter from Israel2017/06/12
06/11/2017It is Time for Political Action to Resolve this Long-standing Crisis - UNRWA Statement2017/06/11
06/10/2017Sweden MoFA Statement regarding Palestine - 50 years since the Six-Day War2017/06/10
06/09/2017UNRWA Condemns Neutrality Violation in Gaza in the Strongest Possible Terms - UNRWA Statement2017/06/09
06/09/2017Joint Statement by the UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon and the UNRWA Director in Lebanon2017/06/09
06/08/2017WHC/17/41.COM/7A.Add2State of Conservation of Properties on the List of World Heritage in Danger (Jerusalem) - UNESCO World Heritage Committee - Report (excerpts)2017/06/08
06/08/2017A/HRC/35/30/Add.2Report of the Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, its Causes and Consequences, on Her Mission to the OPT/State of Palestine* (Advance Edited Version)2017/06/08
06/07/2017Joint Declaration between the EU and UNRWA on EU Support to UNRWA2017/06/07
06/07/2017SYRIAUNWRA_HUMSSAPRIL17Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, April 2017 - UNRWA Infographic2017/06/07
06/07/2017EU and UNRWA Sign New Landmark Agreement and Reaffirm Joint Commitment to Support Palestine Refugees - UNRWA Press Release2017/06/07
06/07/2017HRCDebate070717Human Rights Council Holds General Debate on High Commissioner’s Oral Update– OHCHR Press Release (Excerpts)2017/06/07
06/06/2017HC17/036UN High Commissioner for Human Rights' Opening Speech at HRC's 35th Session – OHCHR Press Release (Excerpts)2017/06/06
06/06/2017OCHASTATE_060617Statement by the Humanitarian Coordinator on the 50th Anniversary of Israel’s Occupation2017/06/06
06/05/2017SG/SM/18554/PAL/2212Continuing Occupation Sends "Unmistakable Message" that Both Palestinian, Israeli Hopes Remain Unattainable, Secretary-General Warns in Anniversary Statement2017/06/05
06/04/2017GazaSitRpt_Issue196UNRWA Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 196)2017/06/04
06/03/2017UNRWA Statement Regarding Use of a Photo in its Ramadan Campaign2017/06/03
06/02/2017Palestinian Children with Disabilities are Determined to Learn - UNICEF Article2017/06/02
06/01/2017UNICEFRPT_010617Palestinian Children with Disabilities are Determined to Learn - UNICEF Report2017/06/01
06/01/2017WBN683Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT Weekly Report - (16 -28 May 2017)2017/06/01
06/01/2017US President Trump Delays Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem -- White House Statement2017/06/01
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