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04/27/2005S/2005/278Security Council - Work assessment under Algeria presidency (Dec. 2004) - Letter from Algeria (excerpts)2005/04/27,2004/12/31
Mideast situation/Palestine question - GCC Supreme Council twenty-fifth session/Final Communiqué - Letter from Bahrain (excerpts)2005/01/03,2004/12/21
12/31/2004S/2005/278Security Council - Work assessment under Algeria presidency (Dec. 2004) - Letter from Algeria (excerpts)2005/04/27,2004/12/31
12/31/2004A/AC.183/L.2/Add.26Palestine question/Mideast situation - Compilation of resolutions and decisions adopted in 2004 (English and French)2004/12/31
12/31/2004Human rights practices in Israel and the OPT - US Dept of State Country Report/Non-UN document2004/12/31
12/31/2004Humanitarian update - December 2004 - OCHA report2004/12/31
12/31/200406-39023DPR Monthly Bulletin - Vol. XXVII, No. 3 - CEIRPP, DPR bulletin (November-December 2004) - DPR publication2004/12/31
12/31/2004Humanitarian monitoring report (December 2004) - OCHA report2004/12/31
12/31/2004Dev19Developments/Peace process review: January-December 20042004/12/31
12/31/2004Emergency Appeal 2004 - Twenty-fifth progress report - UNRWA update2004/12/31
12/31/2004DPR/Chron/2004/12Chronological Review of Events/December 2004 - DPR review2004/12/31
12/31/2004UNICEF - OPT Consolidated report - UNICEF report2004/12/31
12/31/2004Machsomwatch_Checkpoints2004A Counterview: Checkpoints 2004 - Machsom Watch report/Non-UN document2004/12/31
12/31/2004Human rights policy of Finland - Government report to Parliament (2004) - Finnish Foreign Ministry publication/Non-UN document (excerpts)2004/12/31
12/31/2004Palestinian children's rights - DCI report/Non-UN document2004/12/31
12/31/2004A/59/695Palestinian children - Protection of children affected by armed conflict - SecGen report (excerpts)2004/12/31
12/31/2004WB_InfrastructAssess_200412West Bank and Gaza: Infrastructure Assessment - World Bank report2004/12/31
12/31/2004Review of the Humanitarian situation in the OPT for 2004 - OCHA report2004/12/31
12/30/2004Secretary-General press encounter/Israeli-Palestinian issues - Transcript (excerpts)2004/12/30
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Letter from Palestine2004/12/30
12/30/2004No. E.06.l.1Yearbook of the United Nations 2004 (excerpts)2004/12/30
12/29/2004E/CN.4/2005/NGO/2Right of peoples to self-determination - CHR - NGO statement2004/12/29
12/29/2004E/CN.4/2005/NGO/3Israeli action in OPT/Separation wall - CHR - NGO statement2004/12/29
12/29/2004E/CN.4/2005/NGO/4Israeli action in OPT/Separation wall/Nuclear arms - CHR - NGO statement2004/12/29
Illegal Israeli actions in OPT - Letter from Palestine2004/12/29
Mideast situation/Lebanon/Attacks - Letter from Iran2004/12/29
Violations across the Blue Line - Letter from Lebanon2004/12/28
12/28/2004Japanese observation mission to Palestinian election - Japanese Govt. press release (Non-UN document)2004/12/28
12/28/2004OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes - OPT (22-28 Dec. 2004) - OCHA report2004/12/28
12/28/2004USAID transfers $20 million to Palestinian Authority - USAID press release/Non-UN document2004/12/28
12/27/2004ICRC takes part in release of Palestinian detainees - ICRC press release/Non-UN document2004/12/27
12/26/2004Palestinian elections - Israeli Foreign Ministry Cabinet communiqué - Non-UN document2004/12/26
12/23/2004A/RES/59/261Rights of the child - GA resolution2004/12/23
12/23/2004A/DEC/59/552Palestine question - Agenda items/59th session - GA decision2004/12/23
12/23/2004Joint UNRWA/LAS meeting for education officials - LAS Press release2004/12/23
12/22/2004GA/10322Permanent sovereignty of the Palestinian people - GA debate, action - Press release (excerpts)2004/12/22
12/22/2004A/RES/59/251Sovereignty over natural resources in the OT - GA resolution2004/12/22
12/22/2004S0358/04EU High Representative for CFSP comments on proposed international conference in support of the Palestinian people - EU press release/Non-UN document2004/12/22
12/22/2004A/59/PV.75Permanent sovereignty of the Pal. people - GA debate - Verbatim record (excerpts)2004/12/22
Mideast situation/Palestine question - GCC Supreme Council twenty-fifth session/Final Communiqué - Letter from Bahrain (excerpts)2005/01/03,2004/12/21
12/21/2004E/CN.4/2005/13Situation in occupied Palestine - CHR - SecGen report2004/12/21
12/21/2004SG/SM/9655Palestinian elections - SecGen press conference at UNHQ (21 Dec. 2004) - Transcript (excerpts)2004/12/21
12/21/2004E/CN.4/2005/28Human rights situation in the OAT/Reports - CHR - SecGen note2004/12/21
12/21/2004OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes - OPT (15-21 Dec. 2004) - OCHA report2004/12/21
12/21/2004E/CN.4/2005/26Human rights in the occupied Syrian Golan - CHR - SecGen report2004/12/21
12/21/2004E/CN.4/2005/27Human rights situation in the OAT - CHR - SecGen report2004/12/21
12/21/2004A/59/653UNDOF - Budget performance report - SecGen report2004/12/21
12/20/2004A/59/PV.74Children/Self-determination - GA debate - Verbatim record (excerpts)2004/12/20
12/20/2004SRSG Brahimi RTBF radio encounter - Transcript2004/12/20
12/20/2004WHO/HAC Highlights No. 40Health situation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip - WHO Health Action in Crises (WHO/HAC Highlights) - WHO press release (excerpts)2004/12/20
12/20/2004GA/10321Mideast situation/Children/Self-determination - GA debate, action - Press release (excerpts)2004/12/20
12/20/2004President Bush's remarks on Middle East Peace- White House press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)2004/12/20
12/20/2004A/RES/59/179Right of the Palestinian people to self-determination - GA resolution2004/12/20
12/20/2004FO/G/41/2004UNRWA opens school to shelter homeless Palestinians in Khan Younis - UNRWA press release2004/12/20
12/20/2004UNRWA shelters Khan Yunis families/OCHA issues Bethlehem report - Spokesman's Office (excerpts)2004/12/20
12/20/2004A/RES/59/173Palestinian children - GA resolution2004/12/20
12/18/2004Empowerment - Palestine Human Development Report - Bir Zeit University report2004/12/18
12/18/2004S/2004/20/Add.50SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement (excerpts)2004/12/18
12/17/2004Outgoing UN envoy for Mideast bids farewell to Gaza staff - UN news item2004/12/17
12/17/2004SecGen discusses Palestinian elections with Rice/Larsen assumes Lebanon envoy post - Spokesman's Office (excerpts)2004/12/17
12/17/2004The Dutch EU Presidency, July-December 2004 - European Union press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)2004/12/17
12/17/2004SG/SM/9653SecGen statement before European Council (17 Dec. 2004) - Press release2004/12/17
12/17/2004SG/T/2428SecGen activities in Washington, D.C., 16 December - Press release2004/12/17
12/17/2004A/59/PV.73Palestine question/Participation of Palestine in the UN - GA general debate - Verbatim record2004/12/17
12/16/2004S/2004/1038Security Council - Work assessment under United Kingdom presidency (Oct. 2004) - Letter from United Kingdom (excerpts)2004/12/16,2004/10/31
12/16/2004S/PV.5102Mideast situation/Palestinian question - USG for Political Affairs Prendergast briefs SecCo - Verbatim record2004/12/16
12/16/2004Children's Municipal Councils give children sense of empowerment - UNICEF press release2004/12/16
12/16/2004SC/8271Mideast situation/Palestine Question/Palestinian presidential election - SecCo presidential statement - Press release2004/12/16
12/16/2004SC/8270USG for Political Affairs Kieran Prendergast briefs SecCo - Press release2004/12/16
12/16/2004Mideast situation/Palestine question - Powell-French Foreign Minister Barnier meeting/Transcript - USDOS press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)2004/12/16
12/16/2004UN liaison office to open in Ramallah - Spokesman's Office (excerpts)2004/12/16
12/16/2004S/Agenda/5102Mideast situation/Palestine question - SecCo meeting - Provisional agenda2004/12/16
12/16/2004HQ/G/40/2004Jenin's centre rebuilt - UNRWA press release2004/12/16
12/15/20042641-15-12-2004Russian Federation officials to make a trip to the Mideast - Russian Federation press release/Non-UN document2004/12/15
Violations across the Blue Line - Letter from Lebanon2004/12/15
12/15/2004S/RES/1578 (2004)UNDOF - Parties to implement S/RES/338 (1973)/ Mandate renewed - SecCo resolution2004/12/15
12/15/2004SC/8268UNDOF - Renewal of mandate - Press release2004/12/15
12/15/2004S/PRST/2004/47UNDOF - SecCo Presidential statement2004/12/15
12/14/2004A/59/612Tenth ASEAN Summit - Press statement - Letter from Lao People's Democratic Republic2004/12/14,2004/11/30
12/14/2004S/PRST/2004/46Protection of civilians in armed conflict - SecCo Presidential statement2004/12/14
12/14/2004S/2004/974Lebanon/Roed-Larsen appointed special envoy - SecGen letter to SecCo President2004/12/14
12/14/2004New public health magazine by Israeli and Palestinian health professionals - WHO press release2004/12/14
12/14/2004111/2004OPEC Fund extends grant to civil society orgs in the West Bank - OPEC Fund press release/Non-UN document2004/12/14
12/14/2004A/INF/59/4/Add.1List of non-Member States/entities/organizations - GA participation - Secretariat note2004/12/14
12/14/2004US Department of State Spokesman's remarks on Egypt and Israel's trade accord - Transcript (excerpts)/Non-UN document2004/12/14
12/14/2004SG/A/897Lebanon/Roed-Larsen appointed special envoy - SecGen statement - Press release2004/12/14
12/14/2004OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes - OPT (8-14 Dec. 2004) - OCHA report2004/12/14
12/13/2004SG/SM/9645Remarks of Special Adviser Lakhdar Brahimi at Arab Forum not reflective of UN policy - SecGen Spokesman's statement - Press release2004/12/13
12/13/2004WHO/HAC Highlights No. 39Health situation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip - WHO Health Action in Crises (WHO/HAC Highlights) - WHO press release (excerpts)2004/12/13
12/13/2004Minister Bot on EU-Israel relationship - European Union press release/Non-UN document2004/12/13
12/11/2004S/2004/20/Add.49SecCo list of items - SecGen summary statement (excerpts)2004/12/11
12/10/2004MEMO/04/294The EU, the Mediterranean and the Middle East - A longstanding partnership - EU memo/Non-UN document2004/12/10
12/10/2004A/RES/59/125Israeli Practices/Golan - GA resolution2004/12/10
12/10/2004A/RES/59/119Palestine refugees - UNRWA operations - GA resolution2004/12/10
12/10/2004IP/04/1462Deployment of EU Election Observation Mission to West Bank and Gaza - EU press release/Non-UN document2004/12/10
12/10/2004S/PV.5098Mideast situation/UNDOF - SecCo official communiqué - Verbatim records2004/12/10
12/10/2004A/RES/59/120Palestine refugees - Refugees' properties - GA resolution2004/12/10
12/10/2004GA/10318Mideast situation/Assistance to the Palestinian people/Israeli practices - GA debate, action - Press release (excerpts)2004/12/10
12/10/2004A/59/PV.71Fourth Committee report - GA general debate - Verbatim record (excerpts)2004/12/10
12/10/2004IP/04/1462EU election observation mission to West Bank and Gaza deployed - European Commission press release/Non-UN document2004/12/10
12/10/2004A/59/PV.70Mideast situation/Question of Palestine - GA general debate - Verbatim record2004/12/10
12/10/2004A/RES/59/123Settlements in the occupied territories - GA resolution2004/12/10
12/10/2004A/RES/59/124Fourth Committee/Human rights - GA resolution2004/12/10
12/10/2004E/CN.6/2005/4Situation of and asistance to Palestinian women - SecGen report2004/12/10
12/10/2004A/RES/59/118Palestine refugees - Displaced persons - GA resolution2004/12/10
12/10/2004A/RES/59/117Palestine refugees - Assistance - GA resolution2004/12/10
12/10/2004A/RES/59/121Work of the Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices - GA resolution2004/12/10
12/10/2004Outgoing UN envoy for Mideast makes final visit to peacekeepers in Lebanon - UN news item2004/12/10
12/10/2004A/RES/59/122Fourth Geneva Convention - GA resolution2004/12/10
12/10/2004Palestinian youth produce their own tv programme: Alli Sotak (Speak UP) - UNICEF press release2004/12/10
12/09/2004A/59/503/Add.3Human rights questions - Reports of Special Rapporteurs & Representatives - Third Cttee report (excerpts)2004/12/09
12/09/2004UN_PA-electionsUN to help PA in polls to choose Arafat's successor - UN news item2004/12/09
12/08/2004IMF_AHLCrep081204West Bank and Gaza: Macroeconomic and Fiscal Developments, Outlook and Reform - IMF report for AHLC meeting (Oslo)2004/12/08
12/08/2004Palestinians and Israelis meet with UN, donors in Oslo - Spokesman's Office (excerpts)2004/12/08
12/08/2004Norway_AHLCmtgMeeting in Norway of UN, donors draws Israel and Palestinians together - UN news item2004/12/08
12/08/2004Waiver of Restrictions on Providing funds to the Palestinian Authority - US Presidential memorandum for the Secretary of State/Non-UN document2004/12/08
12/08/2004PA to receive $20 million in US aid - USDOS press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)2004/12/08
12/08/2004164/04Ad Hoc Liaison Cttee Meeting for assistance to Palestinians in Oslo - Foreign Ministry of Norway press release/Non-UN document2004/12/08
12/07/2004TIPH provides protective clothing for Hebron fire brigade - TIPH press release2004/12/07
12/07/2004Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights unveils Annual Appeal 2005 - Press release (Geneva)2004/12/07
12/07/2004IP/04/1448Commission provides EUR 7 million in humanitarian aid to most vulnerable Palestinians - European Commission press release/Non-UN document2004/12/07
12/07/2004OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes - OPT (1 - 7 Dec. 2004) - OCHA report2004/12/07
12/07/2004E/CN.4/2005/29Human rights situation in the OATs/Military incursions into the Gaza Strip - CHR 61st session - Sp. Rapporteur (Dugard) report2004/12/07
12/07/2004Emergency assistance for Palestinian elections - Japanese Govt. press release (Non-UN document)2004/12/07
12/07/2004S/2004/948UNDOF - SecGen report2004/12/07
12/06/2004WHO/HAC Highlights No. 38Health situation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip - WHO Health Action in Crises (WHO/HAC Highlights) - WHO press release (excerpts)2004/12/06
Violations across the Blue Line - Letter from Lebanon2004/12/06
Violations across the Blue Line - Letter from Lebanon2004/12/06
12/06/2004A/59/489Permanent sovereignty of the Palestinian people in the OPT - Second Committee report2004/12/06
UNRWA pledging conference - Press release2004/12/06
12/06/2004Mideast situation/Palestine question - Bush-King Abdullah meeting/Transcript - USDOS press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)2004/12/06
12/06/2004A/59/502Right of the Palestinian people to self-determination - Third Cttee report (excerpts)2004/12/06
12/06/2004UNRWA 2005 pledging conference - UNRWA press release2004/12/06
12/06/2004E/CN.6/2005/2Palestinian women - Review of implementation of Beijing Platform/documents of GA special session - SecGen report (excerpts)2004/12/06
Violations across the Blue Line - Letter from Lebanon2004/12/06
12/06/2004UN Envoy concerned about Israeli air violations in Lebanon - Spokesman's Office (excerpts)2004/12/06
12/03/2004A/RES/59/63Nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Mideast - GA resolution2004/12/03
12/03/2004A/RES/59/108Security and Cooperation in the Mediterranean region - GA resolution2004/12/03
12/03/2004A/RES/59/106Risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East - GA resolution2004/12/03
12/03/2004Swedish election observers to Palestinian presidential elections - Swedish Foreign Ministry press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)2004/12/03
12/03/2004GA/10310Nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East - General Assembly debate and action - Press release (excerpts)2004/12/03
12/02/20042005/190/MNAWorld Bank recommendations on Israel's disengagement plan - WB press release2004/12/02
12/02/2004USAID launches project for Palestinian legal system - USAID press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)2004/12/02
12/02/2004A/59/PV.65Assistance to the Palestinian people - GA debate - Verbatim record (excerpts)2004/12/02
12/02/2004A/RES/59/56Assistance to the Palestinian people - GA resolution2004/12/02
12/02/2004GA/10309Assistance to the Palestinian people/Protection of UN personnel - GA debate - Press release (excerpts)2004/12/02
12/01/2004A/59/L.37/Add.1Palestine question/Peaceful settlement/Quartet efforts - GA draft resolution - Addendum2004/12/01
12/01/2004A/RES/59/30Palestine question/DPI - Special information programme - GA resolution2004/12/01
12/01/2004A/RES/59/29Palestine question/DPR - GA resolution2004/12/01
12/01/2004A/RES/59/32Mideast situation/Jerusalem - GA resolution2004/12/01
12/01/2004Beth_Rep_Dec04Costs of conflict: the changing face of Bethlehem - OCHA report2004/12/01
12/01/2004A/59/L.35/Add.1Palestine question/DPR - GA draft resolution - Addendum2004/12/01
12/01/2004A/59/L.36/Add.1Palestine question/DPI - GA draft resolution - Addendum2004/12/01
12/01/2004A/59/PV.64Mideast situation/Question of Palestine - GA general debate - Verbatim record2004/12/01
12/01/2004GA/10308Middle East situation/Palestine question - GA general debate - Press release2004/12/01
12/01/2004A/59/L.40/Add.1Mideast situation/Golan - GA draft resolution - Addendum2004/12/01
12/01/2004A/RES/59/33Mideast situation/Golan - GA resolution2004/12/01
12/01/2004Stagnation or Revival? Israeli Disengagement and Palestinian Economic Prospects - WB report2004/12/01
12/01/2004Bridges - Israeli-Palestinian Public Health Magazine (Dec 2004-Jan 2005)2004/12/01
12/01/2004A/59/L.34/Add.1Palestine question/CEIRPP - GA draft resolution - Addendum2004/12/01
12/01/2004A/RES/59/31Palestine question/Peaceful settlement/Quartet efforts - GA resolution2004/12/01
12/01/2004A/RES/59/28Palestine question/CEIRPP - GA resolution2004/12/01
11/30/2004A/59/612Tenth ASEAN Summit - Press statement - Letter from Lao People's Democratic Republic2004/12/14,2004/11/30
10/31/2004S/2004/1038Security Council - Work assessment under United Kingdom presidency (Oct. 2004) - Letter from United Kingdom (excerpts)2004/12/16,2004/10/31
07/26/2004S/2004/609Security Council - Work assessment under Bulgaria presidency (December 2003) - Letter from Bulgaria (excerpts)2004/07/26,2003/12/31
Mideast situation/Palestine question - Gulf Cooperation Council Kuwait Declaration/Closing Statement - Letter from Kuwait2004/01/06,2003/12/22
12/31/2003S/2004/609Security Council - Work assessment under Bulgaria presidency (December 2003) - Letter from Bulgaria (excerpts)2004/07/26,2003/12/31
Mideast situation/Palestine question - Gulf Cooperation Council Kuwait Declaration/Closing Statement - Letter from Kuwait2004/01/06,2003/12/22
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