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06/30/2016SG/T/3114Activities of the Secretary-General in the State of Palestine, 28 June - Press release2016/06/30
06/30/2016EMERAPPSYRIAPR_300616Syria Regional Crisis 2016 Emergency Appeal: UNRWA Progress Report2016/06/30
06/30/2016M16/009United Nations International Conference in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace (Geneva, 29-30 June 2016) - Plenary II - Press release2016/06/30
06/30/2016SG/T/3113Activities of the Secretary-General in Israel, 27-29 June - Press Release2016/06/30
06/30/2016WHO_ReferralsMay2016Referral of Patients from the Gaza Strip - WHO monthly report (May 2016)2016/06/30
06/30/20161616012UN International Conference in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace (Geneva, 29-30 June 2016) - Report - DPR Publication2016/06/30
06/30/2016US announces additional $51.6 million to support Palestine refugees in the West Bank and Gaza - UNRWA press release2016/06/30
06/30/2016WBN655Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (21 - 27 June 2016)2016/06/30
06/30/2016UN International Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace (Geneva, 29-30 June 2016 ) - Chairman's summary2016/06/30
06/30/2016MBJune2016Action by UN System and IGOs Relevant to Question of Palestine (June 2016 Monthly Bulletin) - DPR Publication2016/06/30
06/30/2016DPR/Chron/2016/06Chronological Review of Events/June 2016 - DPR review2016/06/30
06/30/2016M16/010United Nations International Conference in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace (Geneva, 29-30 June 2016) - Plenary III, Closing session2016/06/30
06/29/2016UNMASPR_290616EU Contributes €800,000 to Support the UN Mine Action Service Intervention in Gaza - UNMAS/EU Press Release2016/06/29
06/29/2016ICCPR_290616State of Palestine becomes 30th State to Ratify the Kampala Amendments on the Crime of Aggression - ICC Press Release2016/06/29
06/29/2016M16/008United Nations International Conference in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace (Geneva, 29-30 June 2016) - Plenary I - Press release2016/06/29
06/29/2016M16/007United Nations International Conference in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace (Geneva, 29-30 June 2016) - Opening Session - Press release2016/06/29
United Nations International Conference in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace (Geneva, 29-30 June 2016) - Secretary-General message2016/06/29
06/29/2016Secretary-General's remarks at press encounter at Gaza - SG's remarks2016/06/29
06/28/2016Secretary-General's holds joint press conference with the Palestinian President Abbas - SG's remarks2016/06/28
06/28/2016Secretary-General's remarks at press encounter in Gaza - Press release2016/06/28
06/28/2016Secretary-General's holds press conference with the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu - SG's remarks2016/06/28
06/28/2016Turkey will deliver 10.000 tons of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people in Gaza - Government of Turkey2016/06/28
06/27/2016Secretary-General's has press encounter with Israeli President Rivlin - SG's remarks2016/06/27
06/27/2016Human Rights Council discusses Human Rights Situation in Palestine and Other Occupied Arab Territories2016/06/27
06/27/2016WHC-16/40.COM/7A.Add.2State of Conservation of Properties Inscribed on List of World Heritage in Danger - World Heritage Committee 40th session - UNESCO Document (excerpts)2016/06/27
06/27/2016World Bank authorizes $55 million in grants to replenish the trust Fund in the OPT - World Bank press release2016/06/27
06/27/2016SG/SM/17884Secretary-General at Tel Aviv University Urges End to Occupation - Press Release (excerpts)2016/06/27
06/25/2016UNRWA statement on punitive Israeli demolitions - UNRWA statement2016/06/25
06/24/2016WBN654Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (14-20 June 2016)2016/06/24
06/23/2016UNRWA disburses $4 million to fund home reconstruction in Gaza - UNRWA press release2016/06/23
06/23/2016GazaSitRpt_Issue149Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 149) - UNRWA update2016/06/23
06/23/2016EU provides nearly €154,000 to support farmers and agro-businesses in the West Bank - EU press release/Non-UN document2016/06/23
06/23/2016160623_01EU High Rep Mogherini, President of the European Commissioner Juncker and Israeli President Rivlin discuss peace process - EEAS remarks/Non-UN document2016/06/23
State of Palestine accuses Israel of ongoing violations of international law - Letter from Palestine2016/06/23
06/22/2016On World Refugee Day, UNRWA shares the voices of Palestine refugees in Gaza - UNRWA press release2016/06/22
06/22/2016UK Foreign Office Concerned by Jerusalem Municipality’s Decision to Issue Permit for New building in Silwan, E. Jerusalem - UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office Statement2016/06/22
06/22/2016160622_03EU High Rep Mogherini discusses with Palestinian President Abbas need to restore the conditions for a peace perspective between Palestine and Israel - EEAS remarks/Non-UN document2016/06/22
06/20/2016EU Council conclusions on Middle East peace process - EU press release/Non-UN document2016/06/20
State of Palestine calls attention to illegal and repressive practices being carried out by Israel - Letter from Palestine2016/06/20
06/20/2016GA/PAL/1737United Nations International Conference in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace to be held in Geneva, 29-30 June 2016 - Press release2016/06/20
06/19/2016GazaSitRpt_Issue148Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 148) - UNRWA update2016/06/19
06/17/2016748 refugee familes in Gaza receive support for rental subsidies, repair and reconstruction - UNRWA press release2016/06/17
06/17/2016Islamic Relief USA provides Ramadan food packages for Palestine refugees in Gaza - UNRWA press release2016/06/17
06/17/2016UNICEFSitRpt_170616UNICEF Humanitarian Situation Report #5 (State of Palestine) May 20162016/06/17
06/16/2016WBN653Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (7-13 June 2016)2016/06/16
06/16/2016EU reaffirms strong commitment to support Palestine refugees - UNRWA press release2016/06/16
06/16/2016UNRWA strongly condemns escalation of violence in Syria which claims the lives of three Palestine refugees in Khan Eshieh camp - UNRWA statement2016/06/16
06/15/2016Ireland to provide €4.5 million in funding to UNRWA - Irish DFAT2016/06/15
06/14/2016EU announces €10 million in additional funding for Gaza desalination plan - UNICEF/EU press release2016/06/14
06/14/2016EUPR_140615European Commissioner Hahn visits Gaza and West Bank - EU press release/Non-UN document2016/06/14
06/14/2016UNRWA strongly condemns parties responsible for two explosions in the vicinity of Qabr Essit camp in Syria -2016/06/14
06/14/2016S/2016/1436Assessment of the work of the Security Council during the presidency of Spain (Oct. 2016) - Letter from Spain (excerpts)2016/06/14
06/13/2016UN High Commissioner for Human Rights' opening speech at HRC's 32nd session – OHCHR press release (excerpts)2016/06/13
06/13/2016UNRWA legal units advocating for women's rights - UNRWA press release2016/06/13
06/13/2016Human Rights Council opens 32nd session - Press release (excerpts)2016/06/13
06/13/2016OCHA annual overview reveals occupation main trigger of humanitarian needs of Palestinians in the OPT - OCHA press release2016/06/13
06/12/2016GazaSitRpt_Issue147Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 147) - UNRWA update2016/06/12
06/10/2016OHCHR condemns terrorist attack in Tel Aviv, deeply concerned at Israeli authorities' response - UNOG regular press briefing (excerpts)2016/06/10
06/10/2016UNHCHR_140616High Commissioner for Human Rights condemns gun attack in Tel Aviv - UNHCHR press release2016/06/10
06/10/2016FM Ayrault condemns in strongest terms terrorist act committed in Tel Aviv - France MoFA statement/Non-UN document2016/06/10
06/10/2016French President Hollande condemns the appalling attack in Tel Aviv - France MoFA statement/Non-UN document2016/06/10
06/10/2016A69/DIV.3Health conditions in OPT, Golan - 69th World Health Assembly Decision2016/06/10
06/10/2016WHC-16/40.COM/7A.AddState of conservation of properties inscribed on List of World Heritage in Danger - World Heritage Committee 40th session - UNESCO document (excerpts)2016/06/10
06/09/2016SC/12395Security Council condemns in strongest terms terrorist attack in Tel Aviv - Press release2016/06/09
06/09/2016WBN652Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (24 May - 6 June 2016)2016/06/09
06/09/2016S/2016/522Israel calls on Security Council to condemn terrorist attack in Tel Aviv - Letter from Israel2016/06/09
06/09/2016UK Minister for the Middle East Appalled by Shooting Attack in Tel Aviv - UK FCO Statement2016/06/09
06/09/2016160609_01Statement by EU Spokesperson on the attack in the Sarona complex in Tel Aviv - EEAS statement/Non-UN document2016/06/09
06/08/2016UNRWA deplores escalation of the armed conflict in Syria, which is claiming Palestine refugee lives and destroying civilian homes - UNRWA statement2016/06/08
06/08/2016UNRWA Gender Initiative Programme Closing Ceremony - UNRWA Press Release2016/06/08
06/08/2016SG/SM/17832Secretary-General condemns terrorist attack in Tel Aviv, calls upon Palestinian leadership to "stand firmly against violence", incitement - SG statement2016/06/08
06/08/2016US condemns terrorist attack in Tel Aviv - USDoS press statement/Non-UN document2016/06/08
Palestinians mark 49 years since the onset of the Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian lands - Letter from Palestine2016/06/07
06/06/2016UNRWA Advisory Commission members visit West Bank field- UNRWA press release2016/06/06
06/06/2016WHO_ReferralsApril2016Referral of Patients from the Gaza Strip - WHO monthly report (April 2016)2016/06/06
06/05/2016UNRWA and Emirates Red Crescent inaugurate the rehabilitated Shu'fat Camp Health Center - UNRWA press release2016/06/05
06/05/2016WHOPR_050616WHO video highlights how social determinants affect health in Gaza - WHO press release2016/06/05
06/05/2016Explosion of Remnants of War (ERW) awareness in UNRWA schools: saving children's lives - UNRWA press release2016/06/05
06/04/2016HB040616Humanitarian Bulletin (May 2016) - OCHA OPT monthly report2016/06/04
06/03/2016France hosts ministerial meeting aimed at promoting peace in the Middle East - France MoFA press release/Non-UN document2016/06/03
06/03/2016UNRWA launches survey on Palestine refugees in Lebanon - UNRWA press release2016/06/03
06/03/2016Middle East Peace initiative participants reaffirm support for a resolution to Palestinian conflict - France MoFA communiqué/Non-UN document2016/06/03
06/03/2016France sponsoring Middle East peace initiative in desire to emerge from the current status quo - France MoFA interview/Non-UN document2016/06/03
06/03/2016SG/SM/17816Secretary-General tells French Ministerial Conference: Israelis & Palestinians must commit to two-State solution - SG press release2016/06/03
06/02/2016GazaSitRpt_Issue146Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 146) - UNRWA update2016/06/02
06/02/2016Red right arrow IconE/2016/SR.27Situation of and Assistance to Palestinian Women - ECOSOC Debate, Vote on Draft Resolution - Summary Record (excerpts)2016/06/02
06/02/2016ESCWASTUDY_020616A People in Danger: Effects on Health of the 2014 Israeli Offensive on the Gaza Strip - ESCWA Study2016/06/02
06/02/2016UNRWA_SCHRPT020616Schools on the front line: The Impact of Armed Conflict and Violence on UNRWA Schools and Education Services - UNRWA report2016/06/02
06/02/2016Lifting blockade and reconstruction real remedy to the suffering of Gazans: ESCWA Study2016/06/02
06/02/2016E/RES/2016/4Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women - Commission on Status of Women - ECOSOC Resolution2016/06/02
06/01/2016WHO_PR010616Turkey supports emergency needs for health facilities - WHO press release2016/06/01
06/01/2016UNRWA strengthens hospitalization support in Lebanon - UNRWA press release2016/06/01
06/01/2016PrConf_SecCo-010616Security Council President briefs the press on work programme for June - Press conference (excerpts)2016/06/01
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