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11/30/2015Japan funds two human security projects in Palestine - Japan MoFA press release/Non-UN document2015/11/30
11/30/2015MBNov2015Monthly Bulletin on action by UN system and IGOs relevant to question of Palestine (November 2015) - DPR publication2015/11/30
11/30/2015M/15/35UN Office at Geneva commemorates International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People - UNOG press release2015/11/30
11/30/2015DPR/Chron/2015/11Chronological Review of Events/November 2015 - DPR review2015/11/30
11/26/2015WBN630Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (17 - 23 November 2015)2015/11/26
11/26/2015GazaSitRpt_Issue120Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 120) - UNRWA update2015/11/26
11/25/2015UNICEFAnnualRpt_2014Peacebuilding, Education and Advocacy in Conflict-Affected Contexts Programme - UNICEF annual report2015/11/25
State of Palestine calls for collective international action to bring Israel into compliance with its legal obligations under international law - Letter from Palestine2015/11/25
11/24/2015A/70/L.11/Add.1Addendum - Division for Palestinian Rights - GA draft resolution2015/11/24
11/24/2015UNCTAD_AgReport241115Besieged Palestinian Agricultural Sector - UNCTAD report2015/11/24
11/24/2015US Secretary of State Kerry's meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu - USDoS readout/Non-UN document2015/11/24
11/24/2015A/70/497Report of Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices - GA Fourth Committee report2015/11/24
11/24/2015A/RES/70/13Division for Palestinian Rights - GA resolution2015/11/24
11/24/2015A/70/L.14/Add.1Addendum - Jerusalem - GA draft resolution2015/11/24
11/24/2015A/70/L.12/Add.1Addendum - Special information programme on question of Palestine of DPI - GA draft resolution2015/11/24
11/24/2015A/RES/70/14Special information programme on question of Palestine of DPI - GA resolution2015/11/24
11/24/2015A/RES/70/15Peaceful settlement of question of Palestine - GA resolution2015/11/24
11/24/2015A/RES/70/16Jerusalem - GA resolution2015/11/24
11/24/2015US Secretary of State Kerry's remarks after meeting with Palestinian President Abbas - USDoS remarks/Non-UN document2015/11/24
Secretary-General's message on International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People - Press release2015/11/24
11/24/2015GA/11732General Assembly adopts resolutions on question of Palestine and broader Middle East issues - Press release2015/11/24
11/24/2015US Secretary of State Kerry's remarks with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu - USDoS readout/Non-UN document2015/11/24
11/24/2015A/70/PV.64Question of Palestine- GA 70th general debate - Verbatim record2015/11/24
11/24/2015A/70/L.10/Add.1Addendum - Committee on Exercise of Inalienable Rights of Palestinian People - GA draft resolution2015/11/24
11/24/2015DELETE, DELETE, DELETE, DELETE2015/11/24
11/24/2015A/70/L.13/Add.1Addendum - Peaceful settlement of question of Palestine - GA draft resolution2015/11/24
11/24/2015A/RES/70/12Committee on Exercise of Inalienable Rights of Palestinian People - GA resolution2015/11/24
11/23/2015GA/SHC/4159GA Third Committee approves draft resolution on Palestinian people's right to self-determination - Press release (excerpts)2015/11/23
11/23/2015GA/11731Speakers in General Assembly sound alarm as Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to fester in region embattled by strife - Press release (excerpts)2015/11/23
11/23/2015A/70/L.18Assistance to Palestinian people - GA draft resolution2015/11/23
Deputy Secretary-General, commemorating Palestinian Day of Solidarity, says children in Gaza do not feel diplomatic advances, only glaring lack of hope - Press release2015/11/23
11/23/2015A/70/496UNRWA - GA Fourth Committee report2015/11/23
11/23/2015IP/15/6142EU provides additional €10 million in support to UNRWA - EU press release/Non-UN document2015/11/23
11/23/2015A/AC.183/PV.374International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People - CEIRPP special meeting - Verbatim record2015/11/23
11/23/2015GA/PAL/1350International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People observed at UN Headquarters in New York - Press release2015/11/23
11/20/2015ITU_PR201115Israeli-Palestinian agreement reached on granting Palestinian operators “exclusive frequencies” - ITU2015/11/20
11/20/2015UNRWA Advisory Commission visits Gaza - UNRWA press release2015/11/20
11/20/2015GazaSitRpt_Issue119Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 119) - UNRWA update2015/11/20
11/20/2015Note No. 6463Exhibit in observance of International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People to be held at headquarters, 23 Nov. - Note to correspondents2015/11/20
11/19/2015S/2015/893Israel calls on Security Council to condemn Palestinian attacks against civilians - Letter from Israel2015/11/19
11/19/2015S/Agenda/7562Security Council item on situation in Middle East/Palestinian question (7562nd meeting) - Provisional agenda
11/19/2015SG/SM/17339Condemning deadly attacks in Israel, West Bank, Secretary-General calls on leaders to speak out against violence, "refrain from incendiary language" - Secretary-General Spokesperson statement2015/11/19
11/19/2015WBN629Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (10 - 16 November 2015)2015/11/19
11/19/2015S/PV.7562Special Coordinator Mladenov briefs Security Council on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question - Verbatim record2015/11/19
11/19/2015151119_03Attacks in Israel and West Bank highlight need for all sides to take necessary steps to restore political perspective for solution of conflict - EEAS Spokesperson statement/Non-UN document2015/11/19
11/19/2015SC/12126Israeli-Palestinian conflict cannot be separated from global terrorism threat, Security Council hears in briefing on Middle East - Press release2015/11/19
State of Palestine draws attention to rising tensions in Occupied Palestinian Territory - Letter from Palestine2015/11/18
11/18/2015PR/22/2015Palestinian and European artists conclude graffiti workshop entitled “When Walls Talk” - EU press release/Non-UN document2015/11/18
11/17/2015A/C.4/70/SR.25Israeli practices affecting human rights/Special Cttee report/UNRWA - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)2015/11/17
11/17/2015WHO Head of Office makes solidarity visit to Hebron hospital where patient was abducted and cousin killed - WHO news item2015/11/17
11/17/2015Palestine: Innovation, partnerships and "One Card" to assist those in need - WFP article2015/11/17
11/17/2015GA/SPD/603Fourth Committee approves nine drafts on Israeli-Palestinian issues as it concludes main part of Seventieth General Assembly session - Press release2015/11/17
11/16/2015Address by UNRWA Commissioner-General to UNRWA Advisory Commission - Press release2015/11/16
11/16/2015UNHCHR_171115UN Rapporteurs express deep concern about ongoing bloodletting in Occupied Palestinian Territory – OHCHR press release2015/11/16
11/16/2015OCHA_161115Humanitarian Coordinator calls for end to punitive demolitions in occupied West Bank - OCHA press release2015/11/16
11/13/2015A/70/L.11Division for Palestinian Rights - GA draft resolution2015/11/13
11/13/2015A/70/L.12Special information programme on question of Palestine of DPI - GA draft resolution2015/11/13
11/13/2015S/2015/872Israel calls on UN Secretary-General and Security Council President to demand end to Palestinian incitement - Letter from Israel2015/11/13
11/13/2015A/70/L.10Committee on Exercise of Inalienable Rights of Palestinian People - GA draft resolution2015/11/13
11/13/2015WBN628Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (3 - 9 November 2015)2015/11/13
11/13/2015A/70/L.14Jerusalem - GA draft resolution2015/11/13
11/13/2015A/70/L.13Peaceful settlement of question of Palestine - GA draft resolution2015/11/13
11/13/2015GazaSitRpt_Issue118Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 118) - UNRWA update2015/11/13
11/13/2015GAZACROSS_OCT15Gaza Crossings' Operations Status: Monthly Update - October 2015 - OCHA factsheet2015/11/13
11/13/2015Special Advisor on Sport visits Israel and Palestine - Press release2015/11/13
11/12/2015A/C.4/70/L.22Israeli practices affecting Palestinian human rights in OPT - GA draft resolution2015/11/12
11/12/2015ICC_ANNREP15ICC Prosecutor's Report on Preliminary Examination Activities (2015) - ICC annual report/Non-UN document (excerpts)2015/11/12
11/12/2015A/C.4/70/L.15Assistance to Palestine refugees - GA draft resolution2015/11/12
11/12/2015A/C.4/70/L.20Applicability of Fourth Geneva Convention to OPT and other occupied Arab territories - GA draft resolution2015/11/12
11/12/2015ICC-CPI-20151112-PR1172ICC Prosecutor Bensouda issues her annual Report on Preliminary Examination Activities (2015) - ICC press release/Non-UN document2015/11/12
11/12/2015A/C.4/70/L.21Israeli settlements in OPT and Syrian Golan - GA draft resolution2015/11/12
11/12/2015UNRWA congratulates former Commissioner-General Grandi on nomination as new UN High Commissioner for Refugees - UNRWA statement2015/11/12
11/12/2015A/C.4/70/L.17Operations of UNRWA - GA draft resolution2015/11/12
11/12/2015A/C.4/70/L.19Work of Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices - GA draft resolution2015/11/12
11/12/2015A/C.2/70/SR.31Permanent sovereignty over natural resources in the OPT and Golan - GA Second Cttee debate, vote - Summary record (excerpts)2015/11/12
11/12/2015GA/EF/3439Second Committee passes resolution reaffirming rights of Palestinian people over natural resources, recognizing right to claim restitution - Press release (excerpts)2015/11/12
11/11/2015A/C.4/70/L.18Palestine refugees' properties and their revenues - GA draft resolution2015/11/11
11/11/2015Fact sheet on European Commission's interpretative notice on indication of origin of goods from territories occupied by Israel since June 1967 - European Commission document/Non-UN document2015/11/11
11/11/2015GA/SPD/601Speakers cite "disturbing evidence" of human rights violations as Fourth Committee takes up illegal Israeli practices in occupied Arab lands - Press release2015/11/11
11/11/2015Gaza: infant health jeopardized by shortages in laboratory testing materials - WHO news item2015/11/11
State of Palestine reiterates its call on Security Council resolve Israeli-Palestinian conflict - Letter from Palestine2015/11/11
11/11/2015A/C.4/70/L.16Persons displaced as result of June 1967 and subsequent hostilities - GA draft resolution2015/11/11
11/11/2015A/C.4/70/SR.23Israeli practices affecting human rights/Special Cttee report - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Summary record2015/11/11
11/11/2015C(2015) 7834 finalEC Interpretative Notice on indication of origin of goods from territories occupied by Israel since June 1967 - European Commission Notice/Non-UN document2015/11/11
11/10/2015UNICEFSitRpt_101115Humanitarian Situation Report (State of Palestine) November 2015 - UNICEF update2015/11/10
11/10/2015A/AC.183/SR.373CEIRPP 373rd meeting - Developments, Committee's draft report to GA, situation in OPT, political process, draft resolutions, report on UN Intl. Conference on the Question of Jerusalem and Civil Society Forum on the Question of Palestine, Jakarta - Summary record2015/11/10
11/10/2015HB311015Humanitarian Bulletin (October 2015) - OCHA OPT monthly report2015/11/10
11/10/2015A/C.4/70/SR.22UNRWA - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)2015/11/10
11/10/2015Japan's representative observes WFP food assistance activities in Gaza - WFP/Japan MoFA joint press release/Non-UN document2015/11/10
11/10/2015GA/PAL/1349Palestinian Rights Committee hears briefings on economic and social costs of Israeli occupation for Palestinian people - Press release2015/11/10
11/10/2015Speech by UNRWA Commissioner-General at General Assembly Fourth Committee - Press release2015/11/10
11/09/2015GA/SPD/599Palestinians remain among most marginalized refugees due to Israel’s occupation and lack of predictable funding, UNRWA Commissioner-General tells GA Fourth Committee - Press release2015/11/09
11/09/2015Additional €2.5 million in EU Humanitarian aid brings rapid relief to Palestine refugees in Syria - UNRWA press release2015/11/09
11/09/2015A/C.4/70/SR.21UNRWA - GA Fourth Cttee debate - Summary record2015/11/09
11/08/2015A/C.2/71/SR.24Permanent sovereignty over natural resources in the OPT and Golan - GA Second Cttee debate, vote - Summary record (excerpts)2015/11/08
11/06/2015OCHA_CAS061115Casualties in Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel (1-31 Oct. 2105) - OCHA factsheet2015/11/06
11/06/2015ICC-CPI-20151106-PR1170Appeals Chamber of ICC dismisses ICC Prosecutor's appeal against Pre-Trial Chamber's decision requesting her to reconsider decision not to investigate situation with regard to 2010 Gaza flotilla - ICC press release/Non-UN document2015/11/06
11/05/2015UNESCO_38C/COMCLT/DR.1Jerusalem and the implementation of 37C/Resolution - UNESCO draft resolution2015/11/05
11/05/2015GazaSitRpt_Issue117Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 117) - UNRWA update2015/11/05
11/05/2015WBN627Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (27 October - 2 November 2015)2015/11/05
11/04/2015UNRWA Commissioner-General accompanied by Gaza children meets Prime Minister of Japan in Tokyo - UNRWA press release2015/11/04
State of Palestine reiterates its appeal to Security Council to uphold its duties and protect Palestinian people - Letter from Palestine2015/11/04
11/04/2015S/2015/839Israel calls on UN Secretary-General and Security Council President to condemn incitement by Palestinian leaders - Letter from Israel2015/11/04
11/04/2015PR/21/2015EU contributes €19 million to PA's payment of October salaries and pensions - EU press release/Non-UN document2015/11/04
11/03/2015SG/SM/17294Secretary-General offers sympathies to citizens of Israel on 20th anniversary of assassination of Yitzhak Rabin - Press release2015/11/03
11/03/2015Belgium and UNESCO organize successful visit of Education Sector Working Group to schools in Gaza - UNESCO news item2015/11/03
11/03/2015PrConf_SecCo-031115Security Council President briefs the press on work programme for November - Press conference (excerpts)2015/11/03
11/03/2015UNRWAEMERAPPEALPR_20152015 oPt Emergency Appeal Progress Report - UNRWA report2015/11/03
11/02/2015GA/SHC/4148Third Committee debates the right of peoples to self-determination - Press release (excerpts)2015/11/02
11/02/2015World Bank approves US$8 million in grants to improve services and quality of education for Palestinian people - World Bank press release2015/11/02
11/02/2015FAO-Belgium partnership supporting institutional and household resilience in face of natural and man-made shocks in Gaza - FAO news article2015/11/02
11/02/2015A/C.3/70/SR.38Right of the Palestinian people to self-determination - GA Third Cttee debate - Summary record (excerpts)2015/11/02
11/02/2015Japan funds new construction for Jasmine Charitible Society for Children with Special Needs in Palestine - Japan MoFA press release/Non-UN document2015/11/02
11/02/2015OCHA_PR021115UN agencies call for respect of health premises and right to health care - OCHA press release2015/11/02
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