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08/31/2015Care and support, confidence, and self-expression transform Gaza children’s outlook- UNICEF article2015/08/31
08/31/2015FSS_2ndQuarter15Food Security Sector (Palestine) 2015 2nd Quarter Highlights - FSS report/Non-UN document2015/08/31
08/31/2015A/70/353Situation in Middle East - Secretary-General report2015/08/31
08/31/2015A/70/351Israeli settlements in OPT, including E. Jerusalem and occupied Syrian Golan - Secretary-General report2015/08/31
08/31/2015MBAug2015Monthly Bulletin on action by UN system and IGOs relevant to question of Palestine (August 2015) - DPR publication2015/08/31
08/31/2015DPR/Chron/2015/08Chronological Review of Events/August 2015 - DPR review2015/08/31
08/31/2015GA/PAL/1342International Meeting on Question of Palestine to be held in Brussels on 7- 8 September 2015 - Press release2015/08/31
08/31/2015UNRWA schools open on time thanks to US$15 million donation from UAE - UNRWA press release2015/08/31
08/31/2015ECHOES_Issue12Echoes from Syria Issue 12: Palestine refugees in Syria waiting for just solution - UNHCR publication2015/08/31
08/31/2015A/69/L.87/REV.1GA Draft Resolution - Raising flags of non-member observer States at United Nations - addendum2015/08/31
08/28/2015Allegations of neutrality violations unfounded - UNRWA statement2015/08/28
08/28/2015WHO_ReferralsJuly2015Referral of Patients from the Gaza Strip - WHO monthly report (July 2015)2015/08/28
08/28/2015UNRWA schools open on time thanks to US$15 million pledge by Kuwait - UNRWA press release2015/08/28
08/27/2015WBN618Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (18 - 24 August 2015)2015/08/27
08/27/2015GazaSitRpt_Issue107Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 107) - UNRWA update2015/08/27
08/27/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue42Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 42) - UNRWA update2015/08/27
08/27/2015HB310815Humanitarian Bulletin (August 2015) - OCHA OPT monthly report2015/08/27
08/25/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue41Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 41) - UNRWA update2015/08/25
08/25/2015A/70/341Work of Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices - Secretary-General report2015/08/25
08/25/2015UN underscores impact Gaza blockade and health needs one year after ceasefire - WHO news item2015/08/25
08/24/2015A/70/340Palestine refugees' properties and their revenues - Secretary-General report2015/08/24
08/22/2015Israel: Surge in Unlawful Palestinian Home Demolitions - Human Rights Watch press release/Non-UN document2015/08/22
08/22/2015UNRWA expresses deep gratitude for host government exemplary support in addressing its financial crisis - UNRWA press release2015/08/22
08/21/2015A/69/L.87Raising flags of non-member observer States at United Nations - GA draft resolution2015/08/21
08/21/2015UNFPA_SITREPUNFPA Situation Report: One Year After 2014 Gaza War - UNFPA report2015/08/21
08/20/2015GazaSitRpt_Issue106Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 106) - UNRWA update2015/08/20
08/20/2015WBN617Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (11 - 17 August 2015)2015/08/20
08/20/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue40Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 40) - UNRWA update2015/08/20
08/19/2015Gaza nurse injured in war: I had to help others - WHO article2015/08/19
08/19/2015SC/12014USG for Political Affairs tells SecCo: 20 years of failed Israeli-Palestinian talks led to ‘slow and painful withering of hope’ - SC Press release2015/08/19
08/19/2015Red right arrow IconS/PV.7506USG for Political Affairs briefs Security Council on the situation in the Middle East, including Palestinian question - Verbatim record2015/08/19
08/19/2015UNRWA Commissioner-General declares school year will start on time - UNRWA statement2015/08/19
08/19/2015Local EU statement on demolitions in Area C and on separation barrier at Cremisan - EU press release/Non-UN document2015/08/19
08/19/2015OCHA_OPEDUN Resident Coordinator said young people need opportunities for civic participation - OCHA op ed2015/08/19
08/19/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue39Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 39) - UNRWA update2015/08/19
08/19/2015STATEMENT/15/5511Joint statement on EU support to UNRWA - EU press release/Non-UN document2015/08/19
08/19/2015SG/SM/17020-PAL/2195Secretary-General relieved over school year funding for Palestine refugees - Press release2015/08/19
08/19/2015UN officials call for an immediate demolitions freeze in the West Bank - UNRWA press release2015/08/19
08/19/2015UNESCO Director-General joins appeal to support UNRWA’s educational mission - UNESCO press release2015/08/19
Statement of Council of Ministers of State of Palestine - Letter from Palestine2015/08/18
08/18/2015New UNCTAD study looks into ways of assisting the Palestinian people to improve their economic situation - UNOG regular press briefing (excerpts)2015/08/18
08/18/2015OCHA_DEMFREEZEUN officials call for immediate demolitions freeze in West Bank - OCHA press release2015/08/18
08/17/2015GAZACROSS_JULY15Gaza Crossings' Operations Status: Monthly Update - July 2015 - OCHA factsheet2015/08/17
08/17/2015Economic and trade conditions in OPT would improve if Israel fulfils its obligations under new WTO agreement on trade facilitation - UNCTAD news item2015/08/17
08/17/2015UNCTAD/GDS/APP/2015/22013 World Trade Organization Agreement on Trade Facilitation: Israel’s obligations towards Palestinian trade - UNCTAD report2015/08/17
08/17/2015Tulkarem hospital opens new maternity ward with funds from Japan - UNDP press release2015/08/17
08/17/2015Tourism project provides hospitality and tour guide training to Palestinians in West Bank - World Bank article2015/08/17
08/14/2015REFUGEE_FATINJURERefugee Fatalities and Injuries 2014: West Bank - UNRWA infographic2015/08/14
08/14/2015GazaSitRpt_Issue105Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 105) - UNRWA update2015/08/14
OIC expresses concern over Israel's decision to force-feed Palestinian hunger-striking prisoners - Letter from Kuwait2015/08/14
08/13/2015UNDP assists implementation of environmentally sound technique for production of charcoal in Jenin - UNDP press release2015/08/13
08/13/2015A/70/319Report of UN Conciliation Commission for Palestine - Secretary-General note2015/08/13
08/13/2015WBN616Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (4 - 10 August 2015)2015/08/13
08/13/2015PR/17/2015EU provides nearly €24M to E. Jerusalem hospitals - EU press release/Non-UN document2015/08/13
08/12/2015Saudi Arabia donates US$ 35M to UNRWA - UNRWA press release2015/08/12
State of Palestine reiterates call for international protection for Palestinian people - Letter from Palestine2015/08/12
08/12/2015UN Resident Coordinator said young people need opportunities for civic participation - OCHA Statement2015/08/12
08/12/2015First wave of women trainees graduate from UN-Habitat technical training centre in Palestine - UN-Habitat press release2015/08/12
08/11/2015UNESCO_197 EX/32Occupied Palestine: Developments since 196th session of Executive Board - UNESCO report2015/08/11
08/11/2015UNESCO_197 EX/33Implementation of resolution and decision concerning educational and cultural institutions in occupied Arab territories - UNESCO report2015/08/11
08/11/2015S/2015/607Israel calls on Secretary-General and Security Council President to make public statement condemning attacks against Israelis - Letter from Israel2015/08/11
08/10/2015HR15/231UN Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices makes fact-finding visit to Amman - OHCHR press release2015/08/10
08/10/2015A/70/308Persons displaced as result of June 1967 and subsequent hostilities - Secretary-General report2015/08/10
08/10/2015UNRWA provides skills training on water, sanitation and hygiene in emergencies for staff members - UNRWA press release2015/08/10
08/10/2015A/70/13/Add.1Report of Commissioner-General of UNRWA: Programme budget 2016-2017 - UNRWA report2015/08/10
08/10/2015UNESCO_38 C/16Implementation of action plan for safeguarding cultural heritage of Old City of Jerusalem - UNESCO Director-General progress report (Gen. Conf. 38th session)2015/08/10
08/10/2015UNNews_100815In video call, Secretary-General says education remains "passport to dignity" for Gaza’s children - UN News Centre article2015/08/10
08/08/2015UN Special Coordinator Mladenov saddened by death of Sa'ad Dawabsha in Duma arson attack - UNSCO press release2015/08/08
08/08/2015UN joint statement on new Israeli law on force-feeding of detainees - OCHA, OHCHR, WHO joint press release2015/08/08
08/08/2015Infant mortality rate in Gaza rises for first time in 50 years - UNRWA press release2015/08/08
08/07/2015S/2015/595Israel calls on Security Council to condemn firing of rockets from Gaza - Letter from Israel2015/08/07
08/07/2015SG/SM/16997Secretary-General condemns rocket fire from Gaza towards Israel - Press release2015/08/07
08/07/2015WBN615Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (28 July - 3 August 2015)2015/08/07
08/07/2015S/2015/597Israel calls on Security Council to issue statement publicly condemning attack in Jerusalem - Letter from Israel2015/08/07
08/07/2015UNICEFSitRpt_310715State of Palestine: Humanitarian Situation Report #9/07 August 2015 - UNICEF update2015/08/07
08/06/2015OIC_MORSUMMITOIC to hold extraordinary summit on Palestine and Al-Quds to be hosted by Morocco - OIC press release/Non-UN document2015/08/06
08/06/2015GazaSitRpt_Issue104Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 104) - UNRWA update2015/08/06
08/06/2015Interview with UNRWA Deputy Commissioner-General Sandra Mitchell - UNRWA video2015/08/06
08/05/2015UNRWA sends emergency financial report to Secretary-General amid fears school year for 500,000 students could be delayed - UNRWA press release2015/08/05
08/05/2015UN-Habitat and partners launch new planning initiative in State of Palestine - UN-Habitat press release2015/08/05
Secretary-General expresses deep concern over financial situation confronting UNRWA - Press release2015/08/04
State of Palestine appeals to Security Council to immediate attention to dangerous situation in East Jerusalem - Letter from Palestine2015/08/04
08/04/2015UNRWA_MORTSTUDYIncreasing Neonatal Mortality among Palestine Refugees in Gaza Strip - UNRWA research article2015/08/04
08/04/2015PrConf_SecCo-040815Security Council President briefs the press on work programme for August - Press conference (excerpts)2015/08/04
08/03/2015A/70/272Special report of UNRWA Commissioner-General on financial crisis facing Agency - UNRWA report2015/08/03
08/03/2015TD/B/62/3Report on UNCTAD assistance to Palestinian people - Trade and Development Board 62nd session - UNCTAD report2015/08/03
08/03/2015Interview: Toughest spokesperson's job in world? Decade speaking out for Palestinian humanitarian needs - UN News Centre article2015/08/03
08/02/2015UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-1stQ15Overview of Palestinian Economy (1st Quarter of 2015) - UNSCO report2015/08/02
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