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04/30/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue24Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 24) - UNRWA update2015/04/30
04/30/2015GazaSitRpt_Issue90Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 90) - UNRWA update2015/04/30
04/30/2015MBApril2015DPR Monthly Bulletin - Volume XXXVIII, No. 4, CEIRPP, DPR Bulletin (April 2015) - DPR publication2015/04/30
04/30/2015Palestinian Foreign Minister Malki visits New Zealand - New Zealand MFAT press release/Non-UN document2015/04/30
04/30/2015DPR/Chron/2015/04Chronological Review of Events/April 2015 - DPR review2015/04/30
04/30/2015WBN602Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (21 - 27 April 2015)2015/04/30
04/30/2015BIMONTHBRIEF_Issue43UNRWA Response and Services to Palestine refugees from Syria in Lebanon (March-April 2015/Issue 43) - UNRWA bimonthly briefing2015/04/30
04/30/2015UNRWA Commissioner-General highlights critical situation of Palestine refugees on first official trip to Paris - UNRWA press release2015/04/30
04/30/201520150424IPR45744EU Parliament condemns IS/Daesh terror attacks on the Yarmouk refugee camp - EP press release/Non-UN document (excerpts)2015/04/30
04/29/2015US contributes to UNRWA in support of the lifeline to the Yarmouk camp - UNRWA press release2015/04/29
04/29/2015Quartet Representative Office helps Palestinian universities join SAP program to boost IT skills - OQR Press release/Non-UN document2015/04/29
04/29/2015SG/SM/16720Secretary-General condemns bombardment of Yarmouk camp in Syria - SG Spokesperson statement2015/04/29
04/29/2015UNICEFSitRpt_290415State of Palestine: Humanitarian Situation Report #6/2015 - UNICEF update2015/04/29
04/29/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue23Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 23) - UNRWA update2015/04/29
04/28/2015WHO invites international agencies for Gaza field visit to see health challenges - WHO news item2015/04/28
04/28/2015UNRWA grateful for the financial support of IRUSA to the refugees of the Gaza Strip - UNRWA press release2015/04/28
04/28/2015PR/09/2014PA and EU convene annual Joint Committee session in Ramallah - EU press release/Non-UN document2015/04/28
04/28/2015SyriaCrisisUpdate_280415Syria Regional Crisis Response Update 86 - UNRWA report2015/04/28
04/28/2015UNRWA and UNICEF launch children's sports programme in Lebanon - UNRWA press release2015/04/28
04/27/2015Italy supports WHO project for improved hospital services data and transfers essential medicines to Gaza - WHO press release2015/04/27
04/27/2015UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for OPT launches string of ILO projects in Gaza - ILO news item2015/04/27
04/27/2015NoonBriefing_270415SG transmits summary of Board of Inquiry regarding incidents in Gaza during the 50-day war - Spokesperson's noon briefing (excerpts)2015/04/27
04/27/2015PR/07/2015Italy announces €1 million contribution to support E. Jerusalem hospitals - EU press release/Non-UN document2015/04/27
04/27/2015PR/06/2015EU provides financial support for Palestinian families living in extreme poverty - EU press release/Non-UN document2015/04/27
04/27/2015WHO mobilizes medical supplies funded by Russian Federation - WHO press release2015/04/27
04/26/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue22Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 22) - UNRWA update2015/04/26
04/25/2015Hashemite Fund for Restoration of Al-Aqsa Mosque and UNDP sign US$22M project to rehabilitate streets in Jerusalem - UNDP press release2015/04/25
04/25/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue21Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 21) - UNRWA update2015/04/25
04/23/2015CEIRPPFlyer-Nov2013CEIRPP and Division for Palestinian Rights -Mandate and activities- Flyer (November 2013)2015/04/23
04/23/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue20Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 20) - UNRWA update2015/04/23
04/23/2015GazaSitRpt_Issue89Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 89) - UNRWA update2015/04/23
Assistance to Palestinian people - SecGen report2015/04/23
04/22/2015015/417/MNAWastewater treatment project will benefit 900,000 Palestinians in Bethlehem and Hebron - World Bank press release2015/04/22
04/22/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue19Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 19) - UNRWA update2015/04/22
04/22/2015WBN601Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (14 - 20 April 2015)2015/04/22
04/21/2015QuarBriefing_1stQ15Improving Living Conditions in Palestinian Gatherings Host Communities - UNDP quarterly briefing (Issue 1)2015/04/21
04/21/2015S/PV.7430Secretary-General briefs Security Council on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question, open debate - Verbatim record2015/04/21
04/21/2015SC11868_CEIRPPChStStatement by Palestinian Rights Committee Chair at Security Council open debate - CEIRPP document2015/04/21
04/21/2015S/Agenda/7430Mideast situation/Palestinian question - SecCo Provisional Agenda (7430th meeting)
04/21/2015UNSCO_SocEcoRpt-4thQ14Overview of Palestinian Economy (4th Quarter of 2014) - UNSCO report2015/04/21
Secretary-General briefs SecCo on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question - Press release2015/04/21
04/21/2015SC/11868Tough compromises vital to salvaging two-state solution, Secretary-General tells Security Council debate on crisis in Middle East - Press release2015/04/21
04/21/2015UNESCO's Teaching Respect for All tool used to break down biases and promote dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis - UNESCO press release2015/04/21
04/21/2015S/PV.7430Secretary-General briefs Security Council on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question, open debate - Verbatim record2015/04/21
04/20/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue18Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 18) - UNRWA update2015/04/20
04/20/2015Japan_BETHHEBCLASSJapan's GGP funds schools in Bethlehem and Hebron - Japan MoFA press release/Non-UN document2015/04/20
Security Council express concern regarding the humanitarian situation in Yarmouk Refugee Camp - SC press release2015/04/20
04/19/2015New documentary does not give audience fair and balanced portrait of UNRWA's education work - UNRWA statement2015/04/19
04/18/2015UNSCO_TaxRevUN Special Coordinator welcomes agreement that allows Israel to release PA tax revenues - UNSCO statement2015/04/18
04/18/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue17Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 17) - UNRWA update2015/04/18
04/18/2015150418_01EU concerned at deterioration of security and humanitarian situation in Yarmouk refugee camp - EU declaration/Non-UN document2015/04/18
04/17/2015Yarmouk fundUNRWA urgently seeks funds for humanitarian response to Yarmouk camp and other areas - UNRWA press release2015/04/17
04/17/2015S/2015/258Implementation of Security Council resolutions 2139 (2014), 2165 (2014) and 2191 (2014) - Secretary-General Report (excerpts)2015/04/17
04/17/2015UNRWA expresses appreciation for IRUSA's contribution to Palestinian refugees in Gaza - UNRWA press release2015/04/17
Report on conditions of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons on the occasion of Palestinian Prisoners’ Day - Letter from Palestine2015/04/17
04/17/2015EMERAPPYARMOUK_041715UNRWA calls for urgent response to the Yarmouk camp emergency funds - UNRWA report/appeal2015/04/17
04/16/2015WBN600Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (31 March - 13 April 2015)2015/04/16
04/16/2015EU to review future relations with Palestine and neighboring countries - EU press release/Non-UN document2015/04/16
04/16/2015S/2015/258Mideast situation/Lebanon - SecGen's twenty-first semi-annual report under SecCo resolution 1559 (2004) - Report2015/04/16
04/16/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue16Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 16) - UNRWA update2015/04/16
04/16/2015GazaSitRpt_Issue88Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 88) - UNRWA update2015/04/16
04/16/2015UNRWA and IRC launch project providing support to refugee students - UNRWA press release2015/04/16
04/15/2015UNRWA holds psychosocial recovery activity for Gaza’s children - UNRWA press release2015/04/15
04/15/2015American Friends of UNRWA to hold fourth annual walk/run in Washington, DC - UNRWA press release2015/04/15
04/15/2015FR_JeruAttackFrance condemns terrorist attack in Jerusalem that claims life of French citizen - France MoFA statement/Non-UN document2015/04/15
04/15/2015UNRWA announces first stage of camp improvement pilot project in Gaza - UNRWA press release2015/04/15
04/15/2015EU provides mental health services in support of UNRWA's Health Programme in Lebanon - UNRWA press release2015/04/15
04/15/2015UNSCO_MlaHamMeetUN Special Coordinator Mladenov meets with PM Hamdallah - UNSCO press release2015/04/15
04/15/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue15Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 15) - UNRWA update2015/04/15
04/14/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue13Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 13) - UNRWA update2015/04/14
04/14/2015Kuwait supports Palestinian reforms with additional grant contribution to the World Bank - WB press release2015/04/14
04/14/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue14Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 14) - UNRWA update2015/04/14
04/13/2015Funding became available for home repairs or rental subsidies across Gaza - UNRWA press release2015/04/13
04/13/2015A/HRC/28/79Report of independent intn'l commission of inquiry established pursuant to HRC resolution S-21/1 - Secretariat note2015/04/13
Palestinian leadership calls international community's attention to dire situation of Palestine refugees in Syria - Letter from Palestine2015/04/13
04/12/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue12Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 12) - UNRWA update2015/04/12
04/12/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue11Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 11) - UNRWA update2015/04/12
04/11/2015UNRWA CG Krähenbühl undertakes mission to Syria for a closer view of the Yarmouk situation - UNRWA statement2015/04/11
04/11/2015German Commissioner Strässer calls for humanitarian access to Yarmouk refugee camp - Germany's FFO press release/Non-UN document2015/04/11
04/10/2015A/70/6 (Sect. 26)Proposed budget for 2016-17 - Palestine refugees - GA report2015/04/10
04/10/2015Fighting in Yarmouk resulted in serious health risks for civilians - WHO Palais briefing notes2015/04/10
04/10/2015Palestinian youth participate in sports event in Lebanon to mark Int. Day of Sport for Development and Peace - UNRWA press release2015/04/10
04/10/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue10Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 10) - UNRWA update2015/04/10
04/10/2015UNRWA reports on Yarmouk; OHCHR concerned by Israel's use of administrative detention against Palestinians - UNOG regular press briefing (excerpts)2015/04/10
04/10/2015150410_01EU calls on all parties to respect international law & ensure safety of civilians - EU statement/Non-UN document2015/04/10
04/10/2015UN Deputy Special Coordinator for Middle East Peace Process concerned by recent security-related incidents in West Bank - UNSCO statement2015/04/10
04/10/2015Japan and UN Women to assist female victims of gender-based violence in Gaza - Japan MoFA/UN Women press release2015/04/10
04/09/2015Secretary-General at press encounter says he demands end to hostilities and safe passage for civilians in Yarmouk refugee camp - SecGen remarks (excerpts)2015/04/09
04/09/2015GazaSitRpt_Issue87Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 87) - UNRWA update2015/04/09
04/09/2015UNRWA distributes clothes and school bags to refugee orphans in Gaza - UNRWA press release2015/04/09
04/09/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue09Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 9) - UNRWA update2015/04/09
04/08/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue08Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 8) - UNRWA update2015/04/08
04/08/2015World Bank and Palestine Monetary Authority organize workshop to discuss design of new Credit Guarantee Facility for Gaza private sector - World Bank press release2015/04/08
04/08/2015NoonBriefing_080415Situation in Yarmouk refugee camp remains extremely tense - SG's Spokesperson's noon briefing (excerpts)2015/04/08
04/08/2015UNMAS celebrates International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action in Gaza - UNMAS press release2015/04/08
04/08/2015Electricity non-payment and arrears destabilize Palestinian economy - World Bank press release2015/04/08
04/08/2015Italian Development Cooperation to bring relief to Palestinians in Yarmouk camp - Italy MoFAIC press release/Non-UN document2015/04/08
04/08/2015IMF Assessment Letter on West Bank and Gaza for Norwegian authorities - IMF letter2015/04/08
04/08/2015More than 700 young Palestinians receive leadership and gender-sensitivity training - UN Women news item2015/04/08
04/07/2015A/70/13Report of Commissioner-General of UNRWA - UNRWA report2015/04/07
04/07/2015NoonBriefing_070415UN remains concerned about safety of civilians in Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria - SG Spokesperson's noon briefing (excerpts)2015/04/07
04/07/2015UK concerned by situation in Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria - UK FCO news story/Non-UN document2015/04/07
04/07/2015IP/15/4743EU increases emergency aid in Yarmouk refugee camp - European Commission press release/Non-UN document2015/04/07
04/07/2015WHO and Palestinian Ministry of Health celebrate World Health Day - WHO news item2015/04/07
04/07/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue07Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 7) - UNRWA update2015/04/07
04/06/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue06Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 6) - UNRWA update2015/04/06
04/06/2015649-06-04-2015Russia condemns aggressive action in Yarmouk refugee camp - Russia MoFA comment/Non-UN document (excerpts)2015/04/06
04/06/2015UNRWA CG Krähenbüh takes questions from the press on the situation in the Yarmouk camp - Video2015/04/06
04/05/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue05Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 5) - UNRWA update2015/04/05
04/05/2015UNRWA urgently calls for safety and protection of civilians in Yarmouk - UNRWA press release2015/04/05
04/04/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue04Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 4) - UNRWA update2015/04/04
04/03/2015Italy welcomes Israeli court’s decision on the separation wall route - Italy MoFAIC press release/Non-UN document2015/04/03
04/03/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue03Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 3) - UNRWA update2015/04/03
04/03/2015Japan provides cash assistance to Palestine refugees who fled Syria and sought refuge in Lebanon - UNRWA press release2015/04/03
04/03/2015GazaSitRpt_Issue86Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 86) - UNRWA update2015/04/03
04/02/2015WBN599Protection of Civilians - OCHA OPT weekly report (24 - 30 March 2015)2015/04/02
Terrorists enter Yamouk Palestine refugee camp and endanger lives of residents - Letter from Syria2015/04/02
04/02/2015PrConf_SecCo-020415Security Council President briefs the press on work programme for April - Press conference (excerpts)2015/04/02
04/02/2015UNRWA_CHILDPROMAPRPTUNRWA Child Protection Mapping Report (Dec. 2014) - UNRWA report2015/04/02
04/02/2015UNRWA extremely concerned about safety and protection of civilians in Yarmouk refugee camp - UNRWA statement2015/04/02
04/02/2015OQR_HEBHOUSHebron workshop highlights potential for affordable housing - OQR article/Non-UN document2015/04/02
04/02/2015Japan donates US$5 million to WFP to support most vulnerable Palestinian families in Gaza - WFP press release2015/04/02
04/02/2015Japan_WBTFJapan contributes to the PA budget through the World Bank - Japan MoFA press release/Non-UN document2015/04/02
04/02/2015OIC_PALACCICCOIC Secretary-General welcomes Palestine's accession to ICC - OIC statement/Non-UN document2015/04/02
04/01/2015UN Seminar on Assistance to Palestinian People (Vienna, 31 March-1 April 2015) - Chairman's Summary2015/04/01
04/01/2015YarmoukSitRpt_Issue01Yarmouk Situation Update (Issue No. 1) - UNRWA update2015/04/01
04/01/2015ICC-CPI-20150401-PR1103ICC welcomes Palestine as new State Party - ICC press release/Non-UN document2015/04/01
04/01/2015OCHA_GAZAIDPsGaza Strip: Palestinians Internally Displaced Persons - OCHA factsheet/infographic2015/04/01
04/01/2015GA/PAL/1330UN Seminar on Assistance to Palestinian People (Vienna, 31 March-1 April 2015) - Plenary II - Press release2015/04/01
04/01/2015A/69/819Report on International Year of Solidarity with Palestinian People - CEIRPP report2015/04/01
04/01/2015GA/PAL/1331UN Seminar on Assistance to Palestinian People (Vienna, 31 March-1 April 2015) - Plenary III - Press release2015/04/01
04/01/2015ViennaRpt010415UN Seminar on Assistance to Palestinian People (Vienna, 31 March-1 April 2015) - Report - DPR Publication2015/04/01
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