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08/31/2017Gaza Strip access and movement - August 2017 - OCHA Map
03/07/2017West Bank Access Restrictions - OCHA Map
07/05/2016Hebron Governorate Movement Restrictions - OCHA Map
12/31/2015Movement obstacles as of 31 December: Selected impacts - OCHA map
10/23/2015New Movement Restrictions in East Jerusalem - OCHA map
07/06/2015Humanitarian Impact of Gaza's Electricity and Fuel Crisis - OCHA factsheet/infographic
07/02/2015Gaza Strip: Humanitarian Impact of Blockade - OCHA factsheet/infographic
06/08/2015Susiya: A community at imminent risk of forced displacement - OCHA factsheet/infographic
05/02/2015Demolition orders by proximity to main roads -- OCHA map
04/01/2015Gaza Strip: Palestinians Internally Displaced Persons - OCHA factsheet/infographic
02/03/2015Bethlehem Governorate: Fragmentation and Humanitarian Concerns - OCHA factsheet
01/09/2015West Bank Elevation Map, Occupied Palestinian Territory - OCHA map
12/31/2014Bedouin Communities in Area C at Risk of Forcible Transfer - OCHA map
10/30/2014Protective Presence during Olive Harvest Season 2014 - OCHA map
09/26/2014Damage assessment of education facilities in Gaza - UNITAR/UNOSAT map
09/26/2014Damage assessment of health facilities in Gaza - UNITAR/UNOSAT map
09/24/2014Bedouin communities at risk of forcible transfer - OCHA factsheet
09/24/2014OPT: West Bank, June-Aug. 2014 - Concern over excessive use of force - OCHA infographic
09/05/2014Gaza Strip: Water damage and estimated number of people with no access to clean water - OCHA map/factsheet
09/05/2014Gaza Strip: Damaged Clinics - OCHA map/factsheet
09/03/2014Gaza Emergency 2014: Damaged Houses - OCHA infographic/factsheet
08/28/2014Gaza Emergency 2014: Damaged Houses (as of 28 Aug 2014) - OCHA infographic/factsheet
08/21/2014Gaza Strip: Power Deficit (as of 21 Aug 2014) - OCHA map
08/19/2014Gaza Strip: Shelters for hosting IDPs - OCHA map/factsheet
08/18/2014Area C of the West Bank: Key humanitarian concerns - OCHA factsheet
08/18/2014East Jerusalem: Key humanitarian concerns - OCHA factsheet
08/15/2014Gaza Water Disaster: Damages to Water Infrastructure - OCHA factsheet/infographic
08/15/2014Gaza Emergency: Power Deficit (as of 15 Aug 2014) - OCHA map
08/14/2014Gaza Strip: Shelters opened & pre-selected for hosting internally displaced people - OCHA map/factsheet
08/13/2014Gaza Strip: Hospitals status as of 13 August 2014 - OCHA map/factsheet
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